Friday, 1 October 2010

The wait is over!! The Hatters Magnificent New Addition

So sorry to dear Susan for the delay in this posting ( and also to Victoria and Lorraine , Tara and Nikki, who I also received fab minis from last week and I haven't got round to posting pics of) . Please all be assured I was thrilled with my new miniatures and promise to show them off soon. This week has been one of those weeks, Ive had a nasty migraine for nearly 3 days, just easing today as I couldn't look at light let alone a PC screen til now. Then Ive had several hospital visits in the last few months which I wont bore you with but seems Im going to have to make a decision on some surgery soon and stop putting it off, so thats been taking up more time than Id like too!

So enough of excuses!

But poor Susan has been dying to show her creation she made for me off, and has waited patiently so here it is for all to see and I think you'll agree its simply breathtaking .

A while ago dear Kat the Hat sent me a pic of a prop from the Alice movie of a ribbon /thread holder that was used in the Hatters Hat making room scene.
I fell in love with it and kept looking at it and imagining it in miniature ( as I do most real life things!!)

I emailed Susan with the pic as I knew Susan had made some orrerys and suchlike in the past and thought she was the perfect person to ask if it could be done. Lucky for me, Susan came back with a definate YES and she was excited herself to begin designing and making it.
I was figuring on quite a wait , but nope, within a matter of a week or so back came a photograph of this awesome creation all finished! Isn't it absolutely beautiful, full of reels of ribbon and thread, with the tiny pin cushion on the top!

I cant quite get over it myself! Its exactly like the real life version, made with such detail and precision!

I could not be happier and neither could Susan who really enjoyed making it and is going to make herself one as she was loathed to let it go once made!!

I had wanted to make my table scene for it this week, but illness has set me back so apologies again but here it is for you to see and once its in its proper home Ill take new photos! The table scene is the one Susan took but the pins wernt in place at that time.

SO a HUGE thankyou hug to the talented Susan, who made my dream come true and has made quite simply one of the most treasured miniatures I will be lucky enough to own!!

Now its over to Susan who Im sure can tell you all how it was made etc and I know it dying to post herself about her wonderful design and creation!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow Kate it really turned out perfect! Can't wait to see how you arrange this table. Hope your migraine leaves you quick.

Victoria XXXX ♥♥♥

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

It's wonderful, it does look just like the real one. I love the colours.... and the reels... and the pin cushion :0)

As for surgery, I know it's scary, but the sooner you go, the sooner you will be on the mend.
Sending you a hug and I hope you will be feeling better soon,
Julia xx

Catherine said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! It looks exactly like the movie prop. Susan did a absolutely beautiful job making it. I am sure you are thrilled with it. Well Done Susan! She is so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Absolutely fabulous. Susan's done a magnificent job making that in miniature. Hats off to her..LOL
Hope your soon be back to normal Kate and the surgery you are considering is nothing to drastic. xxx

Kim said...

oh my goodness- it's absolutely perfect!!! I would be so proud to own it too. I hope your headache goes completely away and stays away Kate. Feel better soon ♥

Michelle's Mad World said...

Kate it's wonderful and looks just like the real thing! :o)) Susan has made it perfectly! :o))

I hope you get sorted out soon!!! :o))

Michelle xxxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Oy Kate! I had no idea you were feeling poorly. Migraine's are nasty and making a decision about a surgical procedure can produce a lot of stress which, no doubt, doesn't help the headace. :-(

But I am really glad you were able to post the picture of the reel stand (I don't think I kniw what to actually call it) and even gladder that you like it. :-)

Ascension said...

El trabajo de Susana es fabuloso.
Es una verdadera maravilla.
Espero que te recuperes pronto.
Feliz fin de semana.
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful work by Susan! Lucky you Kate!!Hope the migraine is gone fast!

Creepy_Creations said...

OMG it's amazing and it looks just like the real one!! Very cool!! Love it!

Hope you get to feeling better!! Migraines are the worst!

Janice said...

Hi Kate, sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly but what a fabulous piece to receive when you have been feeling down.

This is a wonderful item that will bring you much pleasure.

Clara said...

Susana ha hecho un trabajo excelente.
Espero que te recuperes pronto y disfrutemos con tus minis.
Besos Clara

Tallulah Belle said...

Wow....this is awesome...definitely worth the wait to see it :-)

Hoe you are feeling better now xxxx

Kat the hat lady! said...

Wow how cool! Hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx