Sunday, 13 December 2009

Thankyou Nikki for the most Beautiful Angel!

Here's a pic of our newest Christmas decoration , this beautifully made Christmas angel by Nikki made for us for our tree. We love her thankyou Nikki, and all the more special to have something handmade by you.

She is right at the top/front of the tree for all to see. The tree looks wonderful but cant seem to get a pic of it with lights on, not sure why but our camera dosnt like night photos.
We won some magnificant minis from Nikki recently and as soon as I have sorted out the Potter house ( which has now moved to a new higher position in the bedroom so little fingers dont get to it, ) I will take some photos of it all in place. Needless to say it was all fantastic and I love to get parcels from Nikki, it is like Christmas every time!!!
Hi to everyone, im having problems leaving comments on lots of blogs, as soon as I try my computer starts to have a funny turn and freeze, so we are here and are reading every day even if we cant comment all the time!!

Have a great week, getting close now, all excited!


Eva said...

C0ongratulations, it is a wonderful gift!

Debbie said...

Love your little Angel Kate. I was the very lucky recipient of Nikki's Christmas Puddings. Haven't shown them yet as still haven't got the tree! xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

The angels are truly lovely. I received one too, only mine is in brownish reds and gold. I said to Nikki that it was too lovely only to have out for Christmas, and as the colours match my bedroom I have hung it on a knob, so I can see it all year round. :o)

The puddings are fab Debbie!! :o)
Michelle xx

Debie Lyons said...

Love your Angel Kate. Its nice to have a homemade gift from a friend.
Debie xxx

Kim said...

What a beautiful ornament Kate! Friends and family are the best part of christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

Julie Kendall said...

Kate thats a lovely gift to have and thats so sweet of Nikki to send her too.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh lovely to see the dec here and thank you for being so sweet.
Glad you like her.
Nikki xxx