Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Huge Big Thankyou To Kat!

What a lot of treasures I recieved today!

Today I got a parcel from Kat. I had bought 2 of her fabulous hats to update the witch's hat shop, and as always Kat has been an absolute darling and put in all sorts of goodies for us!

The hats are amazing , I havnt done much to be honest with the hat shop lately but I do like to spruce it up and change the window feature before Halloween purely because I resite it in the hall so trick or treaters can look at it when they call. Shame I cant get the big house downstairs, they love to see that one all lit up!

Kat has put in loads of different bits and pieces all very useful and fun, thankyou so much Kat! I want to have a go making some Halloween things with the children so Im sure all of this will be inspiration for us all.
Off to sort out the window of the shop and nearer to Halloween will post a pic of its new display for you all to see.

Im sure my witches will have fun buying a new Autumn hat now, they certainly have loads to choose from !!



Ara said...

What a fun package!!!! I absolutly LOVE the orange and green hat! You are making me wish my addams house was in some shape to display for halloween....hmmm... maybe next year??.... -ara

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Bless you :-)You are most welcome xx