Saturday, 19 February 2011

Beautiful Pressies and A New Project!!!

Wednesday was my birthday, thankyou to those of you that sent lovely birthday messages and wonderful cards!
I started the day opening pressies, I got lots of much needed things for myself, not too many minis from the family but some money to start saving or treating myself to them which is just as good!
I had one large parcel to open which had sat looking and calling to me from the day before from dear Nicky Cooper and couldnt wait to open it!
Look at all my amazing goodies, Nicky is so generous!
I couldnt quite believe how lucky I was to have been given Nickys work of art, her dragon fireplace! Nicky made this for her own room box but luckily for me, decided it didnt fit, and she was so so kind to give it to me for the Potter house. In this before pic you can see the boring black fireplace that was there before , and see above for the dragon masterpiece and the difference it makes to the room! Its made from paperclay too so a really clever piece of art!

What was spooky was that it is painted in the same colours as Ive used on the wall, and so instead of looking like a fireplace simply added to the wall, it looks like its sculpted out of the wall itself! Im so pleased with it! As Emily commented it looks like it was made to fit this very room!

On the photos you can see more of Nickys work , I treated myself to this a while back. The little dragon on the potion board next to the old fireplace and the little pet bird the potion master has sat on the fab table made by Debie!

As always Ive been changing my mind on projects and their theme and as Nicky has been making such irresistable creations and I knew it wouldnt stop I have decided to change my tower which was going to be for the Snow White wicked queen, into a wizard/dragon tower. I will still have a wicked queen room but its a one story version of the same tower kit from DHE I have! Ill have to redo all the exterior and interior decoration to a more suited wizard style.

Downstairs is a courtyard style room. I hate the paper that HAS to go!!

Here I will have the wizard cloak and hat hanging up with a shelf of books and baby dragon bookends that Nicky sent me for my birthday!

Also can you see the darling sleeping baby dragon on the barrel of grapes, got a bit tipsy didnt he , ( abit like me on my birthday night lol!!) I think hes one of my favourite dragons so far, he is so tiny and well detailed! Thankyou Nicky for these beautiful gifts, they have made the perfect start to my tower!

Upstairs will be a bookcase I bought several years ago, filled with wizard goodies and a table Ive bought but have the fun of filling! A dragon plaque above the table, and.....well not sure what else, but with more and more of Nickys imaginative work being made Im sure there will be alot more to see!
See Nickys work on her new excellent blog
And another wonderful new blog from Nicky for her dolls !!

Tomorrow Ill be posting some progress on one of my projects.......yes finally some work done!!


Debie Lyons said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kate. Lovely miniatures and I am glad you had a great time.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxx

Jain Squires said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Didn't realise it was your birthday, sounds like you have had a lovely day and pressies Jainxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

The fireplace is amazing and my favourite piece and it look sooo perfect for your room, as if it was made for it, for it even matches the walls! I love the wizard's cloak too. What fabulous presents!!! :o)))

I haven't been lucky in being able to buy any of Nicky's C's work. Does Nicky still create mini's?

It's a far better idea to have a wizards/dragon tower!!! :o))

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!
Michelle xxx

Kat the hat lady! said...

OMG I didn't realise it was your Birthday, Happy Belated Birthday! Lovely to see you blogging again have missed you and your postings.Wow I love the fireplace how cool! Love Auntie Kat xxx

Looking Glass Miniatures said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kate!! I lost your email with the date and was hoping you would post again about it, as im a super chicken and felt silly asking you again so I could send you birthday Hope you had a great day, love how the room is coming together!!! The tower looks amazing!!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Debie, you have a fab birthday too, and cant wait to see your new house come to life, Im so jealous! xx

Thankyou Jain, I had a nice relaxing day doing not a lot but being spoilt! How I like it! xxx

Michelle, isnt it all fab, Nicky is so clever and yes shes making more and more creations so check out her new blogs on my links as she will be showing off what shes making there. Im quite addicted so HAD to change it to accomodate all the minis and yes its a much better use of the tower! xx

Kat, I dont advertise it anymore, getting too old lol!! Im chuffed to bits with the fireplace! Hoping youll see more posts soon from me, getting inspired to finish the Alice room and start on the tower! xx

Jenn, I try not to think about getting another year older so didnt want to tell everyone! I just say Im 33 every year now lol! The room is coming on great, do you spy your beautiful creation in there! See that back wall with the shelf unit thats the wall I want to make the big unit for to fill with your goodies!Thats on my to do list too but its proving tricky as its a funny shape! xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Belated Birthday greetings Kate ... sorry I missed it :o( xxx
Nicky's fireplace really does look like it was made for the room!! We both seem to be collecting quite a few of her creations, her dragons make me smile too and certainly make my Skool of Majick feel more majickal :o)

Ara said...

Happy Birthday Kate! So glad to hear about your projects! How wonderful to get such a great package from Nicky.... I love every bit. I think my fav dragon has to be the one on the grapes though - lol! hugs, ara

Nicky CC said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday!! Cant wait to see your wizards tower and your alice room all done too! I really thing you should pop over here and help me with my tower!!! :o) (will pay you in dragons LOL)
Loads of love to you all!
xxx Nicky

The Old Maid said...

Belated Happy Birthday from me too, Kate! Great miniatures!:)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wendie, as long as I dont bid against you lol!! Then Id feel bad! They are very addictive arnt they! xxx

Ara, thankyou, he is so so cute, and very realistic, Im just waiting for him to open those little eyes and stagger around lol! xxx

Nicky, oooh I wish I wish I could!
all my friends live too far away its not fair, Id love to come help with the tower, shame you cant apparate for real like in harry potter! xxx

Hi Ewa thankyou, thought youd like them, you have good taste! xxx

Janice said...

A belated Happy Birthday Kate. I hope your brood remembered mummies like birthdays too and looked after you royally!

The fireplace is simply wonderful and I agree with your daughter it looks as if it was meant to go there.
I love your walls. Are they paperclay? They have a super textured look.

Nice to know Nicky is creating again, I have seen a few of her pieces on Ebay and thought she was simply selling off old stock. I will have to keep a look out.

Have a look at Tracy's lovely dragons too. I have a few and they are gorgeous