Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy 18th Brithday Emily Claire and a Fabulous Mini Surprise!

Well the summer holidays are proving extremely unproductive for anything miniature. we all had big plans for doing lots but none of us have managed to get on with anything! With the little ones at home they want all my attention in playing with them or going out, and then when Emily got her University acceptance they also sent her a huge Summer project so even hopes of completing her room box have been delayed!

But Ive bought and made some minis , just dont seem to get the time to photograph and post on them so watch this space come term time in September.....only 2 more weeks!!!

But today is my eldest Daughter Emily's 18th Birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Em Jems!

Only seems like yesterday she was a babe in arms .She was the best of babies,you could take her anywhere, and shes always been that way. Even today when most people struggle with difficult argumentitive teenagers , I have no problems in that department. Shes grown into a beautiful, intelligent, well behaved, polite young lady that we are incredibly proud of.

I just wanted to show you one of the gifts that I bought her. Of course I had to buy her something in miniature and who better to ask to make a personalised gift than the hugely talented Jayne of
I own several of Jaynes fabulous floozies and asked Jayne to make one called Emily Claire with her personality showing through. Jayne did an exceptional job . The flower is done in shades of the dress that Emily designed for her final fashion college project . Jayne made her tall and slim, with gleaming white teeth and even potted her in a high fashion polka dot pot . Her fern leaves are poseable and we love the look of them as they seem to say 'Da da, look at me' in this pose!

Emily loves it thankyou Jayne, its such an original pressie and Im sure it will set a trend as already little Lola is asking for one in her namesake!

We have had a lovely family dinner today, ( see the pic of us all out, ignore John sticking his tongue out at the camera! Lola took the photo so thats why shes not there!) and are going out to the pub tonight. I think she is going to enjoy being able to buy her Mum a drink at the bar! Here is a pic of cake number 1, the real cake is gorgeous but we didnt want to put candles in it its so posh so will show a pic later!!!e

At the moment Emily is a real home girl and happy to be sat with us all in her evenings, but with Uni luring in a few weeks Im sure all that will change!

But for now I can look back at 18 wonderful years of her growing up and feel content that whatever the coming years hold in store for her, she will always be the very best of daughters.