Thursday, 13 August 2009

Some more funny Skeles!!

Hi all, still darting about all over the place to keep the children amused so thought I would post some more pics of some skeleton and spooky minis I made in the past.
Good for a giggle!

AT LAST I have seen Harry Potter!!!!! Took long enough to organise a babysitter but we finally saw it yesterday and although I have to admit there were bits that dissapointed, of course I just loved it!!

I felt the Final Dumbledore scenes so different from the book a real shame and so much other great moments were missed out but then I suppose they couldnt make it any longer than it was so they had to cut it somewhere, but what id love is if theyd filmed an uncut version, with ALL the bits in the book, with the great fight scene at the end which I suppose would be very lengthy. Then us Potter crazy fans could sit in the comfort of our own home for the 3 and a half hours or so in sheer delight of a more true to the book version of the film.

I find the Harry and Ginny relationship in the film abit painful to watch, dont think they have much chemisty on film, so I prefer to imagine them in my own mind.

But with all the Potter eye candy, the shops, scenery, Dumbledores room etc to get inspiration for our house, I will still have to see it over and over again so roll on the DVD at Christmas!!!!!
Hope your all having a great summer and next week I can at last make a start on some minis long overdue!


Ara said...

The skelies are great! Were they all in a single house at one time? I know you have a haunted house that you did a while back....

I didn't read most of your post because I haven't seen HP yet! I know!! bad me! -ara

kimsminiatures said...

Ahhh Kate. Yes we felt the same way about the same parts. Still alot to love about the movie. Harry and Ginny's kiss was not a good one either.But really what movie ever gets it all right? So glad you saw it. Can't wait for the dvd too!!!!! Mini Hugs!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Ara, OH NO!! I hope I havnt spoiled anything, dumb me!! I guessed everyone except me had seen it, I was so slow getting there! Sorry!!
All the minis here are things made for other people, for ebay and commissions, so not in my house. Infact Im funny like that, I love to have other miniaturists work in the houses, and a little of mine.
Enjoy Harry Potter, youll love it Im sure! xxxxxxxx

Hi Kim, it is great anyway isnt it! I thought Ron was fantastic and Hermione too. John bought me the box set before but no doubt they will bring out a new one with the new film and all the extras so Ill have to have that too!!!! Hugs back, Kate xxxx

Never Enough Time said...

Wow, those pictures are great. You made them...amazing! You are a very talented miniaturist.

julie campbell said...

Love the skelies Kate ! it would fun to have a haunted house peopled with just skelentons wouldnt it :0)
I havent seen the latest Harry Potter, I missed the last one so need to say that first, but everyone I know who has seen it seems to agree with what you have said. Like you say though a is always such a visual treat !
julie xxx

Debbie said...

Kate we still haven't seen it yet. Just been to busy here. Love the Skele Photo's..x

The Carolina Quilter said...

Love the skeleton scenes! The Harry Potter series have gotten so much darker and they've gotten so much older but I'm still in love with the whole series and the films.


Creepy_Creations said...

Hey Kate, the pics are so cool! I love the bedroom and I like the spider flusher on the toilet. How funny!

I went to the HP movie the day it opended with my family. We too thought that they should have added a little more, but it was great! I can't wait for the dvd! I agree with the Harry and Jenny thing, I wasn't really feeling it either. I loved Ron and Hermione though, they did a great job!


Tallulah~Belle said...

Oooohhh all the skelies are are very clever.

I love the one in the bath and you red Gothic chairs.

I am one of those strange people who doesn't' get all excited over HP :-)

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Kate, Love the photos. Do the Skeles have names? They look very at home. I do have a relative of theirs at home which I will send to you next week :-). Auntie kat xx P.s glad you got to see Harry Potter I hear the next film is going to be pretty wow!