Friday, 11 December 2009

Some Fabulous Christmas Tips from Kirstie!

Kirstie's Homemade Christmas

Have you see it? Kirsty Allsop has made this great programme running over 3 nights on how to do a home made Christmas!

We really enjoyed it and its given us loads of ideas.
I must admit some of the articles were a bit crazy, I mean who has access to a glass blower to make glass baubles, or £25 to spend on gold leaf to put on pears as a decoration!! Also, the scheduling could have been better, as id love to make my own chutney, christmas cake and most of all, beautiful soaps as gifts but when alot of the items need 6 weeks to ' set' and create its not much use putting it on 2 weeks before the Big Day!!

Having said that Im determined that next year will be more of a homemade Christmas, with soaps, truffles and maybe even a teddy bear!

There were such wonderful things to make, salt dough Christmas letters to make with the children and hang on the fireplace , a wreath for the front door, and it was wonderful to see Reiki and Joe from the Alice Bear shop in Lyme Regis who we meet every year on holiday in their shop, making the most beautiful bear which you can buy kits for!!

For those abroad, Kirstie made her fame on 'Location Location' finding people houses but earlier this year made a programme doing up her Devon house, and so has taken it a step further to create a magical home setting an dpresents for Christmas by doing it yourself.

Hadnt taken to her much before but found her a delight in this programme, really homely and sweet. So if you cant get to see it on catch up tv, check out the website here and find out how to do it all yourself , if not this year then next! The website is great with step by step guides. Im off to make crackers , going to personalise them for friends next year, think that will be a lovely gift. If I have time this year will make some for the family !!

Check it out and have FUN!!!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I watched it and LOVED it, especially the 2nd episode! I love all that sort of thing. I recorded the series so I can replay it again. Though I can't believe she didn't know how crackers were made.;o) lol I'm sure there will be a follow-up book as there was on her 'home' series.

Michelle xx

Josje said...

I haven't seen it as we don't get Channel 4 here (only BBC channels), but I'll check out your link.
About the gold leaf: I have bought a little book of 23 carat gold leaf a few years ago to use for my miniatures and it just lasts and lasts. And yes, last year I decorated my dessert cocolates with it too! It looks beautiful both on my miniatures and on the desserts.

Ara said...

I have never heard of her before but will def look her up! I am doing a lot of home-made stuff this year so this will be a treat! hugs - ara

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I taped the 2nd and 3rd programme and have some quiet time on monday set aside to watch them in peace! I have made christmas cards this year and some presents, so I will enjoy getting more ideas from Kirsty.
Julia xx

Debbie said...

I saw last nights Kate but missed the other two programmes. I'll be checking out the web site.. xx

marlies said...

Great website, thank you for sharing!
* marlies

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I watched them all and loved everything. My delightful family (all male) took the p out of everything, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and want to do all that she did.
Would love to make those glass baubles.
Do you remember what she did with a ribbon and pulled the wire to make a rose? I tried it with a gold ribbon and wow is all i can say, lol.
You could make them for the girls shoes and tiny ones in the same colours for their dresses. They would look so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.
Nikki xxx

julie campbell said...

Yes I watched and loved it too :0)
Did you see Kirsties home made house early in the year when she did up her whole house ? it was so nice to watch.
This year for the first time since my mam died I made a home made cake, it was always tradition I made the cakes and I found I couldnt do it for a few years but finally I wanted to again and have been lovingly feeding it with brandy slice and we will be on the floor LOL
julie xxxx