Monday, 3 August 2009

Our Anniversary and a Huge thankyou To Nikki

Hi all. We enjoyed our 8th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, had a lovely day and was spoilt rotten. John bought me lots of clothes from 'Fat Face' which was lovely cos I hardly ever clothes shop, I really dont enjoy it any more, must be getting old! Had some gorgeous Lillies and choccies too, and a beautiful gold and silver heart necklace, what a lucky lady!
We also had a parcel to unwrap from Nikki, which we left until the day of our anniversary as she popped a note in saying some gifts for us!

Heres the pic of all the wonderful goodies Nikki so kindly sent us. We had ordered the jar of fairy wings from her Etsy shop, and what a wonderful lady she is, she put in all these other minis for our houses!

Johns chuffed to bits as he has decided to now do his lab style room in the dungeon room of my haunted house. The room is very low so we will have to make the table inbetween 1 12th and 1 24th scale as one size is too large and the other too small! He'll make the table and then we will fill it with wizard/ science style jars, bottles and glass apparatus. Also we'd love to have Debie make us the Mad Scientist for it, but he may have to be a funny size to fit in the room!
Anyway, all these great bits and pieces will fit in so well in the room he is going to do so we couldnt be happier thankyou Nikki, your A STAR!
Holidays are proving to be so busy, we have been out most days, making the most of my mums beach hut by the sea, and in the new park near us thats all been done up. So no getting bored for the kiddies yet, though I have Mini making withdrawel symptoms!! Dont even get evenings as the older ones have been putting on DVDs for us all to watch each night!

Watched ' The Hangover' last night which was hilarious!
Hope your all having a great Summer. As much As i love it, I look forward to September when Ill make a start on some halloween goodies and also get back into the houses and other mini makes Ive started and need to finish!!!


Kim said...

Happy be-lated Anniversary Kate and John!

Ara said...

Happy Anniversary!! A bunch of new clothes sounds lovely!! and the gifts from Nikki are wonderful as usual! I can't wait to see that mad scientist lab!! Maybe he could be normal size but just extremly hunched over from having to work in the short lab for so long!

Marsha said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!! Happy be-lated Anniversary! I don't clothes shop either!! No fun anymore . . . .LOL

What absolutely wonderful goodies Nikki sent you!!! The lab sounds kewl!!

Well I am going to try to work on some dolls this week . . . . so I may be absent a bit from blogland, maybe not, LOL

Hugs, Marsha

kimsminiatures said...

Happy Anniverary Kate and John. Sounds like it was lovely. Your goodies from Nikki look wonderful. What a nice surprise for you. Mini hugs!

julie campbell said...

Happy belated anniversary from me too, sounds like you had a lovely day and your goodies from nikki look fabulous !
julie xxxxxx

Debie Lyons said...

Happy belated anniversary from me too and may you have many more to come :O).

Lovely goodies from Nikki too. Shes lovely isnt she? I love doing more unusual dolls, email me when you are ready. I have several Mad Scientists waiting to come out x

Debie xxxxxx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Belated Happy Anniversary :-). Have a wonderful summers hols enjoy yourselves look forward to seeing what you do in September :-) love Auntie kat(the hat lady)

The Carolina Quilter said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Wishing you many more years together and much happiness. DH and I just celebrated 24 years this June.


Creepy_Creations said...

Happy Anniversary!! Can't wait to see the lab!! Sounds really fun! Love the items that you got from Nikki! That was so sweet!!!


Debbie said...

Belated Happy Anniversary Wishes to you both. Lovely stuff from Nikki. Looking forward to seeing the Lab xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone for your kind messages, we did have a lovely day.
John hopes to start on the lab table and shelves in September and we may need to order special glass to look the right size and not too big. Like the sound of the mad scientist bending over his table concocting things, and lots of bubbling liquid overspilling everywhere, oooh exciting to think of it, musnt take over, its not my project!!!!lol xx We are so grateful to Nikki :-)
Nikkis glass is just the perfect size so its such a great start for the table, and that crow is so cool to have perched overlooking all the spell making!!

MiniMadWoman said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you were spoiled rotten and deservedly so!

Looking forward to your projects coming up . . . summer is almost over so enjoy every day with those kiddies!