Friday, 21 January 2011

Fabulous Christmas Pressies and treats Part 2!

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas ( yes girl, I still call myself that, and Im permanently 33 also lol!!) and all my family were kind to me and gave me money instead of clothes, make up etc i never end up using.

So I counted it all out and was ecstatic to find enough for lots of new minis!

So my first port of call was to Jains site to check out her dolls for my Witches tavern. I couldnt believe my luck when Jain sent me pics of her witches and spooky dolls to find the PERFECT innkeeper for the tavern!

Isnt he a great spooky , kooky character I love him! With his stoop and droopy slightly eery face he fits in a treat behind the bar!

Still some pennies left so I waited til Jain announced her New year sale and scoured for witches! And there I found this little darling!

She is my favourite colours of black and purple, and is my second of Jains witches for the downstairs part of the Inn. I hope to add a sitting witch later in the year and maybe another wizard?

Jains work is as always superb and Im thrilled with them both. Just need to pull my finger out and get to work on the interior of the tavern now, the furniture and little touches . But these two will spur me on Im sure! Ill take some pics of them in the tavern once Ive painted the counter I promise!

I havnt chosen names for either so as soon as I get another free day without being Mum the taxi service Ill think up a giveaway name prize , so get your thinking caps on ready!

I got my Harry Potter book from Emily which was one of my best pressies too, I cant believe the amount in that book for the price!

The children bought me this cool little Harry Potter Book of Monsters Keep sake box!

It is hilarious, you even have to stroke it perfectly 4 times on his spine for him to open to get your goodies inside, and if you make a mistake he will chatter his sharp teeth at you!!! They know what sort of pressies Mum loves! You can imagine if Lacey was scared of my mini version what she thinks of this. Funnily enough since Christmas shes behaved so well, maybe its the threat of getting out 'THE BOOK' when she plays up. He he what a naughty mum I am!!

Anyway I still have more to show you, lots of things Ive been meaning to show off for months before Christmas before all those wonderful miniaturists that made them think Ive forgotten them!

And woohoo, my birthdays in 4 weeks plus Valentines day so when John asks what Id like from him and the children, of course theres only 1 answer.........................more MINIS please !!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fabulous Christmas Pressies and Treats ! Part One

Well, Im here at last, abit late for my First New Year post!
I thought Id share my Christmas and New Year presents with you before I go backwards to show off some of last years miniatures that I bought and had as gifts and still havnt got round to showing!

Firstly a parcel arrived before Christmas, a huge big box and inside were the most fabulous tree decorations made as a gift for me by my dear and talented friend Nicky Cooper. Nicky not only treated me to these darling 2 dragons in my favourite colours purple and gold to match my tree , but also made all of the children their names in fimo hung on gold baubles ( sorry I forgot to take the pics of them and now they are safely packed in the loft doh!) together with giant mint chocolate santas which I had huge problems prizing from their mouths!!!
Nicky is a treasure and so thoughtful and kind so sending her the biggest hug for her pressie!

We had a lovely albeit quiet Christmas and I was treated to some much wanted minis from my wonderful hubby John. Firstly, take a look at my newest haunted household members, the maid and butler!

Made of course by the amazing talented hands of Julie from . I spied these 2 on Julies blog and as they came back from her fairs unsold, so well, i figured they were just supposed to be for me then!

Recently my haunted house has been given a major overhall as it started out with mostly spooky, gory minis. I have either sold or boxed up these to sell, as my house has a new story. It will be a regular house that suffered a tragedy wherin all the occupants died and now still haunt the house as their own. No one will move into the house because of the ghosts so it has been left as it was but completly run down and dusty ( good excuse not to have to dust it as its a back opener house!)

I have my mother ghost who comes out of the dressing table mirror, calling to her daughter Faith, now these wonderful 2 new dolls for the sitting room. ( all dolls by Julie, I like to keep the same artistes work in one house, so it has the same 'look' about it!) In the pics they show up with a bluey tinge , thats my camera as they are actually very white and ghostly and I think its becasue they glow in the dark which is very eery at night as this house backs onto our bed!

So the plan this year is to add a cook, father and son ,so Im planning some serious selling of unwanted houses/projects and minis and loads of materials, fabrics, trims etc I no longer need or want, to fund this! Julie, I know how busy you are so on top of my wishes for my Alice dolls Im sure keeping you busy in the future, I hope you Never decide to quit!!

The new additions look so amazing in place in the house Im sure you agree, as always Julie has outdone herself and I love them!

For my Potter house, John took my hints very well on looking at the new minis that Debie of put on Etsy before Christmas! I think I went on about them just enough for him to go and order me one of Debie's amazing elf heads and he chose my favourite one at that! This will look awesome in the Potter house, Im putting all pictures, frames, etc on the door walls so as you open the house theres lots to look at on both the inside rooms and the inside of the opening doors too! He is a total treasure thanks Debie!

Im still working, albeit slowly on my Alice projects and am collecting minis for them both when I see the perfect pieces. And this cake by the lovely Vesalina of of was one of those perfect minis I had to have! Vesalina made this for me especially as the one she had put on her blog was her own. It is the ideal fancy cake to place in front of the White queens table at the tea party. Beautifully made and so detailed, I cant wait to add more of Vessy's work to my collection. Here is her Etsy shop for you to check out, Ill be back there for sure this year !

Hope you like them so far, I've had some parcels delivered this week, 2 from overseas, that Ive been eagerly awaiting and we even had a Sunday post as they are trying to catch up with the terrible backlog at out local depot! So will take some pics and show off these , other gifts from blogging friends and the other 2 dolls that have been my New Year purchases with my familys Christmas money! I know you are going to love these too! I love Christmas and February when its my birthday as I can ask for minis that I cant afford myself when anyone asks me what Id like!

Oh and if you are on facebook and are a friend of mine or have sent requests but not heard back this is because Im phasing out my own personal page which I only ever set up to keep an eye on my children!! Now as Ive had so many miniaturists send requests and I like to keep up with you all and your work, Im going to change my facebook page to The Whittakers Miniatures own page which is set up but Im still working on photos etc so will start adding to it slowly when I can and stop my other page. So dont be sad if you disappear off my page as Ill send you a request for my new miniature one. I dont go on facebook much or have much time to comment or post on it but its nice to keep in there as a few of my friends sell from there and post on there more than blogging so I have to keep my hand in or I miss out!! Ill figure out how to add the link again soon!

So more soon, and I think Im going to have another giveaway soon to find some names for these fantastic dolls and you know Im useless with names!

A Warm Welcome to another New Young Blogger !

Well I have loads to show you, Im taking lots of pics this week so promise to show it all off asap!

In the mean time I just had to tell you all about this wonderful new blog I found by an extremely talented young blogging miniaturist of only 17 years of age from the US called Blake.

Blake's blog is called and when I came across it I was completely blown away by this young guys work .

Blake hasnt being making minis for a long time but already you can see he is an absolute natural!
So please check in on his blog as Im sure he is going to be a name to watch in the mini world!

Congratulations Blake on your wonderful minis, we will all be watching for more of your creations and art work too! Lovely to see more youngsters in blogland.