Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pre Christmas Treats To Ourselves!!

Hope you all had a fabulous halloween.

Well next is the much loved but in some ways dreaded Christmas. Mixed feelings as I of course love the whole atmosphere and thrills and excitment that the children give off, but at the same time dread the cost of buying for so many, the debts and worry that come with it......bahh humbug!! Must find a blog on doing Christmas on a budget, but tricky when you have lists given to you as long as an arm!!!

Anyway before the Christmas period really begins, November is special to us both. John and I got together in November and always share a '2nd anniversary' different to our actual wedding one, and so this year we have chosen gifts and both have got something useful for a change!

I chose this fabulous Craft work centre from Hobby craft.
It is like a moulded tray that fits on your lap, with a cutting board, lots of useful cut out parts to fit glue bottles etc, and a little bright LED light so I can see what im doing! I chose it as sometimes I love to disappear into the kitchen or workshop , lets say while the footy is on the tv, to get some minis made, but other times i feel bad to leave John sat on his own, when all the children are in bed. So this way I can sit with hubby and we can watch the tv together but still work at the same time!

I used to have one of those beany frood trays and use that but this is good as it has all the extra bits to help with the hobby. a good find I think and reduced from £50 to £24.99!!

Johns gift. well we laugh as he has a whole array of tools in the garage but once again its nice to have something small and compact to work with and when we saw this Boys toy, i thought it would make a big boys toy for John!!

Its the Power Workshop in Argos at £34.99. It has a jigsaw, lathe, power saw, drill, sander and much more and comes with a few different parts to make a few projects such as a boat , plane etc. So once John has done those with Reilly, he can then use it to cut my balsa and other woods to make things like the much needed bookcases and such like in the Potter house.
Dont know until we open it how good it is but it looks so simple and ideal for light wood so we thought wed give it a go! And if its too amateur Reilly can play with it, supervised of course, or he'll have no fingers to open his Christmas pressies with!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good items both of them dont you think??
Add them to your own Christmas lists!!


Ara said...

Yes yes yes... I want that too Kate!!! What a wonderful way to sit with the family and still be able to work on minis!! Happy Anniversary celebration! Hugs - Ara

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

That moulded tray is fab! What a super idea!!!

Ah, yes, the holidays are definitely here. Don't get me started on the commercialism of it all . . .

We stopped giving gifts in my family, too many of us, and in Richard's they pull names although last couple of years we didn't do that as Richard was unemployed and so was one of his brothers.

But with new babies in both our families, I'll be out shopping, but it's fun to shop for the little ones!!!

Which reminds me, I need to order Richard's birthday present!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

The HobbyCraft tray is fab, especially at this great reduced price!! You must let us know how you get on with the mini power work shop! Proper artisan power tools can be expensive, so if this is any good I'd get one too! :o)

Michelle ;o)

Debbie said...

Love the tray Kate. Great Idea, especially like those little pockets, will stop the glue rolling away..

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I want one too and going to have to get one now. I can sit in bed and bug hubs modelling away, lol.
No need to get up at all now with one of them, and as i am always in my nighie bed will be the best place. Lol!
Plus i love watching tv at the weekend and can work when i'm having rest too.
Is the light it gives off good and does it need to be plugged in?

I love Johns present too. Let us all know how it works and if it's good.
I only ever do a small amounts of woodwork and hoping and praying John suggest it's good enough for small time use. Sounds perfect.

Hope you enjoy your 2nd anniversary too.

As for Christmas, where did it spring from. I blinked at easter and here we are at christmas.
We are having a quiet christmas with no relatives for a change and nowhere to visit. So because its going to be quiet i will be working on the witches house... yey! Well thats my plan anyway.

Nikki xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Ara, we will do our usual and have coffee in our coffee shop where we went on our first date!! Then come home and try out all the gadgets! ( hmmm thats sounds abit wrong lol!!! ) xx

Marsha Its a great idea to have like a Secret Santa idea. Maybe I should suggest it to the family this year but Ill probably get shot down in flames as all the rest of the family have money!!
Enjoy baby buying, i love that too and have a new neice to treat this year . oooh what you getting Richard???????? xx

Michelle , we'll let you konw what its like. John isnt into woodwork in a big way so it looked perfect for those little jobs, hoping so!! xx

Debbie, my trouble is alwyas loosing or tipping over the glue he he, so this was one of the reasons to upgrade from my food tray!! lol xx

Nikki, a girl after my own heart!! I LOVE my bed, and the thought of sitting in it making minis is fun eh! Not having to get out of those pj's til the last possible minuite!!
Im really hoping it comes soon, ordered it on the web and now cant see them on there anymore , so really hoping they dont email me to say they are out of stock or Ill be so upset! I think it said the light has a battery compartment and is suppposed to be LED so bright.
John is itching to use the power workshop, like you we just like to fiddle and make shelves, simple cupboards etc, nothing too fancy, so hoping this is the perfect solution!
Ahh Christmas, yep, here as always so soon. So much to do, so little time. Will be so eager to see the progress you make over the holidays on the house xx