Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year from us all and of course Herman!!!!

We would all like to wish you a Wonderful New Year, Lets hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you all!

We have a fabulous New addition to the miniature family.
Please meet Herman, the New Potion master of the Potter house made by the incredibly talented Jain of Giddy Kipper Dolls!

I saw Herman before Christmas and just had to keep my fingers crossed that he would still be in Jain's end of year sale after the big day when I had some Christmas pennies too spend!
I knew that with the new conservatory ,Violetta who has been keeping a run on things in the potion room, would be required for her correct position as Herbology Professor and who would fill her witches shoes?.......well as soon as I saw him I knew it just had to be Herman. ( in his glorious wizard boots that is!!)

Thankyou so much Jain, we are over the moon with him, he looks perfect already in a quite bare potion room. We have moved the whole house to our bedroom higher up as a few things were going missing with little fingers around, and all the potions are in boxes at present. So next week before the Sweeney house gets its roof, I have to refill the potion room and Herman can get to work. As soon as he is in I will of course post pictures of him in situ, always the fun bit!!

Hope you love him, we do. Its an honour to own such treasures in this house, we now have 3 fabulous dolls by 3 extremely special and talented friends , Julie, Marsha and now Jain and hope to add more to the house in 2010 as we still have 3 rooms to fill!
As the Potter house isnt true to book or film, just in style of, and our own interpretation of the Potter theme, its really fun to add our own touches to each room and I cant wait to find a doll for the study. He wont be 'Dumbeldore' true to how you have seen him before , but Id love a character that fits the bill in his own special way and form. I'll know him when I see him!"!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE , have a lovely evening wherever you may be .
Herman is sending special Happy Spells out amongst you all tonight!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Our Girl's 'Miniature' Kitchen!!!!

The Girls wanted me to show you their miniature present this Christmas. Not miniature in the sense of 1 12th scale, but a miniature child size kitchen! It is so pretty, all in pastel colours and with lots of added sets from family they can now make their own tea, coookies, fry the eggs, cook the veg, and bake cakes in the oven. A useable sink too!
It is made of wood not plastic so really great quality. it took rather longer than anticipated to erect, I will never attempt a full size flat packed kitchen as this was bad enough. After much cursing and doing things wrong, John left me to it with a bottle of wine at my side to keep me calm!!

But they love it and they can now play cafes and Mums and are really enjoying it and so i thought Id show it off to you!
And just for Christel look at the cupcakes it came with too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Pressies Part 2 for Snow White and the BIG secret!!

Well you saw what was in one of my big boxes under the tree and it was accomponied a few days before Christmas Eve by an even Huger box!! I really couldnt figure it and when I opened it was astonished to find the wonderful Willowcrest Dollshouse by Greenleaf!!

I have lusted after this house for years now, have seen alot of other bloggers with it and just adored the design, but could never find one. Clever John has been looking out on ebay and found this one and asked the lady if she would box and post it, poor woman!!!
It must have come when I was out and he hid it in the garage unbeknown to me! The house needs lot of TLC but thats how I like them. It will probably be a nightmare to decorate as everyone says you should paint or paper before they get erected but this is already up. It has some broken bits but as my intention is to paperclay it ( Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! yes I know it will probably be in the year 2020!!!!) so I am not worried about some broken pieces of trim.
My aim is for one along the lines of Robin Carey's house, which is beautiful stoned and that is the look I would like.Robin has a blog where you can see her work if you google it and the Willowcrest is on there.
I was really excited to be watching ' Santa Claus the Movie' on Christmas Day and see the exact house in Santas workshop!!!!!!

I have had to put it in the workshop so it looks very hard done by and sits next to the Sweeeny house all waiting for attention, my poor houses!

So although it must sit at the end of what is already a very long list of projects, I cant wait to do some work on this one! Though as its a back opener goodness only knows where I will put it, no more room at the end of our bed so maybe in the girls room at the end of their new beds!!

Now For Snow's pressies. For the top floor of the Snow White house is this beautiful four poster fairy bed all made from twigs and natural materials, with velvet earth coloured bedding.
To match it is a set of tiny bunk beds dwarf scale and a single. I have 2 more sets to order from the lovely Iona who makes them, and then i can begin to decorate the upstairs. They are perfect size and style for the house and I was delighted with them .

They look 100 times better than the photos actually, and when in place in the house Ill take better photos. They are decorated with tiny beads and are so so pretty. Our Lola had a good idea to make a little mezzanine floor at the top of the dormer window as it has such a high ceiling, and put Grumpy up there on his own in the single bed he he!! Good idea Lola!
So lots of work for the New year as you can see.
My list will begin though with Sweeneys house to pin together and start to decorate , so that will be my aim for January. Snow will have to wait til February which is the month chosen to work on her bedroom! Hope you like them all, we do and cant wait to start on everything!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Gifts Part 1 For Harry Potter

Well here it is as promised, my wonderful , fabulous Christmas Pressie, made by the superbly talented Julia and Hywel of
I spotted this on ebay a while back and then saw Julia's write up on it and knew it was that vital new addition to the Harry Potter house we so needed!

I have been after making a conservatory for the house to have the Herbology classes in, with Mandrake tables and fantasy plants etc, but could not for the life of me get inspired by any of the kits I saw. When I saw Julia's it was perfect!

John agreed and as it was a bigger purchase said why didnt I have it as a Christmas pressie, which I was thrilled with! Trouble was, the box came, huge as it was, brilliantly packaged, and I was itching to open it and was sure John would let me have the littlest peak, but did he heck!!!
He was adamant that I had to wait to the big day to see it in the flesh. Was a tad annoyed I have to say, but waited I did, and Im glad that I was good, as when I opened it Christmas day I was overjoyed!
Just as John had said, it was even more wonderful in real life than the pic I had seen!
I love everything about it, the aging plaster effect, the interior, the slate tiles ( such a cool idea to use real floor tiles, im going to go to Homebase and buy a good few packs to do other houses now, Im hooked !!) and there is simply nothing I want to change.

Which is a great bonus as I can simply move in exisitng mandrakes made by Nikki, maybe a few plant pots of mushrooms etc, and then decide whether I can make my own mandrake table or if I may have to save up the pennies to ask someone to make on, wink wink!!! Usually all our projects require lots of work before the fun filling part, but this wont, I can go straight ahead and fill it up, what fun!

So cant wait. Will be showing something equally exciting that goes with this in a few days I hope so stay tuned.

More tomorrow with pressies for Snow White, and Ill tell you , she is pretty thrilled with her Christmas pressies!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

My Beautiful Christmas Swap From Christel!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We did, there were pressies everywhere and with 5 children opening their gifts it took up the whole living room and dining room and there were toys and wrapping everywhere !

I had some amazing miniature pressies, all of which I will be showing over the next few days, or maybe when the children go back to school next week and I have more time!!
But for starters I participated in the Christmas swap ran beautifully smoothly by the lovely Rosanna!

My gift was from the pretty Christel, I adore Christels miniatures so was so so happy to be recieving from her.

I think Christel must have been one, if not THE first to complete the Christmas gift and it has sat under the tree for far too long for my liking without me being able to open it!! But I was good and waited and opened it Christmas morning.

How exquisite is this Christmas cupcake board! With detailed holly leaves, tiny cupcakes, icing tube and mixture. I love it, thankyou so much Christel, it is just perfect. And also here is the cutest snowman, isnt he adorable!

Beautifully wrapped as always from Christel with a bag of delicious sweeties in pretty pastel colours. Such a treat for me!!

So a huge Hug to Christel and also to Roasanna for organising such a well run swap!!
I made my swap for Jill and hope she recieved it and liked it?
Here is a mini silver and pink Christmas tree as Jills house is pink! Full of pink candy canes and sweeties.
Then I made a plate of cookies for Santa with cookie recipie, a stack of cookies, and several Christmas cookbooks.
My favourite was the Christmas Carol open book, I really enjoyed making this, it looked very Christmassy.

Hope you got it all Jill, and all had a fantastic Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Just a final post before Christmas to wish all our friends and followers a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New year.

Our first year of blogging has been tremendous fun and we have made such special friends from all over the world and its a pleasure to know you all and share your friendship.

Life has had it share of downs this year so projects have been slower than we would have liked but lets hope 2010 is a healthier one so we can be more productive and we can bring more of our miniature life to share with you all.

Thankyou all for being there for us, and for taking the time out of your busy lives to check in on out blog.

Will be back after Christmas with details of our Christmas swap and lots more so please visit again soon. In the mean time, enjoy your food, your drink, your pressies and your Christmas fun from all the Whittaker Family

Heres a clip from one of our favourite Christmas films ' A Wonderful life'. ( found a clip in colour although the traditional black and white has to be the best !!)

My favourite saying......' Every time a bell rings an Angel gets its wings'............Im a big believer in Angels, may all our guardian angels watch over us this Christmas time and keep you all safe and well!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Thankyou Nikki for the most Beautiful Angel!

Here's a pic of our newest Christmas decoration , this beautifully made Christmas angel by Nikki made for us for our tree. We love her thankyou Nikki, and all the more special to have something handmade by you.

She is right at the top/front of the tree for all to see. The tree looks wonderful but cant seem to get a pic of it with lights on, not sure why but our camera dosnt like night photos.
We won some magnificant minis from Nikki recently and as soon as I have sorted out the Potter house ( which has now moved to a new higher position in the bedroom so little fingers dont get to it, ) I will take some photos of it all in place. Needless to say it was all fantastic and I love to get parcels from Nikki, it is like Christmas every time!!!
Hi to everyone, im having problems leaving comments on lots of blogs, as soon as I try my computer starts to have a funny turn and freeze, so we are here and are reading every day even if we cant comment all the time!!

Have a great week, getting close now, all excited!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Some Fabulous Christmas Tips from Kirstie!

Kirstie's Homemade Christmas

Have you see it? Kirsty Allsop has made this great programme running over 3 nights on how to do a home made Christmas!

We really enjoyed it and its given us loads of ideas.
I must admit some of the articles were a bit crazy, I mean who has access to a glass blower to make glass baubles, or £25 to spend on gold leaf to put on pears as a decoration!! Also, the scheduling could have been better, as id love to make my own chutney, christmas cake and most of all, beautiful soaps as gifts but when alot of the items need 6 weeks to ' set' and create its not much use putting it on 2 weeks before the Big Day!!

Having said that Im determined that next year will be more of a homemade Christmas, with soaps, truffles and maybe even a teddy bear!

There were such wonderful things to make, salt dough Christmas letters to make with the children and hang on the fireplace , a wreath for the front door, and it was wonderful to see Reiki and Joe from the Alice Bear shop in Lyme Regis who we meet every year on holiday in their shop, making the most beautiful bear which you can buy kits for!!

For those abroad, Kirstie made her fame on 'Location Location' finding people houses but earlier this year made a programme doing up her Devon house, and so has taken it a step further to create a magical home setting an dpresents for Christmas by doing it yourself.

Hadnt taken to her much before but found her a delight in this programme, really homely and sweet. So if you cant get to see it on catch up tv, check out the website here and find out how to do it all yourself , if not this year then next! The website is great with step by step guides. Im off to make crackers , going to personalise them for friends next year, think that will be a lovely gift. If I have time this year will make some for the family !!

Check it out and have FUN!!!!


Ara has sent me the 8 ball, so here goes with our 8 questions, then I'll be throwing to one of you, so dont moan at me, I know its Christmas and we are all busy, but if you can find the time, its FUN!!!

1. Names Im called by :- Real name is Katherine but Im only ever called that when someones cross with me!! Katie at school and college then for some reason was shortened further to now Kate!! Kids call me Mum and Mama, John calls me, Hun, Babe and 'Pud'!! a name he called me when heavily pregnant and its unfortunatly stuck even though I quickly slimmed to a size 10!!!Dad calls me 'Half pint' ( being 5ft 2!) and mum calls me ' Fanny Anne' not sure why!!!

2. 3 items Im wearing :- Fat Face top, comfy velvet brown trousers and fluffy Fat Face socks!!

3. 3 things I did yesterday :- Went to Lola's school concert where she sang beautifully and performed her play, so proud!! , wrapped pressies and defrosted the freezer!

4. 2 things eaten today :- OOpps dont have breakfast, so not much so far, a few nibbles of Mini cheddars and a chocolate digestive! Waiting for john to get home with Applewood cheese and french stick yum!!!

5. 2 people Ive rung today :- 'Next' to order the girls new pretty white bunk beds! and John to ask him to go get me something yummy for lunch while hes out!

6. 2 things Ill do today :- Wrap more pressies, and put on the kiddies glad rags for the school disco tonight!

7. 3 best loved drinks :- Caffe Latte, Hot Chocolate and CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!
8. 3 things I intensly wish for :-

That John stays well and healthy and we all have a wonderful family Christmas and they finally sort him out after Christmas as no one seems to know what they are doing to make him better!!!

That in the New year we have a much healthier year, no flus, no cancer scares, no heart attacks!! Just a nice normal, no drama year PLEASE!!!!

That the government brings back our boys from Afghanistan, bring them home if not for Christmas then as soon as they can, home to their loving families and away from a war we should no longer be involved in!!

Now I pass this ball to ....................................Julie of Bella Belle Dolls, good catch Julie?????