Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Our Girl's 'Miniature' Kitchen!!!!

The Girls wanted me to show you their miniature present this Christmas. Not miniature in the sense of 1 12th scale, but a miniature child size kitchen! It is so pretty, all in pastel colours and with lots of added sets from family they can now make their own tea, coookies, fry the eggs, cook the veg, and bake cakes in the oven. A useable sink too!
It is made of wood not plastic so really great quality. it took rather longer than anticipated to erect, I will never attempt a full size flat packed kitchen as this was bad enough. After much cursing and doing things wrong, John left me to it with a bottle of wine at my side to keep me calm!!

But they love it and they can now play cafes and Mums and are really enjoying it and so i thought Id show it off to you!
And just for Christel look at the cupcakes it came with too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rosanna said...

It's gorgeous !!! I want it !!

julie campbell said...

OMG this is perfect kate ! where did you get it ?
I want one for my little Ellie when she is old enough :0) The cupcakes are so sweet , its just the nicest little kitchen I ever saw.
julie xxx

Kim said...

oh- it's so cute! I remember I had a little kitchen from Santa one year too- a fridge and a stove, some dishes and a can of corn! For some reason I had asked Santa for a can of corn :) They will make so many memories with this ♥

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ha ha Rosanna, I know Id love a matching full size one too xxxxx

Julie, its good old Early Learning Centre. Not cheap but if you sign up to their birthday club you get 20% vouchers thats what we did . Its ideal for Lacey whos 3, she is up and down waiting on us!! Kate xx

Kim I really think it will be one of those toys they never forget too, I certainly wont forget how long it took to put up !! xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's gorgeously wonderful and sooo pretty too! I'm sure your little girl loves it! ;o) I'm sure I would have done too at her age! I love Early Learning Centre toys, they make great substantial toys that really last! ;o))

I hope the wine helped you recover! lol (hic)

Michelle xx

Tallulah Belle said...

Oh oh oh.....what lucky little girls.

My grandad made my kitchen from a couple of bedside tables. Not as pretty as this but I loved it just the same.

This is sooo much nicer than the plastic ones. And EL stuff is pretty indestructible so it should last a long time.

Never Enough Time said...

What an adorable play kitchen. That brings back memories...staying up until midnight assembling a kitchen for my daughter.
This one is so pretty. Your children are so lucky!

Christel Jensen said...

Ohh How wonderful is that. I love the little kitchen and the cupcakes are of course adorable;)Happy new year to you dear Kate and your family:)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Michelle, yes the wine helped, I dont know how many times I had different parts round the wrong way, I hate instructions!!! We are having fun with it and already have made mini menus to play cafes, takes me back!! xxx

Hi Jayne I had one made from cardboard boxes so even more basic!! Lets hope it lasts, it has proper cupboard and drawer catches and everything, just as solid as a real one! Happy new year, I have had trouble with some blogs and yours is one to leave comments, so hope you had a wonderful Chrismtas too!! xxx

Donna , I wish we had put it up before and had it all ready as Lacey was getting really stressed out waiting for me to fix it together! But there again Christmas Eve wouldnt have been a good night to do it with so much to do so it may have got to them half finished and Santa would not have been in thier good books then!!! xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Chrsitel, knew youd love the cupcakes, the girls love them best and serve them all on pretty pink plates, wish they were real though!! xxx

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, what lucky girls! The kitchen is just gorgeous! How wonderful to find one made of wood! And those cupcakes are awesome!
Happy New Year!!