Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Interior Shop Frontage of Hatter Shop Finished

This morning work! Here is the interior stripped

And now fully painted up, papered, peel off on and spray glossed to seal....all finished!

Just have to decide on a name and how to do the shop sign and Id really like to have a Top Hat on the front somehow, but Im no artiste so not sure how to go about that one!

This will go on its original bracket and save the dust getting in!

Ive bought 2 lovely wall display shelves, thanks to Michelle letting me know about them on Ebay thankyou Michelle! They are perfect for putting up with hats or perfume bottles.

Im still scouting for the perfect dressing table but hoping that will be soon, but I will post pics of the interior and what I have in there so far really soon, when the picture frames come Ive ordered and are up!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Pretty Kate, I like the shelves you have ordered. Your Hatter shop is coming along great.

Victoria xxx

Anonymous said...

Love it! What kind of top hat do you want for the front?

Michelle said...

It's gonna be a stunning piece once it's complete and I bet you are so chuffed with it all!!!!

So glad that you liked the little sconces/shelves, amazing what you can find when you are looking for oneself! lol I know they will look fab. :o)

Michelle xxx


Está tomando muy buen aspecto esa tienda. Seguro quedará preciosa. Ya nos irás mostrando los avances. Un beso.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Victoria, thankyou, Im thinking, some of your beautiful bottles on those shelves!! xxx

Hi Lori, I thought Id do a shop name across the length of the front and the tall part, put a Hatters style top hat on there. I wish I was good at artwork, and I could paint one on in gold, but Im not! xxx

Michelle, I am already, I get the giggles looking at it all lit up. I put the front on tonight and lit it all up and it looks brill even from the outside looking in. I wish I could figure out how to take a pic of it all like that! Thanks for that link, they are bigger than I thought too, so will even suit hats! xxx

Gracias Estefania
He disfrutado mucho haciendo el proyecto y estoy contento como si xxx

Janice said...

I hate installing lighting but I love the effect....
The paper and edging choices have worked so well Kate you must be so pleased with it.
What sort of dressing table are you after. Send me the link for the one you missed and I will keep an eye out when I am trawling.

TreeFeathers said...

How pretty! Love the red trim with the black and white, it's so dramatic. I bet you could find a rubber stamp of a top hat to make your sign, do it with gold ink and then touch up or over-paint with gold paint for one that's picture-perfect!

- Grace

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Janice thankyou, I have found one today that may work, Ill just need to add one of my mirrors to it,if I win it. I stupidly deleted the pic of the one I didnt win, but the lady hopes to get more in end of this month. Im just to impatient and want to have it in now!xxx

Thankyou Grace, I did look at some stamps but they were all quite small . I may order one just to try out on a test piece of card and maybe get some stencils for doing the lettering. I havnt got the steadiest of hands lolxxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Wow Kate! I am just catching up with everything you've done on this project. As Michelle said, it is simply stunning! You are a fast worker and everything is coming together so nicely. I really like the black/red/white/gold theme you've's just perfect!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ahhh thankyou Susan, I wondered where you were, hope you had a good trip! I can be fast, just takes alot to get me going!! Undecided now on whether to do the other Alice project or the antique shop!! Excited to do both! xxx