Monday, 31 August 2009

Inspiration for my new house!

I spend alot of yesterday as you can imagine, staring at my new pressie and picturing how it could look.
When I bought it home i had a picture in my head and straight away went to my list of blogs to find a picture I could show John of how I see this house looking........someday!!!
And here it is. The beautiful house is hand built by the very talented Linda Carswell of
I found Linda's blog a while back and was quite in awe at her amazing house. It looks so lifelike, and each room is meticulously decorated by Linda, with so much attention to detail. Each room looks like its stepped out of a glossy Home magazine!
I love this French style, with all the ivory furniture, the shabby chicness of it, the elegance. That is my dream for my house!

But where to start? This house is very dark, grey exterior, very dark wood floors, panels, skirting etc. John thinks it a shame to change all this dark wood but I have so many dark houses, we need something light and 'pretty' to brighten us up abit, it cant all be spooky and gothic!!
So it will be a fair bit of work to change it, but I probably would have changed all the flooring anyway to hide all the lighting wires which can all stay.

As for the exterior I am not the most confident of people when it comes to painting. Look at my posting on my Sweeney floor, ripped up and started it over as it just wouldnt go as I wanted it!!
Other friends and fellow bloggers have been so very helpful in the past on helping me with painting teqniques.
Nikki, so great with helping me with my floors and bread oven brickwork,
George the Mini guy, sending me detailed instructions and tips on roofing effects, and now Linda too!
I contacted Linda to ask if she had any tips on the exterior paintwork in particular, and she was lovely enough to write straight back with a great email detailing the colours and methods she used for that wonderful stone effect paintwork she has on her own house.
Linda's work is all trial and error like with us all, and its so hard to explain in an email, but I think I have grasped how to go about moving ahead. I will have a trip to the DIY shop for several shades of stone, beige and grey paints, and move on from there, and learn from the tip, little is better. Its easier to add to, than to have to remove!
So wish me luck. Not sure what way to paint the house, if a brush is used or if it should be sponged on, but from Linda's tips, I need to add layers of different coloured paints to build up the paint effect.
Any other tips or advice would be gratefully recieved, but Id like to thank Linda so much for all her kind help and advice, and on her interior painting too.
I have added a book to my Christmas list on French style miniatures, and I have loads of furniture i can paint and use so that part wont cost me much. That big pile for selling on ebay has now lessended as Ill need to use it now!!
Dont be worried if your watching the Sweeeny, Potter and Snow White houses progress, as I will flit between each house!
For now I need to finish the Sweeney house first as its so close to be able to start furnishing, so I wont get sidetracked by the new one just yet.......but watch this space!!!


Marsha said...

What a grand house your new house will be!!! Hugs, Marsha

julie campbell said...

This is such a beautiful house kate,no wonder it is your inspiration :0)
I look forward to watching you work on yours it is going to be fab !
julie xxx

Ara said...

I LOVE Lindas blog and her work... what a beautiful French maison this will make! -ara

Tallulah~Belle said...

Linda's house is just amazing....what a project you have on your will be so much fun.

rudoo said...

I can so see your house turning into a French mansion! I love Linda's blog too! She is so nice. What book are you wanting?

kimsminiatures said...

Perfect inspiration Kate....I'm still so jealous I love your new dollhouse sooooo much. Hugs~Kim

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its such a beautiful house isnt it! Its really inspired me to try that look
Im looking for the book ' Le grand Livre de la Maison miniature ' but I think I have to get it from the author as i cant find it on Amazon :-(
Kim, shame you dont live nearer you could help me, that would ease your jealousy :-)

Linda Carswell said...
...then go to "livres" there you have it...too easy!!
Pay your 30 euros + postage and it's yours!! Ispiration straight to your letter box!!

Enjoy...Linda x

p.s...thanks you every-one for the 'beautiful' comments about my 'petite maison'....I'm blushing!! x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Kate and John.
I think its going to be fab your ideas and think its a great choice for the size and type of house this is. I think the one you love is beautiful too and can see why you were inspired by it.
I have just done a posting about Debbie. You can find the details over there. Could you also as a favour copy and paste my posting and do a posting too. Hopefully if a few people do this it will spread the word quicker.
Nikki x

SenaMena said...

This is a beautiful house. Can't wait too see what you do with it!

MiniMadWoman said...

Kate, you couldn't have picked a better house for inspiration! Linda's is amazing and it just gets better and better . . . like a fine wine.

I'm really looking forward to your progress . . . keep us posted!


Moni´s Miniaturen said...

I love your new house. Its wonderful.
Bye Moni