Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Please check out my Friend Kerry's Great New Blog!

I have lots of posts coming up, lots of new minis for you to see, things Ive been both buying and making too. In the mean time I just had to direct you all over to my friends Kerry Alexander's new blog cherryberryminiatures.blogspot.com
and check out her fab new Etsy store too at :-

I met Kerry online whilst shopping on Ebay for sweet treats for my candy store and we became firm freinds as Kerry is the lovliest of ladies! Kerry has made me some gorgeous cakes and chocolates and is extremly talented, always with great original ideas for both single items and also fantastic counters and display cabinets for your sweet, chocolate shops.
Please check out her blog, she also makes the best cake toppers.
Kerry recently added to her family with a new baby girl so is always busy and is working on a tea shop at the moment so i for one will be keen to see the progress of that!
So please go over and say hi, and dont forget to treat yourself from Kerry's Etsy store, she has some beautiful goodies on sale as always!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Julia's July Gertie Swap!

I was the lucky one to be chosen by Julia this month for her July Gertie swap! http://bearcabinminiatures.blogspot.com/

Julia made the most beautiful owl cushion to go on the pretty little resin corner chair which I thought would be perfect for my own good witch Gertrude.
Also on offer was this fabulous little red dragon and he has found his perfect place already in the potter conservatory amongst the mandrakes and plants!

Thankyou Julia for the oppurtunity to take part in this months swap and for the wonderful goodies!
Julia very kindly put in wonderful gifts for Lola and Emily for their projects which they will show off themselves, so everyone was happy! Lola has been super busy at school so she is thrilled to get a break in a weeks time to be blogging again and showing off many treats she has got!

On reading Julia's blog recently she posted that she had decided to change the name of her witches cottage from 'Owl Cottage' and therefore had the sampler she had made up for sale!! Yipee, I didnt have a name for Gertrude's cottage and always loved that sampler and frame so I treated myself and bought it for Gertrude and now she proudly has it displayed in her bedroom!

So a huge hug to Julia and hopefully the minis I made for her own Gertie and also for her wizard store will be with her tomorrow. I forgot to take photos in my haste to get them off in the post so hoping Julia can get some good ones and likes what i've made for her and Gertie in return!!

Roll on the next swap and I recommend to you all to take part in such a fun swap!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Help and Guidance from you great Blogging Friends please!!

Well Emily has caught the bug, didnt take long did it! She decided her blog would be quite eclectic, on her fashions, her designs, dressmaking , and now also on her miniature projects she wants to do so of interest to us all!

As well as some designing and dressmaking in her holidays she would like to do a mini project of her own. After thinking long and hard she has decided on a small setting, maybe room box, or just a background and floor with furniture and accessories of Gaius's chamber from the Merlin BBC programme. This a great room full of the physicians potions, spell making things, lovley tudor style furniture etc.

She loves the look of the actual whole room with balcony etc but this is far too ambitious so we figured best to start with a small setting with a table , wall cupboard and tall shelf . We are hoping to do this with a mountboard setting background with paperclay or stucco walls and floorboards. Similar to settings done by Debie in her work when she showcases her dolls i suppose. So any help with how this can be done easily would be much appreciated as she is a real newby to minis!

Today she spent ages bless her making some candles , insistent on doing it all herself with trial and error!

If you pop over to her blog you can see the setting she'd like to emulate and the types of things she would like to make. Also todays little minis she made all by herself!

As we have such talented blogging freinds we will of course buying some bits and some are ordered already as she just couldnt wait! Shes very excited so come the summer hols we will have a real hub of mini making activity as Lola will have time to work on her project and me on mine!!

Thankyou all in advance for any help you can give to her. any tips would be so great, shed love to hear from you on her blog