Saturday, 10 October 2009

More Parcels and the Stunning Priscilla Pinkerton at work in her kitchen!

She has arrived . Marsha's fabulous Witchy Cook, our very own Priscilla Pinkerton ( name chosen by Silke!!) and she is simply more amazing in the flesh than in all her pictures!
Marsha beautifully wrapped everthing in pink tissue, and John and I have been 'oohing ' and 'ahhing' at her ever since. First I opened the stove. What can I say! Marsha has aged it beautifully, it is really rusty looking, and has lots of spilled gloopy liquids running down it, so spooky! It has fit just as I had imagined it in the spot of the kitchen that was bare.

Then to Priscilla herself!
Her face is so detailed and she has this haggered but kindly quality to her, just how she should be as cook to all those magical boys and girls that will taste her delights in the Grand Hall!
As soon as I put her in the kitchen it came to life. Her pink just lit up the room!
WE LOVE HER! and the stove Marsha thankyou so very much!!!!!

Also in the parcel was a lovely card, and another box, what could that be??? The card said it was an early Christmas pressie! Not sure if I was to open it yet but couldnt resist and inside was the most adorable Betty Boop tree hanger for our Christmas tree!! She is Booptastic!!! Im very very spoilt!
Off to play with it all now and rearrange the room, maybe even try out those halloween cupcakes this weekend for Priscilla to bake!


Ara said...

She is perfect in there! Especially love her pink stripey-ness agains the black and white checked floor! What a whimsical scene!! Also love the goopiness on the stove...yum yum! -ara

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Woo-hoo!! Priscilla is in her new home and she looks so happy to be there!!

I am SO SO glad that you are happy with everything, Kate!!

Thank you so much!!!

Have fun!!


Kim said...

Love her face- and her hair! The candy in her pocket- too cute and the stove- brilliant! Love it all- how fun!!!

julie campbell said...

She is just fabulous kate !! and that stove is amazing :0) It really looks the part with that fab checked floor.
julie xxx