Sunday, 23 August 2009

Angry Mum Venting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh why is it that little fingers always grab that vital mini you need to get on with the next thing on the list!!!!

The floor boards are all laid in the Sweeney attic room ( love the iron on floorboards from Bromley Crafts. Mind you John says its the only time I get the iron out!!!!) . I put the table in, and got ready to start dressing it.
Earlier on today I spent forever going through my many boxes of accesories to find the most perfect tall slim oil lamp, identical to the one in the movie on his own barber table.

I bought it downstairs , placed it on the kitchen side and then began to lay the flooring. Flooring down, children bathed and in their pj's, I went to get the oil lamp to begin.
But where the heck was it???????????????????
All day both Reilly and Lace have been like partners in crime into my things. Grabbing my dragons from the haunted house, filling handbags and boxes with bits of material etc. So I knew those little tikes had nabbed it!!!

But neither knows what Im talking about of course, and the more I look the more rediculously stressed im getting!! I have hunted high and low, even gone through the dustbin but its nowhere to be found :-(

I have already ordered another which angers me, especially as none on ebay are tall and slender and the new one will be far to chunky, but you know what its like when you HAVE to have it to begin!!!!
I know Im crazy, so forgive me my venting, but isnt it always the way when you feel ready to move on.

So maybe I'll hide afew vital dinosaurs and that bedtime dummy tomorrow and see how they like it...

Oooh im a mean mum!!!


Debie Lyons said...

Ahhh Kate I know those feelings all too well. Our eldest two who are now (gulp) 20 and nearly 19 used to get up to the most awful things, they are the reason now that I have a tiny teeny stash of make up. The next two are 15 and 13 and they also got up to much mischief. Now its a little 4 year old who doesnt know the meaning of lie stll and go to sleep. In our house its mainly CD's and our tools that go missing. But of course they havent touched them. Forget about the lamp and I bet you find it where you least expect to, in the most ordinary place. In the mean time you will have a spare that will fill the gap till the best lamp turns up. Its good to vent, every mom needs too. If you think your mean, I am taking a little boy who has run around his bedroom for the last two hours again to the shop to buy his treat and then sit him down in the kitchen and I am going to eat it. Short sharp shocks LOL If they keep on pilfering they need Mommy teaching. Have a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine and think about all your projects. ((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))

Longest reply to post ever LOL

Debie xxxxxxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Debie, thanks for not thinking me a complete nutter lol !!! I should be used to it with 5 of them but these 2 are such little tikes together and although Lola knows how precious minis are, these 2 seem to take delight in hiding them, ahhhh!! But I will take your advice, wine is already downed, bath run, thanks so much for your comment!
Its only a silly lamp after all, I suppose we all have those days where tiny things mount up and it just drives us dotty! I will sulk until I have the one I want but like you say maybe it will turn up yet Big Hugs, Kate xxxxxxx

Tabitha Corsica said... soon as the new lamp arrives in the mail, the old one will mysteriously reappear. Happens to me all the time. Perhaps it's not the childern who've pinched it....maybe it's the Borrowers?? Anyway, ranting is healthy, so I am told. I do it frequently and regularly. Keeps everyone on their toes. :-)


Marsha said...

Oh, Kate, I can feel your frustration! I know about the HAVE to have it!!!

It'll show up someday . . I hope sooner than later . . .

Tell Lola that Marsha Fairy is a bit displeased and you know what happens when fairies get peeved . . . .

((Big hug)) Marsha

Katie said...

LoL! Kids!!! Luckly mine are old enough to know better...but I do still have to watch the cat, He eats everything....So not only do things turn up missing, but when I find them, they're missing legs or have teeth marks in it! All my dollhouses are covered in sheets to protect them from the beast! LOL. I do think kids gang up on ya though!! LOL.....mine decide to bake a cake in their room when they were little! I can't even begin to tell you the mess it made....dyed mmy carpet Blue with cake coloring!! So glad they've gropwn out of that!

The lamp will turn up! One day! And I agree, we do need a place to vent!! Isn't that what friends are for:)

...Oh...and I would like to do a material trade with you....but in a few weeks! I have a few others I need to catch up on first! I have some skeleton material I'd like to mail you. I will email you soon with more details, OK?!

Jill said...

Oh how I understand your frustration. Except when I've lost something I fear that it's in my dog's tummy. (Hagrid) He's very sneaky and has a thing for eating non-food items.
Good luck- I hope the lamp shows up!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Tabby , I just know that will happen too!! It would be so mcuh more fun if we had the borrowers in the house I wouldnt mind that at all!! I could help them furnish their house, ha ha!!!xxx

Marsha I will have a chat with Marsha fairy and see what she can do :-) Im glad Im not the only one that gets an idea and just HAS to start it there and then!! Im terribly impatient! xxx

Hi Katie, hmmm Cats, yep another problem!! John keeps talking of getting a puppy, but I can see hundreds of potential mini problems occuring as i think of it!!! I hate to think of my thatch being chewed to bits.....I pity the dog if it mawled my houses!!!
I have so much gothic stuff you may be able to use, Id be happy to mail it to you, no swap required honest, it tidies my boxes up too, so Id love to send you some bits. Email me whenever with your address, and dont go worrying about anything in return, thats what friends are for too as well as venting,!! lol xxx

Hey Jill, well thats does it then, we wont be getting a dog!!! I couldnt bear the thought of it eating the minis! Hagrid, the COOLEST name for a dog, must be a big one?? xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh lol, i vent all day and sound like a Tilbury docker at times.
Nothing in my house stays where it should be, somebody always noses, hands go in everything and things are even put in the bin.
I bet it's in their pocket and you will find it when you wash or iron.
Kids always hide things under their beds. Mine have always put stuff there. Its the first place i look. They think its a secret place and we dont hoover under the beds.
Nikki xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hey Nikki, I checked the beds, not there :-( Im sure it went in the bin bag. I did check it but halfheartedly as it was too smelly! I always find things in there ! Its good to vent even if you feel a twit after for getting so worked up over the silliest things. My family think Im quite crazy lol xx