Saturday, 10 October 2009

Huge Thankyou To Nikki and Karin and my lovely New Bookstand and Coop!

I was really dissapointed not to be able to go to Minitura, somewhere Ive always wanted to go, but never got round to. I knew this year there were several stalls I wanted to see in person, and there would be lots of things Id want to buy! Probably a good reason i didnt go, Id be stoney broke!

But I knew Karin Casper had a stall, but that she wasnt going to be there heself, and when I saw her posting on some of the things on offer I emailed her to ask if I could buy one before the show. Unfortunatly Karin had already packed and sent everything off with her friend to the UK so she kindly said she would put one aside and asked if I could ask anyone to pick it up for me.

Nikki being the great friend she is, kindly offered and when she and Debie went to the show they picked it up for me and sent it on. It was slightly different to the one I had originally picked, which is my bad English on trying to relay to Karin which one I liked!! But when it came i was simply delighted!!

It originally was to go in the haunted house but on recieving it, it is simply perfect for the Potter house kitchen .
The stand has a cheeky gnome face suited to Potter style, and it has a cook book and tiny teapot , so a brilliant cookstand for Priscilla when she arrives....and that could be today!!
So thankyou to Karin, I love it, and hope to buy lots from you in the future, I love your style of work.

And of course to dear Nikki for being such a love and picking it up and sending it to me!
Nikki also kindly made me herself a little mini book in Potter style, reminds me of Voldermort and the Death Eaters!! That way I can change the look of the bookstand and put in different books! Its really great. Oh and she treated me to some scrolls too, going straight to Dumbeldores study!

I bought this wonderful Chicken coop from Nikkis Etsy Shop too. We thought it would be so lovely in the Snow White garden when its done. It is beautifully made as is always so with Nikkis work.
So ,thrilled to bits, lovley to have new minis to play with today and check in tomorrow to see other goodies I recieved over the weekend, cant wait to show you, need to get the camera out in peace tomorrow and Ill also try and get a pic of the book and the stand in the kitchen also !


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, WOW, Kate, what awesome treasures!!!


Bear cabin miniatures said...

Morning Kate,
I have just passed on a Kreative bloggers award to you. If you pop over to my blog you will find the details.
Julia xx

Ara said...

I agree! The stand will be great in the kitchen. I am sure Priscilla will be glad to have it! The coop is great too! -ara

KC-Design said...

Hi Kate,
thank you, I am glad that you like your bookstand (-: