Monday, 24 August 2009

The Sweeney Attic Room

Had a great day today getting lots done in the Attic. Firstly waxed the floorboards. Then stained the skirting, dado and picture rail and cut and fitted it all in place.
Next the painful part. I went round the room ripping bits of the wallper, as in the film the attic barber shop is in a great state of disrepair! Lots of damp patches and peeling wallpaper. It felt wrong and wierd as Ive spent all my time making sure the wallpaper in my houses is 'Just so'. Perfectly aligned, and no bubbles or faults, so to purposly go round making it look bad felt abit strange. But thats the effect I needed so its done now!
Here to show you, is the 3 pieces to go in the room so far.

Firstly the beautiful barber table, complete with Ara's jug and a candlestick ( note NO LAMP!!!!!!!!!!!' ) Still waiting on the razor, making a brush, and need to source some tiny tiny glass bottles.
Next is a chest, which I stained in a similar colour and am going to next trim with leather and this will contain the body of Perelli, his first victim!!
Well thats the plan, I intend to make an arm to stick out of this like its flopping out. Need to find the material for his sleeve, and some grey fur for his fur throw that he wore and Sweeney covered him in when in the chest!
Also I have a heater. For this I need advice PLEASE!!! I cant remember where I saw a posting on rusting things up but if anyone can remember can you let me know. This at the moment is black plastic and I want it to be older looking, abit rusty and dingy looking. Thanks in advance if you know of any tutorials or postings.
When these pieces are complete thats half the room done. Next the chair, more boxes, candles to be made, top hats to be hung, and then............Julie, ( of Bella Belle Dolls) if your reading this, Ill be on to you about that cut throat Victorian Gent to put on your 'To Do ' list if thats ok!!!!
The photo dosnt do it justice as I cant show the room as a whole yet as the roofs not on.

But getting there, and pleased to manage to complete something in the holidays too


Vicky Guile said...

fabulous Kate! still no huh! :o) bet it turns up when the replacement you ordered arrives... wouldnt that just be typical :o) oodles o'hugs, Vxxx

Marsha said...

Oh, it's looking WONDERFUL!!!

Kate, here is a tutorial for dirtying up your stove. It's an awesome tutorial. Sadly, the lady who created the tutorial passed away.

Hugs, Marsha

julie campbell said...

Hello kate, yes I am reading this LOL and of course , will put him on the list ! This is looking so fab :0) I have been looking forward to seeing the attic and it looks so authentic , the whole project is going to be amazing !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

oops forgot the rust, you can buy scenic rust which works a treat or you can use a red /brown ink diluted with water, stipple this on and it will look like rust, you can add as much as you need.
Hope that helps . warhammer inks are good, I pinch my son's supplies :0)
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Vicky, nope, the candlestick has taken its place for now. Tabitha told me the Borrowers have proberbly taken it and that makes me feel better, its gone to a good home lol Hugs back xx

Marsha thats a fab tutorial, Im going to try it today on the heater, will let you know how it goes! The lady has some other great info too so its a great link thankyou Hugs:-) xx

Julie, great thankyou , do you think a doll with its throat slit is a little gruesome? Bet it will be a first, one to give you a challenge!!! If I get stuck on the arm, I may give you a shout too, maybe Ill have to post the chest to you ! I cant find any suitable material for Perellis arm! it needs a pleated white cuff, blue satin sleeve with gold braiding, have you any such material in your stash???!!! thanks for the rust advice. Does ink work on plastic do you know? I may try Marshas tip first and do the scenic rust on the window frames if it works on plastic. thanks for all the help and lovely comments, Hugs to you . xx

Ara said...

Its looking fantastic!! The rips look great too! I am soooo excited that I was able to add something to this great project! I really hope that you find your lamp soon! At least kids took it instead of dogs.... dogs chew :/

julie campbell said...

Kate if you get stuck just post the chest to me. I can whip up pirellies arm in a jiffy,have just the fabrics !
Have never tried scenic rust on plastic so best toread upon that but I think it works on anything,
good luck !
julie :0)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Julie, your a love, I think i'll take you up on that! I have to decorate the box a bit, Ill email you when its done and pop it in the post. If you need any piccies of Perelli let me know. I think its just the arm needs doing, and if you have any fake fur to slump in the box to look like a bodies covered that would be wicked.....thankyou in advance for saving me. My material box is useless!! Will be in touch, Hugs, Kate xx

julie campbell said...

my whole shed is a material box LOL and its overflowing ! have that wonderful sweeney todd book too with all the costume design sketches, its fab :0)
look forward to seeing the decorated chest, the arm will be a sweeney housewarming pressie, ;0)
julie xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Its all looking great and will be fantastic when complete.
I put the rust link on my blog, but like julie says you can also paint rust with alcohol inks. I dont know about other inks but tim holtz alcohol inks stick to almost anything. Its also good for dirtying windowns and things like that.
You can even paint with acrylic paint by first painting a bright orange, then adding shades of darker orange and rusty colours dabbing here and there. Then to tone it down use in tiny amounts dabbed here and there raw umber. I do this on metal items and it looks better than scenic rust in my opinion. It also means you get exactly what you want in all the right places and the right quantities.
Nikki x