Sunday, 4 October 2009

Here she is' Priscilla Pinkerton', congratulations to Silke the Winner!!!!!

Thankyou all for your wonderful name suggestions, they were all great, but we officially now have a name for Marsha's fabulous cook.

We decided on Priscilla Pinkerton, the name thought up by Silke, so please email me your details Silke and which 2 magazines of the 4 you would like me to send you as your prize to

We thought that this name was very fitting of a Harry Potter character, as we have 'Violetta Vinweed' as Potions mistress so the style of name fit perfectly.

Thankyou for participating. I am sure as we fill the house more names will be needed so we will try this again with the next character in the house!!
And we are so pleased that when she arrives shortly she will have a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Ah, ha, a perfect name for her!! I hope she doesn't get stuck in customs . . . . but your legs should be there hopefully this week!


Christel Jensen said...

Congraulations Silke. It was the best name for sure:)Lovely doll!
This was fun:)

marlies said...

Congratulations Silke, it is a good name!

Kate, sorry it took my so long to come and visit your blog, thank you for following mine,
* marlies

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Katie !!! That is perfect !!! I love that doll !!! I love witches and the colour pink and best is I do´n´t have any of these magazines ! :o) I answered allready your email and my choose is the mag with Nikki´s article which has the Mad Scientist on the Cover and the one with Julie Bell´s Shoe house on the cover !!! Thank you so so much !!! I have been such a bad blogger for so long because I´m out of time at the moment, so what a great luck I took that little time to hopp to your blogg !!!
Thank you so so much !!! Big hugs, Silke

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Isnt it a great name for her Marsha, glad the maker agrees with us!!! Oooh my legs are arrving, what fun Ill have making a table thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

Christel, it really suits her, and I cant wait for her to have some pink cupcakes to match, going to get on to it this week!! xxxx

Hi Marlies, Wonderful to see you, WELCOME!!. I love your blog and its lovely to see you here too! xxx

Well done Silke! I will be posting them off to you, have a good read, some great articles in both , good choice! Hope to be making more things and doing lots to the houses before Christmas so pop over again , we love to see you! xxxx

Ara said...

Such a great name for her Kate!! The PINKerton will constantly remind you of Marsha I am sure - haha! Can't wait to see her in her setting!! -ara