Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tara's Fabulous Harry Potter Minis

You know how you come across someone via someone elses blog and are So pleased you did!! Well some time ago I found Tara through Victoria's blog and looking at her work fell in love with her style and miniatures. Tara loves to make fantasy minis, Harry Potter, fairy, Witch and wizard, so all ideal for my projects. Looking at Tara's blog I found a delightful potion chest and ingredients box great for the Potter house, and contacted Tara to ask if she could make another!

Very kindly Tara agreed to start straight away and despite being a busy mum with lots of family commitments , in no time at all my order was ready!

When it came , not only was it beautifuly wrapped in halloween tissue colours, when unwrapped Tara had also included a fantastic gift!

I adore my potion chest, and I think it will go in my Potter loft room with the other chests and trunks . The ingredients box will definatly go in my potion room together with this beautiful gift of a box of Amortitia the love potion, isnt it fab!! Sorry about the blurred pic need a new camera for christmas but Minis come first of course!

Tara also made me this fantastic Book of Monsters which is brilliant and scares my children to bits so it must be good! Now when Lacey is being naughty I know what to do, I get the Book of monsters out! He he arnt I cruel!!! It is really furry and those eyes are really freaky. Just like the real thing! As you can see he's already munched up one of Harry's pieces of homework, naughty monster!!

I also ordered a little tiny Alice bottle of 'Drink Me' potion for my Mad Hatters tea Party Table and it is the cutest!Go check out Tara's etsy shop, its full of amazing miniatures and Tara is a lovely helpful lady who goes out of her way to please! Tara's daughter has been poorly with pneumonia so sending them both big hugs and hope she is on the mend Tara, thinking of you both!!

Thankyou Tara for such amazing miniatures, and cant wait to add more of your imaginative creations to my collection!

Your a star I love it all!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I know 'who' you mean now! I've seen this fabulous shop and Tara's DOES indeed make some fabulous mini's! Fabulous style too.

The Monster book is simply superb and I love how Tara has even made him hairy! lol The trunk is just wonderful and there's sooooo much in it! :o)))

Fantastic mini's!!! :o))

Michelle xxxx

The Old Maid said...

Wonderful minis! Thank you for sharing Tara's links Kate!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Michelle I knew youd love him and all the other minis too, arnt they great! Tara is very tuned into my Potter imagination so Im looking forward to lots more goodies from her. I need to rewatch the films to give her a list of things to make lol!! xxx

Ewa , do check out Taras shop there is something for everyone! Im so happy with all my purchases and Tara is very kind! xxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great post Kate! Tara is a wonderful artist. I think we might see some of her work in print one of these days. I believe her work is that good.

Victoria ♥

Tallulah Belle said...

Thanks for sharing kate...he work is fab but that monster book is too wild for words lol. Poor Lacey lol

I used to threaten Aydn with the Goblin King from Labyrinth...showing my age now lol.

Creepy_Creations said...

Yay, I can finally get into your blog. For some reason I could not get in for the last couple of days!

The minis are wonderful, she is very talented! Got to love the Harry Potter goodies!!!

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend!


Debbie said...

I did laugh when I read that you've been scaring Lacey with the book.
Tara is already in my favourite shops on Etsy. Love the potion chest.