Monday, 27 July 2009

Thankyou for Our Awards!

A Special THANKYOU to Ara,

for our Bella Sinclair Blog Friendship Award.

So sorry its taken so long for us to get round to posting this, since the school holidays hit us things have been mayhem, all 5 at home, seem to be forever tidying up or making food! Havnt been feeling great, abit spaced out and headachy, maybe coming down with something, so I havnt been on the PC too much, but hope to get down to some catching up next week.

In the mean time we pass on this award to ALL our blog followers, as its probably too late now to send individually, most of you will have it by now!Since our first posting, we have had such fun, and made so many wonderful kind, thoughtful friends from all over the world, so this goes out to all of you.

I do hope its not too long before we can make some miniatures and get on with the houses but please bare with us, the holidays are always so busy but we hope to have something to post soon.


Debbie said...

Congratulations on your

Marsha said...

Congratulations, Kate, you your Bella Sinclar award. It is a lovely award and well deserved. Hugs, Marsha

Katie said...

...I have 3 at home and my hands are tied!!! I'm sure 5 keeps you even busier!! LOL....I know what you mean about cooking all day. I swear as soon as I get one meal made and cleaned up, it's time to start another!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Glad you saw the award....I'm a dummy who forgot to tell people it was there:)
Take care:)