Monday, 23 November 2009

Online shopping Therapy!!!

Hi all, sorry to be away so long. been a funny old year this one, lots of illness, and as John was recently taken suddenly into hostpital we have not been around to comment on all your blogs so our apologies and we hope to be back on track soon! John is doing much better now, it was all very sudden and now he is home and recovering so thats a relief.

Not much time for minis but this weekend gone, as I couldnt just waltz off and leave him to go to the Kensington show as i was supposed to , I decided to get down to making my Christmas mini swap for Jill and am really pleased with it all! Cant show it here as its all a surprise but Rosanna will be posting pics later this year of everyones swaps. But it is now on its way to the US, and it gave me alot of satisfaction to complete something miniature for a change and hoping Jill will love it too!
So being stuck at home, what have I done other than tidy the house from head to foot in preperation for Christmas? Well when down in the dumps a woman can do no better than a little online retail therapy. If I havnt had time or inclination to work on our projects then I thought buying a few new minis would give me the motivation to get some work done on some!
The Snow White house has been calling to me and I have recently done the floorboards so until I have time to start on the fireplace I have been fiddling around with the goodies I have been buying for it.

Firstly here is a fantastic cupboard made by Mike which will go in the kitchen. Recommended by Vicky Guile i visited Mike's Etsy store and snapped this one up quickly to fill with woodland bowls of veg etc. It is beautifully made and Im hoping once Mike gets settled after his move I can ask him to make a matching kitchen table and maybe sink as I love the rustic country feel of his furniture.

Over a year ago I bought some wonderful fairy bowls of mushrooms and fruit and veg by the talented Lory and these will go on the cupboard. Check out what i found recentyl from, this precious fairy table adorned with mushrooms and flowers with tiny flower teaset and fairy cakes .
This will go either go in the other side of the kitchen or maybe just outside in the garden area. I adore Lory's work, it is made from cold porcelain and fimo and has amazing detailing.
Cant wait to start filling the house with everything, and will post pics when I do so!


Katie said...

I sure hope John gets better Soon! Like you least he's home!!

And I just love the tree table and dishes!! SO freaking cute!! Makes me want to pull out Marshmellow Manor and work on it! Keep the inspiration coming Kate!! :)


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Sooo good to see you sweetie! I hope John's improving each and every day. I've been thinking of you.

What wonderful mini treasues you purchased! I know what you mean when other things are pressing, the motivation and love of creating takes a backseat. I'm glad you're inspiration has come back!


Debbie said...

Glad to hear John is on the mend.
Love the dresser Kate is beautiful.
Good girl you for posting your parcel. Only just finished my swap yesterday. But you've already had a sneek peek..xx

Papillon Bleu said...

Everything is beautiful;I kept on going Awwww...when I saw the little cakes and the lovely blue lamp!
Hope you have fun with your new "toys" and all the best to your husband.

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Hope John is feeling better now and on the road to recovery, these men of ours are a worry!!
Love your online therapy, I need some of
Hugs to you both, Julia xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Kate,

So very pleased to hear that hubby John is on the have been missed! :o)

Your little mini's are great, I have both the little Etsy shops as my favs and I have bought a lot of stuff from Lory and have a few commissions in the pipeline...her work is truly wonderful!

I had the swine flu jab done on Friday, and everything I think I feel better from the side effects, I don’t! lol

Take good care!
Michelle xx

rosanna said...

Lovely goodies ! I'm very curious about the swap, will you send me a pic? Thank you Rosanna

Debie Lyons said...

Shopping therapy is good Kate. Glad to hear John is on the mend and fingers crossed the germs will not descend on your home for a very long time.
Debie xxx

DollMum said...

What a shame to miss Kensington when you had planned to attend, but family health is by far the most important and at least you got some tidying up done! I hope your John gets better very soon.

julie campbell said...

So glad that John is on the mend kate, it cant have been an easy time and I think a bit of online shopping therapy is just perfect ;0) Love your shopping , what beautiful little items ! I love the cupbpard best, its sop sweet,
Hope John will be in good health for you all to have a wonderful xmas
julie xxx

Ara said...

So sorry your family has been so ill lately Kate :( But I do hope you have all got it out of the way in time for the Holiday season. All these goodies will be just perfect for snow white!!! I wish I had your search power that brings you to the perfect items for everything! Hope John gets better soon! Hugs - Ara

Tallulah~Belle said...

Everything is wonderful...does a girl good to shop sometimes.

I hope you are all well on the mend now and will be fit as fiddles for Christmas ((((()))))


Very good!