Friday, 2 July 2010

Help and Guidance from you great Blogging Friends please!!

Well Emily has caught the bug, didnt take long did it! She decided her blog would be quite eclectic, on her fashions, her designs, dressmaking , and now also on her miniature projects she wants to do so of interest to us all!

As well as some designing and dressmaking in her holidays she would like to do a mini project of her own. After thinking long and hard she has decided on a small setting, maybe room box, or just a background and floor with furniture and accessories of Gaius's chamber from the Merlin BBC programme. This a great room full of the physicians potions, spell making things, lovley tudor style furniture etc.

She loves the look of the actual whole room with balcony etc but this is far too ambitious so we figured best to start with a small setting with a table , wall cupboard and tall shelf . We are hoping to do this with a mountboard setting background with paperclay or stucco walls and floorboards. Similar to settings done by Debie in her work when she showcases her dolls i suppose. So any help with how this can be done easily would be much appreciated as she is a real newby to minis!

Today she spent ages bless her making some candles , insistent on doing it all herself with trial and error!

If you pop over to her blog you can see the setting she'd like to emulate and the types of things she would like to make. Also todays little minis she made all by herself!

As we have such talented blogging freinds we will of course buying some bits and some are ordered already as she just couldnt wait! Shes very excited so come the summer hols we will have a real hub of mini making activity as Lola will have time to work on her project and me on mine!!

Thankyou all in advance for any help you can give to her. any tips would be so great, shed love to hear from you on her blog


Ara said...

How wonderful that she's starting her own blog!! I'm heading over now to check it out!! Not sure if I have anything helpful advice.... if she wants to attempt some furniture herself I may be able to help.... just let me know :) hugs, ara

julie campbell said...

Kate, you are all going to have such fun this summer working on your mini projects. I have tried to get my daughter into minis too but its just not happening ,altrhough I must say she has produced my favourite mini ever in my grand daughter Elora LOL and is busy working on the next addition who will arrive round about my birthday this year so I wont complain too much !
Have fun
julie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I think Emily's project sounds just fabulous! She is making some great stuff already! :o)) There is tons of advice available in blogland as you know, so I'm sure it will look great when it's finished!

My Sister has the tower from DHE and is planning to turn it into something magical etc. She say's she will have a blog, so I'm just waiting for it to appear (sometime later in the year!) lol

Michelle xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Ara thanks! She wants to maybe make the table herself but just something simple, apparantly you can use lolly sticks for table tops!!!Thanks for your support! xx

Julie, I dont think Ill be getting much of mine done do you, as that word 'Mum' is going to be shouted all the time for help! Still , come September i can really get stuck in. I agree the little ones are the best minis, bet you cant wait for No. 2 , do you know if babes is a boy or girl? I sent you an email but not sure if you got it? if not ill send another re new dolls! Thanks too for your help to Em xx

Michelle, I love the idea of the project too, its my sort of thing so Ill be nosing in there and adding things no doubt,! Cant wait to make the spell book!Thankyou for your advice to her, she is chuffed people are helping already, I knew they would of course!
Will be great to see your sisters tower! I saw one on ebay really cheap but didnt need it and now kicking myself as it may have been good for Emily! May have to make our own scene! xx

Debie Lyons said...

Foam board is the easiest material to work with as you can cut it and shape it. HobbyCraft are currently doing buy one get one free on A2 sheets. For a room box you need a double thickness and to pin the walls together with cocktail sticks. For stucco effects ready mixed filler from the pound shop is ideal or you can use toilet tissue and pva. Then paint the walls cream and run a tea bag over them. Beams can be made with foam board covered over with tissue and then stained using furniture stain. Paint cereal packets with brown paint and cut them into strips, presto floor boards. If you want to see how the I join walls etc look at my ruin tutorial on my blog page.

Hope this helps

Debie xxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debie thankyou lovey, thats brill advice , I knew Id seen your lovely settings and thought of them when em decided on this project so we will check out your tutorial, I forgot about that! so off to Hobbycraft it is then!! More supplies! thankyou|!!! xxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Kate the Bridal Emporium you made Emily is really cute. So exciting she has an interest in minis, you guys will have a wonderful time.


Glenda said...

Emily's project sounds great - I loved Gaius's workshop!! It has been a great inspiration, and I'll love following Emily's progress.
I'm not much help, as I'm still a beginner in making scenes :)
But my next house will be an enchanter's tower in medieval style (Gaius has influenced this) - it's The Tollhouse from DHE