Saturday, 26 September 2009

Thankyou To 100 Great Followers!!!! And a Quick advert for my ebay sales !!

Hi all, I turned on the computer this morning to 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!
And our 100th Follower is non other than the lovely and talented Linda Carswell of the fabulous blog . Thankyou for your kind message Linda, will certainly stay in touch with updates on the house. In fact yesterday I stripped the house of all its lighting so that it is bare. If the weather stays nice I can then take the house into the garden to begin painting, how exciting. I have got a number of matchpots of a stone colour and fingers crossed it goes to plan!!
Thankyou Linda, lovely to have you as our 100th, and thankyou to everyone for following our blog, we have made so many wonderful friends.

Also just a quick plug to say that I am selling alot of miniatures on ebay this week and in the next few weeks in the hope of saving some pennies for Christmas.

Not made by me, I havnt had time this year to make miniatures to sell, but Im selling lots of furniture I dont think I will need for my projects
I know whatever I sell I will end up regretting as new projects evolve and I realise Ill need something I sold, but at the moment I cant think like that as I need the cash for all the wonderful goodies that are coming up for Halloween and Christmas.

So if you need anything or know anyone that is after cheap furniture please show them the link, Ill be so grateful if everything goes!

Heres a few pics.

I bought the wonderful mouse table on ebay from the US and never used it. The Display stall again I had big ideas for. Either a candy stall, or a witches market stall, and neither evolved! There are lots of lovely shop counters and units .

The market stall was full of fruit and veg and baskets of flowers which I ripped out for the Potter kitchen so now its redundant and wants a good home to make it into something fab. There loads more on ebay .

Thanks for looking , heres the link , starts tonight at around 8 ish

Miniature items on the 2nd page after all my other listings of stuff Im clearing out!Ignore the other items. John had a fit when he saw me dragging out my maternity clothes from the loft. I had to assure him I was selling them for money, and NOT pregnant again ( 5 of them are enough!!!) So the clothes Im selling to have a clear out!

Have a great week everyone


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Glad your not pregnat Kate. Bet John was in a right panic.

I will check out your ebay sales and see if i can use anything for witchy stuff. Are you doing them all as auction.

I need to sort out stuff for ebay too like old toys and lots of construction stuff etc. They are now all at seniors and never touch the k-nex, and construction toys so will be great to get some much needed cash for christmas.

Good luck with your sales. I will do a blog posting about it on my blog for you.

Nikki xxx

Creager Studios said...

A GREAT BIG CONGRATS to you both ... on your 100th Follower...that is SUPER!!! Your Blog is a delight, your wit beyond compare and your talents out of this world... no wonder you have so many devoted followers... heres to the next 100...

Hugs to you Kate and John...


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Congratulations, Kate, on 100 followers!

What fab goodies you have posted on your blog for eBay . . . I'll go check out your items on eBay in a bit, need some food and coffee, LOL, we overslept this morning :)

ROTFL, just thinking about the look on Johns face when you dragged out your maternity clothes :)


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

P.S. I like your new background!


Katie said...

LOL!! Everytime I got rid of my materinty clothes, I got pregant again, Hahaha!!! BuI did get pretty good at making my own dresses:)

Off to look at your Ebay stuff....It's always fun to see what other people are getting rid of. One day I may catch up to the 21st century and learn to use Ebay myself....but then again.....I'd go broke buying all the pretties I find:)

Debie Lyons said...

Congrats on your 100th follower Kate and good luck with your ebay sales.
Debie xxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Nikkki thankyou thats kind, I hope I sell it all theres still loads to go on, and thankyou for your advice, I followed it, sat and listed it all with my flask of tea!!
Its all auction starts about 10 to 8 tonight.
I also have loads of old toys to sell, Bratz dolls, dr who figures that they were into last year but no longer!! Thye have such fads over things!

Jodi, Hi thankyou so much what a lovely thing to say! We are pleased as punch to have met so many lovely and talented freinds, yourselves included! Have a great day, xx

Hi Marsha, I love your new blog layput too! Thankyou so much, we have had a lovely day out, a sunny day here. Been out for dinner and had a glass too much of wine !!lol xx

Hi Katie, ahh dont say that, no more babies!!!!My half sister has just had a little girl so Im determined to give away all the baby things too so no temptation!!
Im the same on ebay, i really shouldnt look as I see too many goodies and dont have the money!Hoping to sell off some things to make room as well as pennies lol

Kim said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Your blog is one of my faves- I love all the houses you are working on! Good luck on the auctions- off to have a look :)