Friday, 21 January 2011

Fabulous Christmas Pressies and treats Part 2!

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas ( yes girl, I still call myself that, and Im permanently 33 also lol!!) and all my family were kind to me and gave me money instead of clothes, make up etc i never end up using.

So I counted it all out and was ecstatic to find enough for lots of new minis!

So my first port of call was to Jains site to check out her dolls for my Witches tavern. I couldnt believe my luck when Jain sent me pics of her witches and spooky dolls to find the PERFECT innkeeper for the tavern!

Isnt he a great spooky , kooky character I love him! With his stoop and droopy slightly eery face he fits in a treat behind the bar!

Still some pennies left so I waited til Jain announced her New year sale and scoured for witches! And there I found this little darling!

She is my favourite colours of black and purple, and is my second of Jains witches for the downstairs part of the Inn. I hope to add a sitting witch later in the year and maybe another wizard?

Jains work is as always superb and Im thrilled with them both. Just need to pull my finger out and get to work on the interior of the tavern now, the furniture and little touches . But these two will spur me on Im sure! Ill take some pics of them in the tavern once Ive painted the counter I promise!

I havnt chosen names for either so as soon as I get another free day without being Mum the taxi service Ill think up a giveaway name prize , so get your thinking caps on ready!

I got my Harry Potter book from Emily which was one of my best pressies too, I cant believe the amount in that book for the price!

The children bought me this cool little Harry Potter Book of Monsters Keep sake box!

It is hilarious, you even have to stroke it perfectly 4 times on his spine for him to open to get your goodies inside, and if you make a mistake he will chatter his sharp teeth at you!!! They know what sort of pressies Mum loves! You can imagine if Lacey was scared of my mini version what she thinks of this. Funnily enough since Christmas shes behaved so well, maybe its the threat of getting out 'THE BOOK' when she plays up. He he what a naughty mum I am!!

Anyway I still have more to show you, lots of things Ive been meaning to show off for months before Christmas before all those wonderful miniaturists that made them think Ive forgotten them!

And woohoo, my birthdays in 4 weeks plus Valentines day so when John asks what Id like from him and the children, of course theres only 1 answer.........................more MINIS please !!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

Well you already know what I think of all these truly fabulous new mini's and beings! I love them and what wonderful pressies too!

Poor Lacey and the book! lol Meanie Mum! lol lol It's a wonderful and different thing for keepsakes though. :o)

Michelle xxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Your Inn keeper and Witch are fantastic! i can't wait to see pictures of this Inn. The book box is a hoot.

Victoria ♥

Debbie said...

Some fabulous Minis Kate, you lucky Girl..Looking forward to seeing your other mini goodies and I wonder what your going to get for your Birthday?

joy said...

What fantastic Christmas presents. I love both of Jain's dolls they are so full of character & your book is so funny :O you lucky lady x

The Old Maid said...

Wonderful Christmas Pressies Kate! Well spent money ;D Great dolls! The book is fab!

Janice said...

Wow! The box is such fun, a great place to keep treasures I think.
Oh Jain's dolls...don't even get me started, I just love them all and find myself working out ways I can encorporate them into my scenes. They are all so fabulous, I can't wait to see what new ones she is going to develop over the next few months.

Kat the hat lady! said...

WOW cool dolls!

Sherry said...

Hi Kate,

Dolls are beautiful, what a wonderful pressies.

Sherry XOXO ;-)

malu2 said...

Me gustan mucho tus trabajos,ya tienes una seguidora más,te invito a visitarme.Besos.

Ara said...

How did I miss this? Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!!! I didn't get many minis this year.. I think it will be baby stuff for a while! lol! Love the Inn Keeper - he's cute and creepy all at once! hugs, ara

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

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