Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Christel's Cupcakes and Her Fabulous DVD

Today the postman came with a wonderful parcel!
I was over at Christel Jensen's blog
and was excited to see she had made a DVD on making cupcakes just like her own!
Well I couldnt resist. I have long been an admirer of Christel's wonderful cakes.
They come in all sorts, Valentine, floral, cocunut toppings.......the list is endless and they look good enough to eat!

I have tried making cupcakes before and they came out ok, ( see the plate off them in my previous Autumn display listing). But Christel actually includes moulds in her DVD which gives those lovely lines on the sides of the cake, making them more realistic.
I have watched the DVD and can give it.........not sure if its the first review???? But a review at least

Christel has made the whole DVD in a beautiful setting, I presume it is her home, and if so, I am very envious of such a glamorous and tidy one at that! With cream french style and shabby chic decoration it looks like it has stepped right out of the pages of a Home in fact does Christel!

In a wonderful 1950's style dress to complement her decor, Christel is a beautiful hostess to the DVD. In fact I wondered why John took such an interest, I never knew he had an interest in making fimo food until today.....hmmm!! Maybe its the blonde hair, blue eyes and Christel's hypnotic voice that made him ask to watch it over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DVD covers all you need to know about what to use, material and tools, and then takes you step by step through how to make the cakes using the great moulds, and then the toppings, and all sorts of creative detailing for your cupcakes.
There is a great slideshow as a completion that shows Christels own work and different cupcakes displays that she has made for customers, and they are all mouthwatering.
I particularly love the little table with a note asking ' Mum please make cupcakes, I love you'!!!

So in conclusion I highly recommend this fabulous DVD to all. You can contact Christel via her blog or on Etsy and you wont be dissapointed....just lock up your husbands!!!! When I have made some I will be back to show them off and tell you all how it went following Christel's help

Here too is a table that I won on ebay from Christel last year which takes pride of place in my witches hat shop for all the customers to have a treat, isnt it wonderful!
Now all I have to do is persuade Christel to do a DVD on her macaroons and other tasty treats......

Oh and to get Nikki Rowe to make her very own witchy miniatures DVD as well, now isnt that one we would ALL love to see.!!


Kim said...

That table is too sweet- especially the little cat cookies! Thank you for the review-I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy the dvd- I really wanting it!

julie campbell said...

I love your halloween table !
Having read your review I am now sure I cant live without this dvd LOL I am trying to resist but I keep imagining all the cupcake making dolls I could make to go with all the cupcakes ...........
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Kim, I love the cookies and halloween cupcakes, its a fab table. Go on order the DVD, it gives so many lovely ideas, xx

Julie, I can see it now too, endless poosibilities, a cupcake cook laden with plates of pastel coloured cakes !! Or a lovely cook sitting with a cupcake preperation table making them. I have been soooo naughty lately, cant resist buying anything, my poor bank account lol !!! xx

Katie said...

Hi!! The dvd looks like a lot of fun, and the review you gave makes me want one, too! I love her cupcakes......among all her other stuff! She's so talented!!

Can't wait to see what you make with it all! Looks like a lot of fun!! :)

Papillon Bleu said...

Great review!I cannot wait to see your cakes!
I'd like to buy the DVD too.
She's going to make a realfortune with her DVD!

The Carolina Quilter said...

How neat! Can't wait to see the wonderful cupcakes you will make with the molds and tutorial!
I love the Halloween table.
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