Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lots more done today and some teaser Pictures!

I've done lots today!

Firstly this morning I decided to upholster the sofa.

This is the original in a cream satin which I stripped and used the old material as the template to use this gorgeous deep red velvet, courtesy of the wonderful Kat! Kat sent me some material for my eldest daughter Emily as Emily is currently doing lots of sketchbook work for her Fashion design BA and needs lots of fabric samples which she is having real problems finding. Id like to thanks both dear Kat and also the wonderful Nicky Cooper who were both very kind this week and sent Emily loads of samples and strips of fabrics that she can use, and I havnt seen her all day as shes been so busy using them all, thankyou both of you!

But I had a quick peek first to see if there was anything I could use and sure enough there was the perfect red for the sofa! So I stuck this all on, trimmed in a gold to match the chair I dressed some time ago, and detailed the furniture with the gold trusty pen!

Here are some pics of it, hope you like it. Kat's fab Hatters hat is already on it and looks perfect!

Next I made a small hat box and put some playing cards and hat pin stands on it.

Still eager to get on, I spent time sourcing some good pictures and printed them on gloss card and framed them.

Here is the red Queen in all her glory. This is the perfect space for the painting but once the chandelier is permanently stuck in you will only see it from the sides of course!

Ive also made up framed pics of the Bandersnatch and the Knave for other walls. I may detail these frames in black and red.

I couldnt resist taking some pics with some hats on stands in the archways. Most are Kats work, but can you also see my beautiful Hatter hat on the stand of books made by the lovely Sherry, Tara's mother in law. I have a few pieces of Sherrys work, and many of Tara's and I just love it all, they are such talented and creative, imaginative artistes! Sherry made a hat for Tara and I loved it so much she made one for me, and I think for another friend also! Im very proud to display it in the room box thankyou Sherry!!

So , what next? Well dopey here fell asleep last night and forgot to bid on the much wanted dressing table, ahhhhh!! But good news was, I contacted the seller who is getting more in, so end of the month fingers crossed that piece can be done and put in the room. In the mean time I have to take it all out, to move onto the landing and take some more pics for you. Then the table, sewing machine and hats can all go in, as well as another secret special piece Ive been saving to show you.

Just need my precious dolls now! If John says 'I told you so' one more time when he tells me I should have jumped in quicker when Julie was selling her Mad Hatter doll, Ill throttle him. He was, and is an incredible doll, and I think to have the Hatter hard at work at the sewing table plus another couple of special miniature pieces I long for in here, will just make this roombox truly perfect for me!


Kat the hat lady! said...

WOW this is looking really cool! You must show everyone on Facebook they would love it! Great work Kate! Can I move in I love that chair! Hey good use of that velvet ha ha ha!Sherry's hat is fantastic and goes very nicely with mine tee hee!

Debbie said...

Some lovely purchases Kate and great makes you've done yourself. Love how your Room Box has come together. Looking forward to seeing your special purchase and the Room Box finished..xxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I was hoping youd see this Kat as i have no idea how to link it to facebook!!! I dont think Emily was too happy I nabbed her velvet he he but I just had to have it, its perfect! I agree, you can tell your Hats straight away but Sherrys fits in really well and compliments them!xxx

Thanks Debbie, its almost finished, just afew pieces and those special last finishing touches! OMG I never finish anything!! xxx

Dale Fluty said...

WOW! This is an amazing project and stunning to look at. I can't wait to go back and read through the full project.

Janice said...

Kate I can't believe how much you have achieved this week! I have been a bit distracted by real life in the last few days and find that you have been working like a Trojan...

You have obviously enjoyed doing this project so much. Plus for a lady who is always saying you never make anything!!! So many things to look at. I have had a fabulous time catching up on your posts and carefully scrutinising each and every photo. Love it all.

It made me laugh that you talk so casually about making stands, re-upholstering, fitting lighting, creating hat boxes etc etc!! You are far more talented than you give yourself credit for.

A fabulous project Kate that showcases lots of fabulous pieces. Can't wait to see more.

And your hubbie is right......should have bought him!!! They always say things like that the time they say: "How Much?!" or "More?!"

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Hi Kate,

Wow, you have done so much and it is looking great. I love your colours, your gorgeous sofa, your pictures, your hats lol, everything, it's lovely :0)
Julia xx

Sassy Marsha said...

OMG, Kate, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Totally KEWL!!!!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow Kate Awesome!!! I love how you redid the sofa and Everything is perfect!!! Love Kat's hatter Hat and Sherry's too, they do compliment each other. I had Sherry make me one as I collect top hats and am a total Hatter Freak. Kat is going to make me a Wonka top hat to go in my collection :) I can't wait to see the finished room, too bad about falling asleep I have done that too.

Victoria xxx

Michelle said...

The sofa is just amazing...what a piece of fabric and some braid can do to totally transform a piece! I hate doing anything like that...I always give it to my Mum to do! lol

It has such a feel and tons of character! Kat's and Sherry's hats are truly fabulous and really set the room off. Can't wait to see more!!

I have some new mini's too for Diagon Alley and I will be doing a blog post!

Michelle xxxx

Debbie said...

Kate, to link your blog to your facebook page. Go to networked blogs on facebook and register your blog. Just type Networked Blogs in the search bar. It 's really easy to set up. Then every time you make a post on your blog, it will automatically come up on your facebook

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Dale, glad you like it, as you can see from my blog, its not often I get finished with anything, I get bored and move on too easily!! xx

Hi Janice, he he, I can do it when I put my mind to it, but Im either too busy or to tell the truth too lazy so end up buying....and I LOVE buying!lol! Yep John was right, as soon as we saw him, John told me to email julie but I knew she was making dolls for a show and didnt want to sneak in there....wish I had now!! xxx

Hey Julia, Im pleased you approve, means alot coming from you as you get SO much done and have so many wonderful projects completed! Im happy too and so nice to have something near completion....even in it means plonking the children infront of DVD's all weekend lol!! xxx

Marsha Hi! its very 'ME!'sort of Betty Boop colours eh!! xxx

Victoria, ooh a Wonka Hat , now that sounds fun! Im kind of addicted to Kats hats too! Sherrys Hats are beautiful too, so pleased you have one! Hmm the dressing table, I was so annoyed i forgot as its to show off your creations! Still, as I always say, it wasnt meant to be, it was damaged so the other one will be all new and better! xxx

Hi Michelle , I actually like redoing furniture, but I did manage to get glue over almost everything including my best jumper oops! Cant wait to see your new things for Diagon! I may get more done tomorrow you never know! xxx

Thanks Debbie, Kat said something about URL's and I went all thick!!!ill give that a go when I get a moment it sounds easier ! xxx

The Old Maid said...

Better and better if it is really still possible!:D

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Your so sweet Ewa thankyou! xxx

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how quickly you create!! I am sooo jealous :) It is all looking fantastic Kate!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Lori, Im never usually this quick! Nothing ever gets done most days! Maybe all these lovely commnets will spur me on to get on with another project!xxx

EV Miniatures said...

This is looking so wonderful kate.. You did a great job with the chair. That is hard to do.. I know I have tried:-) Not always happy with what I have ended up with.. eheheh!!

Grimdeva of Cauldron Craft Miniatures & Oddities said...

This is magnificent! So well put together ;)

Jill said...

Your room box is incredible!! You did such an amazing job on that sofa~ that red velvet is so perfect!

Patty said...

Kate, This is coming out so fantastic!! I love what you have done to the sofa!! It looks great.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

oh Kate, its looking fantastic !!! :o) all the pieces look absolutely perfect! ♥

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thankyou Ericka!Trying to keep the old material in tact to use as the template was tricky, the card fell to bits but I made it! Then Bella decided to chew up the trim left on the table so I had to search for more!! xxx

Thankyou Grimdeva, having a break today while I wait for more things to arrive in the post for it! xxx

Thanks Jill, Kat was so kind to send materials, I was lucky to find the perfect colour! xxx

Hi Patty, thankyou, it took time but it was just how I wanted it to turn out! xxx

Wendie, Im loving it too but just wishing it was bigger, theres so much more I could fit in it!! Maybe I should have nabbed Emily caslte kit and put it together as the Queens castle teehee! xxx