Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Troll, the dragons and My New Buffet table!

As promised here are some pics of the dragons, mum and baby! Just love the colours and expressions dont you?! Also here is my troll, he is so adorable. If the troll was al little smaller I would have had him sat in the corner of the conservatory with pots surrounding him, all broken and smashed, as he has a sort of mischevious, but sorry look about his face! But he looks a little too large for the scale.

The other day browsing Etsy I found this glorious table, just perfect for the grand hall. 11 inches long, it fits the grand Hall perfectly. as I can only fit one table, why not make it a luxury one like this! It is beautifully made, and I cant wait to buy more form this fabulous seller. I already have my eye on other items of his! http://www.etsy.com/shop/cottageminiatures

It came complete with all the food, and if youve seen the films, I think you'll agree those silver platters look just the part! With goblets to match too!

I will be making other food to fit the seasons. next year Id like a Christmas buffet and tree for the Hall, and also a Halloween feast as i do like to change the houses come my favourite times of the year. The Halllowen feast will be good fun to make.
So off to get moving things around in the house to make room for the new table. It is a birthday pressie to myself, not until February but I just couldnt resist!



Briarwood Miniatures said...

Love those dragons!

Kim said...

The dragons and troll are so cute!!!

That table is amazing- it will look so great in your house! I cannot wait to see it all decked out for Halloween!

Michelle's Mad World said...

So sorry I've missed so many of your posts! For some reason the updates haven't been showing on the side of my blog! :o((

Anyhow, I love the little dragons and of course the troll! lol :o)) Your conservatory is coming along at a pace too! :o)

I've seen that table on Etsy too, that maker does indeed make some lovely items. When I saw it last year I was thinking it would be ideal for the Great Hall in Hogwarts, but still unsure whether it would be long enough!

Michelle xxx

Ara said...

These are all wonderful new pieces! Sorry that the troll was too big... I think the idea with him in the corner with broken pots is genius! I hope you can find another one you like for that! hugs, ara

Michelle's Mad World said...

Unsure if it's worth mentioning....but trolls are giants, therefore they will or should be larger compared to other 1/12 characters. ;o) It's a bit like having a Harry Potter 1/12th character and a Hagrid 1/12th character...Hagrid would or should look enormous compared to ole Harry...even though they are both 1/12th scale. :o))
Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

I have a table just like that with 4 benches in my skool of majick!(and a corner cupboard too) you have very good taste!! LOL:o) I bought mine from Burchmore's (must be the same person as the etsy shop as the work is identical!) He's a lovely guy, I shall ask him if he has an alias at the next show I see him at.