Friday, 11 December 2009


Ara has sent me the 8 ball, so here goes with our 8 questions, then I'll be throwing to one of you, so dont moan at me, I know its Christmas and we are all busy, but if you can find the time, its FUN!!!

1. Names Im called by :- Real name is Katherine but Im only ever called that when someones cross with me!! Katie at school and college then for some reason was shortened further to now Kate!! Kids call me Mum and Mama, John calls me, Hun, Babe and 'Pud'!! a name he called me when heavily pregnant and its unfortunatly stuck even though I quickly slimmed to a size 10!!!Dad calls me 'Half pint' ( being 5ft 2!) and mum calls me ' Fanny Anne' not sure why!!!

2. 3 items Im wearing :- Fat Face top, comfy velvet brown trousers and fluffy Fat Face socks!!

3. 3 things I did yesterday :- Went to Lola's school concert where she sang beautifully and performed her play, so proud!! , wrapped pressies and defrosted the freezer!

4. 2 things eaten today :- OOpps dont have breakfast, so not much so far, a few nibbles of Mini cheddars and a chocolate digestive! Waiting for john to get home with Applewood cheese and french stick yum!!!

5. 2 people Ive rung today :- 'Next' to order the girls new pretty white bunk beds! and John to ask him to go get me something yummy for lunch while hes out!

6. 2 things Ill do today :- Wrap more pressies, and put on the kiddies glad rags for the school disco tonight!

7. 3 best loved drinks :- Caffe Latte, Hot Chocolate and CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!
8. 3 things I intensly wish for :-

That John stays well and healthy and we all have a wonderful family Christmas and they finally sort him out after Christmas as no one seems to know what they are doing to make him better!!!

That in the New year we have a much healthier year, no flus, no cancer scares, no heart attacks!! Just a nice normal, no drama year PLEASE!!!!

That the government brings back our boys from Afghanistan, bring them home if not for Christmas then as soon as they can, home to their loving families and away from a war we should no longer be involved in!!

Now I pass this ball to ....................................Julie of Bella Belle Dolls, good catch Julie?????


Katie said...

I think it's funny how our name shortens over the years...Mine has gone from Katrina to katie then to Kate, too...Although like you, I still get called Katrina when Mom is trying to get my attention:) Too funny!


julie campbell said...

Caught it kate !
LOL my mam used to call me Fanny Anne too ......( and Lady Muck !!)
will do this later when I have more clothes on LOL ( just got up ! )
julie xxx