Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Christel's Cupcakes and Her Fabulous DVD

Today the postman came with a wonderful parcel!
I was over at Christel Jensen's blog
and was excited to see she had made a DVD on making cupcakes just like her own!
Well I couldnt resist. I have long been an admirer of Christel's wonderful cakes.
They come in all sorts, Valentine, floral, cocunut toppings.......the list is endless and they look good enough to eat!

I have tried making cupcakes before and they came out ok, ( see the plate off them in my previous Autumn display listing). But Christel actually includes moulds in her DVD which gives those lovely lines on the sides of the cake, making them more realistic.
I have watched the DVD and can give it.........not sure if its the first review???? But a review at least

Christel has made the whole DVD in a beautiful setting, I presume it is her home, and if so, I am very envious of such a glamorous and tidy one at that! With cream french style and shabby chic decoration it looks like it has stepped right out of the pages of a Home in fact does Christel!

In a wonderful 1950's style dress to complement her decor, Christel is a beautiful hostess to the DVD. In fact I wondered why John took such an interest, I never knew he had an interest in making fimo food until today.....hmmm!! Maybe its the blonde hair, blue eyes and Christel's hypnotic voice that made him ask to watch it over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DVD covers all you need to know about what to use, material and tools, and then takes you step by step through how to make the cakes using the great moulds, and then the toppings, and all sorts of creative detailing for your cupcakes.
There is a great slideshow as a completion that shows Christels own work and different cupcakes displays that she has made for customers, and they are all mouthwatering.
I particularly love the little table with a note asking ' Mum please make cupcakes, I love you'!!!

So in conclusion I highly recommend this fabulous DVD to all. You can contact Christel via her blog or on Etsy and you wont be dissapointed....just lock up your husbands!!!! When I have made some I will be back to show them off and tell you all how it went following Christel's help

Here too is a table that I won on ebay from Christel last year which takes pride of place in my witches hat shop for all the customers to have a treat, isnt it wonderful!
Now all I have to do is persuade Christel to do a DVD on her macaroons and other tasty treats......

Oh and to get Nikki Rowe to make her very own witchy miniatures DVD as well, now isnt that one we would ALL love to see.!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My Autumn Displays

Wll still waiting on a new chest I saw for Sweeney's room , before it can be sent to Julie to work her magic. So painting the roof of the Sweeney house and the exterior of the Georgian, so doing 2 things at once today!

So in the mean time I thought Id post these 2 displays I made last Autumn.

A Fall table display and a halloween Candy display

I wish I had the time and motivation to make another this year but dont know where the day goes!

Back to the garden while the sun is out. Running out of matchpots, forgot how big this house is!

Lots more minis going on ebay tonight, being naughty and have spent money out on new minis before i've even sold any...........oops!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Thankyou To 100 Great Followers!!!! And a Quick advert for my ebay sales !!

Hi all, I turned on the computer this morning to 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!
And our 100th Follower is non other than the lovely and talented Linda Carswell of the fabulous blog . Thankyou for your kind message Linda, will certainly stay in touch with updates on the house. In fact yesterday I stripped the house of all its lighting so that it is bare. If the weather stays nice I can then take the house into the garden to begin painting, how exciting. I have got a number of matchpots of a stone colour and fingers crossed it goes to plan!!
Thankyou Linda, lovely to have you as our 100th, and thankyou to everyone for following our blog, we have made so many wonderful friends.

Also just a quick plug to say that I am selling alot of miniatures on ebay this week and in the next few weeks in the hope of saving some pennies for Christmas.

Not made by me, I havnt had time this year to make miniatures to sell, but Im selling lots of furniture I dont think I will need for my projects
I know whatever I sell I will end up regretting as new projects evolve and I realise Ill need something I sold, but at the moment I cant think like that as I need the cash for all the wonderful goodies that are coming up for Halloween and Christmas.

So if you need anything or know anyone that is after cheap furniture please show them the link, Ill be so grateful if everything goes!

Heres a few pics.

I bought the wonderful mouse table on ebay from the US and never used it. The Display stall again I had big ideas for. Either a candy stall, or a witches market stall, and neither evolved! There are lots of lovely shop counters and units .

The market stall was full of fruit and veg and baskets of flowers which I ripped out for the Potter kitchen so now its redundant and wants a good home to make it into something fab. There loads more on ebay .

Thanks for looking , heres the link , starts tonight at around 8 ish

Miniature items on the 2nd page after all my other listings of stuff Im clearing out!Ignore the other items. John had a fit when he saw me dragging out my maternity clothes from the loft. I had to assure him I was selling them for money, and NOT pregnant again ( 5 of them are enough!!!) So the clothes Im selling to have a clear out!

Have a great week everyone

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Huge Big Thankyou To Kat!

What a lot of treasures I recieved today!

Today I got a parcel from Kat. I had bought 2 of her fabulous hats to update the witch's hat shop, and as always Kat has been an absolute darling and put in all sorts of goodies for us!

The hats are amazing , I havnt done much to be honest with the hat shop lately but I do like to spruce it up and change the window feature before Halloween purely because I resite it in the hall so trick or treaters can look at it when they call. Shame I cant get the big house downstairs, they love to see that one all lit up!

Kat has put in loads of different bits and pieces all very useful and fun, thankyou so much Kat! I want to have a go making some Halloween things with the children so Im sure all of this will be inspiration for us all.
Off to sort out the window of the shop and nearer to Halloween will post a pic of its new display for you all to see.

Im sure my witches will have fun buying a new Autumn hat now, they certainly have loads to choose from !!