Friday, 25 February 2011

Somebody stop me!!

Yippe, another project !!! ( I know, I know, as if I need one with all I have to finish!!)

I recently put a shop I liked the look of on ebay to watch and then forgot about it with half term taking up all my time. Well , John didnt forget and came in to tell me he had bid and won this fantastic Greenleaf Brimbles Mercantile store for me as a late birthday pressie!!

I love this store, i have seen a few other bloggers turn them into incredible shops and always wanted one to do my 'Ghost Whisperer' style antique shop.

So another to put on the list of to do's!!

This is my 3rd Greenleaf house, I have the Beacon of course and a Willowcrest in dire need of alot of work!

It arrived today ( beautifully packaged in a huge crate) and I am going to have a Ghost Whisperer DVD fest once Alice is done to get ideas on colouring etc. Outside is a green which I may just tone down a little , easily repainted. Inside is a blank canvas, tricky to decorate but once primered will paint up nicely too. Im looking forward to planning what Ill do with it. I have loads of display cabinets, and some goodies for it already that Ive bought when ive seen things , already having this project in mind! I bought lots of candelabra made out of pretty coloured glass a while back as the shop has lots of hanging lights. Also lots of vases of flowers so Ill have to get good at making flower kits! I have units to use, I need to buy an elaborate ornate counter like the one in the programme.

Upstairs will be Melinda's bedroom which has a lovely brass bed and again I need to buy an ornate wardrobe and other bedroom furniture and the whole house will be painted in shades of cream and gold in a shabby chic style.

But in the mean time, I have been waiting on my lights for the Alice roombox and promise to have more updates soon. Just deciding on the colours to use for the interior display panelling part and the actual outside of the roombox. Once I can make the decision if I have a dry day I can take it outside to spray paint it and then fit the lights , wallpaper and flooring and we are ready for filling!!


De said...

Congratulations! I love my Brimble. I turned it into an American Old West style saloon.

As for your elaborate counter - it's easier than you'd think to add various moldings and wood or plaster appliques to make a basic counter look very ornate.

Have fun!

Margriet said...

I love new projects LOL What a beautiful shop and what a wonderful idea to make the antique shop from the series that shop!!!

The Old Maid said...

Oh this is a lovely house! Can't wait to see what you will do to it :D

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's a great house! You are such a rascal, like you 'need' another house to do!? lol lol ;o)

I've 'never' heard of the Ghost Whisperer is it a film? I have no of the story and what it might end up like..but I can't wait to see it nonetheless! ;o))))

Michelle xxx

Carmen said...

Que preciosidad de casa, me encanta, algun dia me gustaria conseguir una de ese modelo.

La idea me encanta, en EspaƱa la serie se llama Entre fantasmas y en mi familia nos gusta mucho.

Un abrazo

Debie Lyons said...

Its a great house Kate. Luffies

Debie xxx

Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, what a great idea for that house! I can't wait to see what you do to it!! I just love the Ghost Whisperer! Can't wait to see your Alice one too!

Ara said...

Must say your husband is very very understanding of the mini-disease!!! My husband points to the 3 houses I have and thinks I'm absolutely insane to even look at other houses lol. Much less buy them for me!! I used to watch the Ghost Whisperer and I think that house would look great as her shop! Exciting! hugs, ara

Janice said...

I love this house! Kate you are a girl after my own heart, the more the merrier!

What will you do with the open back? Just leave it or.....?
Really looking forward to your Alice projects unveiling.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I love that show! What a wonderful idea for your Brimbles :)

WendiesMiniWorld said...

tis a lovely house Kate! my hubbs thinks I have enough houses already :o( so methinks your hubbs is a gem!!! but yeh, some-one needs to stop you soon LOL

kimsminiatures said...

Nope can't stop you Kate. I love this one. I have almost added it to my collection a couple times. It has so much room and character. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Hugs~ Kim

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

It's lovely kate, I am sooo jealous, I love Ghost Whisper to. Please do this one first :0)
Julia xxx

Liberty Biberty said...

That is just going to be the cutest little shop!
You asked where I found the little dollhouses in the Victorian toyshop, well, they're acutally old metal Christmas decorations, I've had them for decades! Most of the other toys I made myself (although they all look a bit primitive now, lol!) I remember scouring the internet and library for hours to find toys from the right era.