Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween from Our Little Monsters!!

The Swine flu has hit us and still under the weather here so not in full Halloween Mood but tried really hard and all the little ones went trick or treating with Dad even if the older ones and Mum look like ghouls without the costumes as so pasty and tired!!
So heres some pics of them going out tonight, and some of the decorations in the front of our house. Couldnt get a good pic of the pumpkins, my camera just brings them all out in the light and cant get the eery effect, but they do look fab!! Went with the Pumpkin Jack theme here too
The children all enjoyed looking at our Witches house in the hallway . Thye are still coming thick and fast, running out of sweeties!!!
Hope you all had a spooky night. Lots of Films on tonight to sit and cuddle up watching!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Can anyone help me make Miniature Boots and shoes?

Hi all, still not fully in the land of the living but had a question that may be able to be answered by those of you who make dolls costumes.

A freind of mine would ike some dolls heeled shoes and boots made for her dollshouse clothes shop and has asked me to help as i have make her corsets, parasols, hats etc. I have never tried shoes and am struggling to find any tutorials to help me out.
The style we both would like is more material ones so I can add fancy trims etc. do you remember Perri Edwards that sold gorgeous shoes and boots ? She used to have a website and sell at fairs but I have not seen or heard of her for a while but hers are the style I would like to try. I do not want to make them fully made of clay which is the only CDHM tutorial I can find. Also want them to have a heel.

If anyone can recommend a tutorial or doll book that would help or has any tips I would be much oblidged

Be back soon, another night with no sleep as Lola now has the bug!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Huge Thankyou for our Awards and Will be back at the weekend to pass them on!

Hi Everyone just to say a BIG thankyou to all that sent us awards and to apologise for not posting them earlier but we have all being suffering a really nasty sickness bug which seems to have gone round us all twice in different forms and still recovering! Not nice when all 3 little ones get it, then the older ones too! Was hoping to escape it the second time round but it hit again yesterday.
So hoping to feel more human at the weekend and post our awards and pass them on.
Didnt want you all thinking we'd forgotten you, and hope to be back in blog land soon when all better

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Oh my Goodness and theres more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well there were 2 parcels from the post office, and a little bag. On opening I found not 1, not 2, but 4 sets of witchy legs made by Marsha!!

2 sets are already decorated with witchy stripey tights, and 2 sets are undecorated for me to play with myself!!
Again Marsha thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!
I am going to make the legs into table legs for the Witches hat shop, and the other legs, I will decide upon a creation for them.

These are such a cool idea, Marsha is very clever and Im sure you will all agree very kind!
I am very motivated today by all my new minis. I have been having lots of ideas of things to make in the last few days, must be halloween fever hitting me. So hopefully I will have lots to post in the coming months .

Best go have a cuppa and admire all my goodies and think myself a very lucky lady!

And before you go check out the fab little book Nikki put together for me in her own time the other evening to give me a choice of books.......very Potteresque dont you think, quite spooky, we love it!!

More Parcels and the Stunning Priscilla Pinkerton at work in her kitchen!

She has arrived . Marsha's fabulous Witchy Cook, our very own Priscilla Pinkerton ( name chosen by Silke!!) and she is simply more amazing in the flesh than in all her pictures!
Marsha beautifully wrapped everthing in pink tissue, and John and I have been 'oohing ' and 'ahhing' at her ever since. First I opened the stove. What can I say! Marsha has aged it beautifully, it is really rusty looking, and has lots of spilled gloopy liquids running down it, so spooky! It has fit just as I had imagined it in the spot of the kitchen that was bare.

Then to Priscilla herself!
Her face is so detailed and she has this haggered but kindly quality to her, just how she should be as cook to all those magical boys and girls that will taste her delights in the Grand Hall!
As soon as I put her in the kitchen it came to life. Her pink just lit up the room!
WE LOVE HER! and the stove Marsha thankyou so very much!!!!!

Also in the parcel was a lovely card, and another box, what could that be??? The card said it was an early Christmas pressie! Not sure if I was to open it yet but couldnt resist and inside was the most adorable Betty Boop tree hanger for our Christmas tree!! She is Booptastic!!! Im very very spoilt!
Off to play with it all now and rearrange the room, maybe even try out those halloween cupcakes this weekend for Priscilla to bake!

Huge Thankyou To Nikki and Karin and my lovely New Bookstand and Coop!

I was really dissapointed not to be able to go to Minitura, somewhere Ive always wanted to go, but never got round to. I knew this year there were several stalls I wanted to see in person, and there would be lots of things Id want to buy! Probably a good reason i didnt go, Id be stoney broke!

But I knew Karin Casper had a stall, but that she wasnt going to be there heself, and when I saw her posting on some of the things on offer I emailed her to ask if I could buy one before the show. Unfortunatly Karin had already packed and sent everything off with her friend to the UK so she kindly said she would put one aside and asked if I could ask anyone to pick it up for me.

Nikki being the great friend she is, kindly offered and when she and Debie went to the show they picked it up for me and sent it on. It was slightly different to the one I had originally picked, which is my bad English on trying to relay to Karin which one I liked!! But when it came i was simply delighted!!

It originally was to go in the haunted house but on recieving it, it is simply perfect for the Potter house kitchen .
The stand has a cheeky gnome face suited to Potter style, and it has a cook book and tiny teapot , so a brilliant cookstand for Priscilla when she arrives....and that could be today!!
So thankyou to Karin, I love it, and hope to buy lots from you in the future, I love your style of work.

And of course to dear Nikki for being such a love and picking it up and sending it to me!
Nikki also kindly made me herself a little mini book in Potter style, reminds me of Voldermort and the Death Eaters!! That way I can change the look of the bookstand and put in different books! Its really great. Oh and she treated me to some scrolls too, going straight to Dumbeldores study!

I bought this wonderful Chicken coop from Nikkis Etsy Shop too. We thought it would be so lovely in the Snow White garden when its done. It is beautifully made as is always so with Nikkis work.
So ,thrilled to bits, lovley to have new minis to play with today and check in tomorrow to see other goodies I recieved over the weekend, cant wait to show you, need to get the camera out in peace tomorrow and Ill also try and get a pic of the book and the stand in the kitchen also !

Monday, 5 October 2009

Getting in the Halloween Mood!!

I cant help it, its October so I am thinking to the end of it already, to my FAVOURITE time of the year, HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its great that its on a Saturday this year so we can all dress up, go trick or treating then come home to homemade Chilli and Baked Potatoes!!

Have been to Asda for Halloween goodies there for our Halloween 'Party'

Thanks to Kat the Hat's posting on Asdas things we have been and bought a hanging Lock up Lenny, garlands, hanging ghosts , great skele hand tumblers, and the children all chose an outfit each, but you'll have to wait til Halloween to see them!
But as well as our own house, I cannot leave out dressing up the Miniature houses too, so we have been working on the Witch Hat Shop windwo Display for you to see.

Here are some pictures of 'Witchy Hollow' so far. I didnt get round to Lola's idea of adding a witch tea rooms to the roof top garden but I will next year. I am inspired by the witches taking tea on the front cover of AIM magazine this month.

So instead on the rooftop is a selection of pumpkins that light up, other ones with faces, and my light up tree, a great Halloween display for all the children to see when they come to the door for their treats!

Not long to go now so if anyone sees anything great for Halloween please let us know!
Have a great week

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Here she is' Priscilla Pinkerton', congratulations to Silke the Winner!!!!!

Thankyou all for your wonderful name suggestions, they were all great, but we officially now have a name for Marsha's fabulous cook.

We decided on Priscilla Pinkerton, the name thought up by Silke, so please email me your details Silke and which 2 magazines of the 4 you would like me to send you as your prize to

We thought that this name was very fitting of a Harry Potter character, as we have 'Violetta Vinweed' as Potions mistress so the style of name fit perfectly.

Thankyou for participating. I am sure as we fill the house more names will be needed so we will try this again with the next character in the house!!
And we are so pleased that when she arrives shortly she will have a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week