Saturday, 12 March 2011

A new Display for Susans Fabulous Creation plus more!

When I received Susan's incredible ribbon spool display some months ago, I was undecided on the best way to display it to show it off at its best! I tried various tables but nothing looked right.

Looking through my boxes of furniture I found 2 little wooden displays I bought some time ago from someones bridal shop which were just unused. Once again too eager to get going, I forgot to take before pics but they were just plain wooden half circles with horrid carpeted tops! So I stripped them, painted over them in a red wash to give a redwood finish, then detailed them in gold and added the same black and white harlequin gloss paper thats in the archways, onto the front of them. Finished with some black peel offs for more detailing its a great unusual addition to the room. Photo is bad as I was dying to show it off but its dark in the conservatory so Ill retake tomorrow, check in for a better pic!

I added the spool display, a tea cup and tiny heart cupcake also made by Dear Susan, and voila, the perfect display for it!

I had 2 of these units so painted the other one to match and have added a little head and one of Kats beautiful hats to it, and will make something else to go on it too.

I did have a lovely dressing table all ready and painted up but once it went in the roombox, it was strange, but it looked completly wrong, far too big and bulky. So I have my eye on one on ebay and hoping I get it so i can dress it with Victorias gorgeous bottles she made for me.

Another find in my boxes was this haberdashery display. Once again I repainted it, added some reams of material ( I still have more to add on the other side) and put some of my homemade ribbon and lace samples, cotton reels, an iron, and some perfume bottles onto it, to give it the 'Alice' look! There is also a fantastic little tiny Alice 'Drink Me' potion bottle and the cutest darling little sleeping rose plant made for me by the oh so talented Tara.

The material display was a really battered and old piece of furniture so Im thrilled to find use for it!

Next week I have the ornate sofa I bought to reupholster, and if lucky with my dressing table, that to fill too.

I am leaving a couple of gaps for future purchases but have already put everything in I have so far to see what it looks like, and am thrilled with it! The red skirting and cornicing is in and you'll see that when I take another pic once I put the roombox in its new home on the landing table where it can be lit at night! Im really pleased with it so far, let me know what you think!

Oh and for those who have asked after her , heres a pic of beautiful Bella, alot bigger now already at nearly 5 months, but still a darling and cheeky pup!


The Old Maid said...

Bella is bella for sure!
Kate I have to tell you I am in love with this project! And the displays are fantastic! I love the colours and patterns you use, great great work!:)

Anonymous said...

I really love how this is turning out...can't wait to see the whole thing finished!
The puppy is adorable :)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thankyou Ewa! Im so pleased you love it, I do too! Im going to hang ornate pictures up, as well as all the fancy furniture. Ive been putting things in today , I couldnt wait! xxx

Hi Lori, it wont be long as I cant stop working on it, eager to see it all in too! xxx

Bella sends you both doggy hugs!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The little display stands are perfect for your room! I love how you decorated them. I can't wait to see more of the room and the fabulous display of Kat's hats. Oh that bella is a Beauty, give her a big puppy kiss for me :)

Victoria xxx

Linda said...

ooooooooooooooooooo its all looking wonderful...what a great project this is so different :D Linda X

Debie Lyons said...

I love seeing your projects develop Kate. That ribbon display is wonderful.


Debie xxxxxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thankyou Linda, I have another Alice project, the Tea party ready to do soon too! xxx

Isnt the display fab Debie, Susan was so clever and kind to agree to make it for me, and it looks just like the one in the film! xxx

Michelle said...

This is outstanding and I love it all! I just love the colours and opulence, this makes a wonderful and rarefied change from other themes.

Susan's work is fabulous and I love the stand that it's on.

I can't wait to see the finished project.

Bella is even more adorable! :o)))

Michelle xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thankyou Victoria, still working on it today, and also have found some older hats of Kats that Im adding bits to making them more fit for the Queen!Will give Bella a kiss from you! xxx

Michelle, I think thats what I love. In amongst all my other grungy projects a bit of glamour! Im not into girly projects but I do love the over the top way I can decorate this room. Back to my darker, dirtier projects soon..........oh but the antique shop will be another nice one to do, completly different again! xxx

KC-Design said...

I love your new project! The display stands are beautiful.
And your cutie Bella is such a lovley dog, please give her a big kiss from me too ((-: