Saturday, 18 July 2009

We're back, and what lovely gifts to return to!!

We got back yesterday from a relaxing week away at the seaside in Dorset. Despite the weathermen getting it completly wrong and warning the south west daily of heavy showers and thunderstorms, we had nothing but sunshine and have even returned with a bit of a tan!!
The children enjoyed playing on the beach, finding fossils, and we visited many places, but best of all was the peace and quiet of our wonderful farmhouse setting!

We returned to heavy rain, piles of washing etc, so it was a lovely surprise to get 2 parcels in the post when we returned.

So thankyou so very much to Kim of who I recently sent some new dollshouse magazines as she appeared in one of them, and some little minis for her to play with. She was very naughty and in return sent me some wodnerful things. heres a couple of photos, my fav in the top one has to be the home made orange cake!
In the other are some fantastic Harry Potter books in miniature, just love them of course and they have gone straight into the Potter house! ( Cant believe I didnt get to the cinema, it was booked up in the place we stayed at, so im hoping to go soon, have to find a babysiter for the little ones, too scary for them!!)

And how about this cute baby. Kim must have read my previous posts on miniature babies, and I have never owned one in person so he is simply precious!! I suppose as I have had 5 children, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl......then this little boy fits in perfectly as our next baby in the family..........just very pleased he is in mini and so very quiet!!!!!
Thankyou Kim, you are a treasure and you really shouldnt have!

I also had a parcel from my dear friend Kat, who always finds time to send us things she thinks we'll have fun playing with! This time as well as plain hats to decorate, lots of trims and material, theres some great leather for the books I want to make, so as always Kat, you are a star and thankyou for your friendship and kindness!

Heres a few pics of the children on holiday for you to see also. Glad to be back. I have missed so much in a week, INCLUDING!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikkis wonderful Mandrake table, I read the post, went to Etsy, but ' poof ' , it was gone...............which I knew it would be of course. Well done Nikki on your first sale. I really hope to have one of your mandrake tables in the conservatory of the Potter house when its done. looking forward to seeing your new creations this weekend.

3 more days of school and then 6 weeks of the little angels being home. A time I love but i rarely get time for minis so I hope to get a little done to be able to keep posting inbetween trips out to relieve their boredom! I have the materials for the floors and roof of the Sweeney house, and some more items for the Snow White house so hope to move on with them. Plus I have a few little things Im working on for friends so will have to hope for some sunshine to keep them busy in the garden so i can get a move on!!!!!


Tabitha Corsica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing time. The shore always does that for me which is why I moved close to it... Enjoy the little ones while they are little. They grow up and have no time for you too soon. The mini's will always be there.

Debie Lyons said...

Kate its great to know you had a good time. I didnt realise you were a mom of 5, I have got 4 plus the little fostered one, every admiration for you. Yup ditto Tabitha, they grow up so fast, I think I remember you have one talented young lady who did some wonderful fashion stuff a while ago. My eldest is nearly 20, I still remember her in a bouncer covered in chocolate. I used to cover my kitchen with newspaper, get out the gluing and sticking stuff and let them create while I did my creating. Ahh the memories, I digress and seem to be writing an essay LOL.
Mini hugs

Debie xxxxxxxx

kimsminiatures said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So glad you got your pressies and you like them. Every miniature collection needs a baby or two. So glad you like him.
I can't wait for you to see the new Harry Potter movie. It is wonderful. Love it! I was almost in so much trouble cause I almost didn't get tickets for the midnight showing. I wasn't going to give up!!!! I'm sure you know how it is to want to please your kids. My Emily is such a huge Harry Potter fan. We went and all is good. Mini hugs my friend.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I love Dorset, its my fave place and have had the most wonderful holiday there.

I love your new baby and think he's adorable but he's going to be a very big boy... lol.

Yes, the mandrake table went straight away and to ever such a lovely lady.

Lovely to see you both back and glad you had a fab holiday.
I was think where are the whitts, not seen them for ages and wondered if you were both ok.
Then remembered when i got my brain working you were on holiday.

Nikki x

Debbie said...

Welcome back Kate & John.
Wonderful gifts from Kim and Kat. How cute is that little baby..
Looks like you had a great holiday.
We still haven't seen the film yet, hopefully next week! It was fully booked at our little Cinema.

Katie said...

The kids look like they had a blast at the beach!! Look at how long your daughters hair is:)!!

Glad to have you back...I was wondering where you guys had gone:)


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi everyone, we needed to recharge the batteries and Dorset has certainly done that, we always feel like were at home there, shame we cant be for real!
So its back to reality now!
Tabitha and Debie, tell me about it! I remember Emily at the beach on a similar holiday playing in her little costume on the sand at 2 years old, and now shes 17 and planning Uni!!! Im trying to keep them babies but Lola at 7, is so into her elder sisters modern technology of laptops and i pods, its hard! I try and get her to help me with the minis to keep creative in a non computer age sense!!!

Kim, and Debbie, We still havnt seen the film, I wanted to be first in line and everything has gone against us. Waiting to go see it with Emily, Jake and Lola as soon as the rush dies down! Have had family give mixed reviews, some say it misses out chunks of the book that they feel should have been put in, but its a while since I read that particular book, so im hoping ill just take it as it is and not compare too much! Must admit, I love the books so i can picture the characters as Im reading and then somtimes when the film dosnt recreate it as ive pictured it I get dissapointed. Though I love the eye candy to be able to help with our minis!!!

Nikki,and Katie, thanks for missing us! It was lovely to get away, and relax. But also nice to be back and catch up! I always wonder what weve missed in mini world when we are away, to be away from the laptop for a week is strange and I panic we'ved missed out on the perfect item but usually something even better comes along, so we'll hopefully get another of Nikkis works of art nearer the time of the room being ready for it to look prefect in!!lol
Kate and John xx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Your are most welcome :-), Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Are you going to see Harry Potter?

Ara said...

oh goodness, I am not sure how I missed this post!!! Looks like you guys had a great time and I am so glad the sun cooperated... for us it is usually the other way around!!! What lovely gifts to come home too! That baby is toooooo adorable! Glad you're back! -ara