Sunday, 19 December 2010

New Potter Book, A MUST for our Christmas Lists!!!! And a giant snowman!

I just commented on Julia's blog about this fabulous book as it has some fab Honeydukes photos she could use as inspiration for her new shop

Then I thought Id best tell all of you so you can quickly hint to your families about it while you still have a few days ! I know Michelle, Kat, Jamie , Janice, Debbie, Nikki, Nicky, Julia, Ewa, and many others will just adore this book!!

I was out shopping with Emily before the snow hit us and saw this book, 'Harry Potter Film Wizardry'
Its one of those big books stacked with pictures, info, behind the scenes photos , lots of things that come out!!

Heres the description

Immerse yourself in the world of the spectacular Harry Potter film series, and learn why Yule Ball ice sculptures never melt, where Galleons, Sickles and Knuts are really "minted", how to get a Hippogriff to work with actors, about the inspiration behind Hogwarts castle, and why Dementors move the way they do. Written and designed in collaboration with the cast and crew that brought J.K Rowling's celebrated novels to the silver screen, Harry Potter: Film Wizardry delivers an enchanting interactive experience, transporting readers to the wizarding world by sharing filmmaking secrets, unpublished photography and artwork, and exclusive stories from the stars. Full of removable, facsimile reproductions of props and paper ephemera from the movies, this collectible volume offers a privileged look at the Harry Potter films and the talented group of Muggles that has made true movie magic.

I had a quick flick through and Emily then grabbed it from me and Im hoping she bought it for me he he!!

It looks great so get those hints in while you can, lots of inspiration in there for all our houses, shops and roomboxes! If you are abroad and cant get it I think Amazon sell it.
We have been pretty much snowed in since Wednesday. The snow hit hard while I was at Reillys school play and it was really difficult getting home. Its just got heavier and heavier ! Here is a pic of the giant snowman John built with the neighbour and children ( sorry about the Chelsea scarf Janice!!, Im an Arsenal supporter myself!)

And some pics of Bella who just loves it. We cant get her indoors! You can just see where the she is in the snow!

John built a huge wall of snow to stop having to chase her round the cars to get her in but it didnt stop here, she just ploughed through it!!

Hope you are all coping in the snow. Im panicking a little as still lots to do, all the food to get and no sign of it melting!!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Our Not So Mini Christmas Gift, Beautiful Bella!

Well here she is the latest addition to the Whittaker Family!

Meet Bella, our beautiful new 'Mini'! But At 8 weeks old she is not so mini, shes actually quite a big girl already!

Bella is a Maremma Sheepdog, if your reading this in the US or Italy you will probably have heard of the Maremma more so than in the UK as they are a rare breed over here.
The breed comes from Italy originally so we chose the name for 2 reasons. One is means Beautiful in Italian and 2, because its one of my favourite characters from the Twilight books ( not the movies, cant stand the movie version of Bella, shes so morose!lol!)
And we call her Bella Belle too Julie if your reading this lol!

We travelled to get her yesterday and she was as good as gold in the car all the way back, all 3 and a half hours of the journey! We are still waiting for her to turn into a manic puppy,as at the moment she is such an angel,sleeps alot, plays beautifully with the children and slept peacefully in our room all night. She loves Lolas Christmas hat as you can see!

The children are delighted with their Christmas present! I have put off a puppy for a few years but they were desperate this year so I gave in and am so pleased I did as shes touched our hearts so much already!

She hid under the tree for an hour when she arrived as the 3 children were abit much for her but now shes used to them shes playing with them and loving it! I think its even safe to put some pressies under the tree as shes not making any fuss over it, only likes one particular gold bauble!

Im sure you will be seeing more piccies of her over Christmas as shes quite a poser! Loads of real minis to show off, just dont know when i will get the time, so much to do in so little time so please bear with me!!

Happy Christmas to everyone from the Whole of the Whittaker Family !!!!!!