Sunday, 24 April 2011

The New Alice Dressing Table , Curiosity Cabinet and Gifts

As you know Ive been after the perfect dressing table for all the Red Queens perfume bottles for some time.

Well I found one I liked with the same bow legs as the table in the roombox so put in my bid and won and its the perfect colour and style. It has a little lift up section in the centre with a hidden mirror so Ive done something abit clever with this!

Firstly I glued on this lovely tall ornate gold mirror onto the dressing table to make it look more like the one in the film. I added gold detailing to parts of the table.

Next I lifted the tiny mirror and replaced it with a sneaky picture of the white queen! Now the Hatter loves the White Queen but I dont think her sister would be too happy on him having portraits of her hanging in her room, hence why he has put this little secret picture of her in the dressing table , that only he knows is there!

On top of the dressing table is a fine array of perfume bottles, most of which are made by the talented queen of perfume displays, Victoria! I have added some of the smaller pretty bottles Dear Sabiha made for me and they go amongst the others a treat!

On Mothers Day my pressie arrived just in time to complete my roombox.

And what a stunning piece it is! I knew The fabulous Tara was making an Alice cabinet and asked her very cheekily if I could see it before it hit her Etsy shop shelf! I think we were both quite stunned by how perfect the finished piece turned out to go with my own pieces! Tara hadnt seen my roombox, she was actually making this cabinet at the same time as I was decorating my room, and neither of us had seen each others progress. So when I had finished the room and afew days later saw the cabinet in all its glory we couldnt believe how the piece actually looked like it was made just for my room. The colours, style, everything about it matched my room and all my other miniatures in there! So of course it was meant to be, and made its way to the UK in time for my Mothers Day treat!

A huge thankyou to Tara, and stay tuned to see more pictures of the dressing table and cabinet in their new home. I hope you agree the new furniture all works really well! The detailing in the cabinet is amazing, theres even a dainty red heart painted on the sole of the queens boots.

Squimberry Tarts, under a glass dome. A beheaded thieving frog in a red coat and black bow tie stares blankly from his stuffed perch at what he wasn't allowed to have of the Red Queen's. The Oraculum-bound together by red ribbon is also tucked inside, the calender of Underland currently in the Red Queen's castle. Bottles and Tottles in Red Queen style sit on a dainty tray. Photographs of both the JubJub Bird and Jabber-baby-wocky are framed in high-styled ornate frames. The crown of questionable ownership also sits inside on a velvet pillow. A well-worn copy of the study book "Dominion Over Living Things" sits beside it. A trinket and jewel chest, looking recently rummaged through, sits with drawers open and jewellry spilling out.

On top she has a lovely red bird, caged in a fabulously ornate wooden cage. Two lovely crystal bottles sit beside a gorgeous hat and hat stand. Red roses twine around the items on top of the cabinet. Beautiful!

Also for Mothers Day I recieved a darling little corner shop, already made up, and in need of tender loving care, which of course it will recieve in this dollshouse mad house! Not sure what it will become as yet, but have already stripped the walls inside and out and now it will sit on the shelf until it speaks to me. Something magical and different of course!

The exterior green paintwork has been started on Honeydukes, and has been extremly tricky as I had to mix 2 paints to get the colour I wanted and Im going to have to do the same on the interior units and walls as one matchpot was too green, the other too dark, etc,and the perfect colour cannot be found without some magical mixing! I have more primer to buy, surprising how quickly it dissapears having to primer so much furniture etc. So once I get the materials needed Ill move on and start ageing the woodwork on the exterior and painting up those cabinets! So not as quick a start as Id hoped for!

The pink spiral staircase , which was a dream of mine, will have to remain just that, and Ive decided to keep the existing staircase for ease and to keep it in my budget. It will be pink though, I still love that idea!

I am 1 wall unit short and the suppliers are out of stock, so Im now scouring the internet for a matching plain wood single wall unit to complete my shop furniture display!

Stay tuned, school resumes on Tuesday so Ill hopefully get more painting done !

Happy Easter everyone, we had our usual Easter egg hunt in the garden this morning, and the chocolate is not lasting long!


dale's dreams said...

It's all so lovely! What fabulous things. :)

Happy Easter to you and yours! :)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love your new dressing table with it's secret picture.

Tara's cupboard is perfect, I can't wait to see them in your roombox.

Lovely shop, what fun :)

Victoria xxx

Janice said...

Hi Kate. Love the new pieces for your Mad Hatter room box. The picture of the White Queen was a wonderful idea.
Victoria's and Sans bottles are just perfect too.
Great Mother's Day gifts. Tara's work is simply the most Imaginative ever!
I am dying to see how Honeyduke's develops as I have heard you are the bestest sweet maker!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Ooooooooooooo totally cool! Hope you got your parcel and Easter present? :-)

Michelle said...

The cabinet is great and I love all the new mini's! The birdcage is my favourite of all though!

You ARE going to be busy with all your buildings! I will reply to your email asap!

Michelle xxx

Brandy Rose said...

I love all the perfume bottles. So lovely, all of it.

House of Artistique said...

Your style is quite unique, ii love it :)