Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Gifts Part 1 For Harry Potter

Well here it is as promised, my wonderful , fabulous Christmas Pressie, made by the superbly talented Julia and Hywel of
I spotted this on ebay a while back and then saw Julia's write up on it and knew it was that vital new addition to the Harry Potter house we so needed!

I have been after making a conservatory for the house to have the Herbology classes in, with Mandrake tables and fantasy plants etc, but could not for the life of me get inspired by any of the kits I saw. When I saw Julia's it was perfect!

John agreed and as it was a bigger purchase said why didnt I have it as a Christmas pressie, which I was thrilled with! Trouble was, the box came, huge as it was, brilliantly packaged, and I was itching to open it and was sure John would let me have the littlest peak, but did he heck!!!
He was adamant that I had to wait to the big day to see it in the flesh. Was a tad annoyed I have to say, but waited I did, and Im glad that I was good, as when I opened it Christmas day I was overjoyed!
Just as John had said, it was even more wonderful in real life than the pic I had seen!
I love everything about it, the aging plaster effect, the interior, the slate tiles ( such a cool idea to use real floor tiles, im going to go to Homebase and buy a good few packs to do other houses now, Im hooked !!) and there is simply nothing I want to change.

Which is a great bonus as I can simply move in exisitng mandrakes made by Nikki, maybe a few plant pots of mushrooms etc, and then decide whether I can make my own mandrake table or if I may have to save up the pennies to ask someone to make on, wink wink!!! Usually all our projects require lots of work before the fun filling part, but this wont, I can go straight ahead and fill it up, what fun!

So cant wait. Will be showing something equally exciting that goes with this in a few days I hope so stay tuned.

More tomorrow with pressies for Snow White, and Ill tell you , she is pretty thrilled with her Christmas pressies!!!!!!


Kim said...

Wow- it looks so wonderful sitting next to the Harry Potter house- like it was custom made for it! I cannot wait to see it filled :)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

We are so glad you liked it Kate. We did think of you opening it on christmas day and hoped you would be happy :0)Can't wait to see what you put in it, it's going to be great with all your mandrakes and a potting table, keep us posted. Glad you all had a lovely christmas,
Julia xxx

Jill said...

Such a beautiful conservatory! I can just see those mandrakes making themselves at home there!

Never Enough Time said...

It is wonderful. Please post more pictures as you fill it up!

Creepy_Creations said...

Very Cool! What an awesome present!!

Hope you and your family have a happy New Year!


Lize said...

That is a very charming line-up!

julie campbell said...

It looks just perfect kate, I can picture it now with the mandrake table inside and it will be just right !
look forward to seeing snow white's presents now :0)
julie xxxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful present from John. He's one of the most thoughful men i know.
Will look forward to seeing it filled.
Nikki xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's all absolutely fab Kate! I love the Potter House (did you make it all?), it’s wonderful and the conservatory is equally fab! It will be fun to see when it starts to get filled up! ;o)

I received a Sid Cooke conservatory as one of my Christmas pressies, only I have to make it before I can start filling it! lol
Michelle xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Kim, my thoughts exactly, as I fitted it nect to it, the size, width, depth etc were all perfect, spooky! I cant wait to fill it.

Dear Julia, you two are so clever, we love love love it!! its so well made, there is nothing I would change, and thankyou again for sending it so well wrapped, I cant wait to buy from you again, I just love your style! xxx

Jill, Im already putting the mandrakes and pots together to start the table, so exciting to plan! xxx

Donna , I will post pics, as it gets done, I really want to start making some big fantasy plants, havnt done it before, so not sure where to start but cant wait!! xx

Jamie, Happy New year to you and your family too, hope your Christmas was wonderful. I will try some of your pumpkins you gave me instructions for in the New year I promise and put them in the conservatory!! xx

Lize, It makes me want to decorate the outside of the Potter house to match the conservatory now he he but that would be alot of work!! xxx

Julie, any advice or suggestions for plants would be most welcome from you, I already have Violetta's plant ready to go in there xxxx

Hi Nikki , John has spolied me rotten this year, he is very naughty, he is very clever at knowing my taste so well! Same goes to you please too, any suggestions for things to fill it as your ideas are always so fab!! xxx

Michelle, No, you know me, most come from ebay ready done, Im not one for putting houses together!! This was handmade and the guy made a few of them I think in this design, and it was rediculously cheap for what it is, I was really lucky with it. I have only had to repaint some rooms and change some lighting about really.
Oooh love Sid Cooke things, what are you making the conservatory into, is it going with any specific house? Cant wait to see, xxx

Ara said...

Wow, its just the perfect little house for herbology! What fun it will be to fill it out with all sorts of Harry Potter-esque objects!! Can't wait to see it! hugs, ara