Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Pressies Part 2 for Snow White and the BIG secret!!

Well you saw what was in one of my big boxes under the tree and it was accomponied a few days before Christmas Eve by an even Huger box!! I really couldnt figure it and when I opened it was astonished to find the wonderful Willowcrest Dollshouse by Greenleaf!!

I have lusted after this house for years now, have seen alot of other bloggers with it and just adored the design, but could never find one. Clever John has been looking out on ebay and found this one and asked the lady if she would box and post it, poor woman!!!
It must have come when I was out and he hid it in the garage unbeknown to me! The house needs lot of TLC but thats how I like them. It will probably be a nightmare to decorate as everyone says you should paint or paper before they get erected but this is already up. It has some broken bits but as my intention is to paperclay it ( Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! yes I know it will probably be in the year 2020!!!!) so I am not worried about some broken pieces of trim.
My aim is for one along the lines of Robin Carey's house, which is beautiful stoned and that is the look I would like.Robin has a blog where you can see her work if you google it and the Willowcrest is on there.
I was really excited to be watching ' Santa Claus the Movie' on Christmas Day and see the exact house in Santas workshop!!!!!!

I have had to put it in the workshop so it looks very hard done by and sits next to the Sweeeny house all waiting for attention, my poor houses!

So although it must sit at the end of what is already a very long list of projects, I cant wait to do some work on this one! Though as its a back opener goodness only knows where I will put it, no more room at the end of our bed so maybe in the girls room at the end of their new beds!!

Now For Snow's pressies. For the top floor of the Snow White house is this beautiful four poster fairy bed all made from twigs and natural materials, with velvet earth coloured bedding.
To match it is a set of tiny bunk beds dwarf scale and a single. I have 2 more sets to order from the lovely Iona who makes them, and then i can begin to decorate the upstairs. They are perfect size and style for the house and I was delighted with them .

They look 100 times better than the photos actually, and when in place in the house Ill take better photos. They are decorated with tiny beads and are so so pretty. Our Lola had a good idea to make a little mezzanine floor at the top of the dormer window as it has such a high ceiling, and put Grumpy up there on his own in the single bed he he!! Good idea Lola!
So lots of work for the New year as you can see.
My list will begin though with Sweeneys house to pin together and start to decorate , so that will be my aim for January. Snow will have to wait til February which is the month chosen to work on her bedroom! Hope you like them all, we do and cant wait to start on everything!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, Kate, how sweet of John! I love that he was able to totally surprise you!!

What wonderful presents you received! LOL, I know all about PROJECTS!! You finish one, and gain five!!

Have a wonderful day!


julie campbell said...

Its beautiful kate ! What a fab surprise :0) I have never seen this house before and it is just so lovely, will have to check out robins blog.
I love the snow white bed too its very pretty and just right for her cottage.
in the words of bruce forsyth.......didnt you do well LOL
julie xxx

Josje said...

You lucky girl! A whole house for Christmas LOL!
The little beds are very cute, lovely colours. Enjoy playing with your gifts! Best wishes, Josje

Katie said...

Oh Kate....I want a bunk bed like that! It's perfect! Is snow white's house 1/12 scale or is it smaller?? Just wondering! :)

Christel Jensen said...

I see a lot of potensial for this house. I love the shape of it. Great buy. I have so many projects going on too. I guess we all have;)

Charlene said...

Kate, I just found you by going down the higgly piggly blog path! Not even sure how I got here but, soooooooooooooo glad that I did. I have never had a doll house but, did collect miniatures a LONG time ago. Oh my your present & blog is wonderful!!!! I will be checking out more posts. Can't wait to get to know you better! Happy New Year! Charlene

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Marsha, he's an absolute gem, I dont think ive ever been so spoiled this year, but I feel bad as he sold loads of things on ebay and all the money seems to have gone on me and the children with nothing left to spare, poor man!! We are all very grateful though and he has excellent taste!! xxx

Julie I googled the house and it showed loads of smashing ones. Will be tricky to decorate as its put together but I can see its potential so excited! I have lots to play with dont i!!! xxx

Josje, I will enjoy playing thankyou, cant wait til the term starts and I have more time on my hands to fiddle about with it all xxx

Katie, it is 1 12th scale, and the beds fit in so well as the big one is 1 12th and the little ones probably about 1 16/ or 1/20 or something, so when placed next to Snows bed they are the perfect size for dwarves being tinier than Snow! I have to save my pennies for 2 more sets now xxx

Christel, its beautiful isnt it, albeit abit tatty at the moment poor house! But I can see it looking very pretty i hope in the future. I look forward to seeing more of your projects too in 2010! I can you making a beautiful French style cake shop room box full of cupcakes and macaroons in all sorts of colours and style, how wonderful would that be!!! xxx

Welcome Charlene, Im glad you found me too! Please take some time to sit with a drink and go back on old posts and enjoy and maybe we can get you hooked to the dollhouse bug, its very catching I warn you, and you always want to make more and more!!! Happy 20190 to you and your family and thanks for taking the time to visit. xxx

Ara said...

Ok - this is scary ... do you know what your new dollhouse is reminding me of?? the left side of the Munster house.... oh crud this is what got me into the Addams Family mess! haha! JK - I promise I WILL NOT start another project... yet! Love the beds!!! They'll be perfect! hugs, Ara

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Kate, I am one of your followers and can not help but comment on your Snow white home and post! It is darling and you and I are into the similar projects. I make miniature too and I have a blog just for that but I also have a marionette theatre and a blog .Please come visit me when you have a chance.... for the past year we are preparing for our upcoming play " Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs"...grin.., this is a family theatre where my children ( 7 ) and I make the marionettes, play , music even the theatre.*smiles*
when you have a minute come see us...smiles... Patricia~