Sunday, 28 February 2010

Making More Work for Myself!

Well remember I said the walls on the Sweeney house had bubbled somewhat in the damp from the workshop outside? Well it kept bothering me as when they dried out they looked worse, really bad wallpapering job, and Sweeney was not amused. So not to have him unhappy, I made alot of work for myself yesterday by ripping off the paper to start again. I guess I should have checked with my dollshouse supplier first to check they still made the paper as an email from them told me they no longer did the one with the border I had used, with the plain base, just a full length stripe pattern! GULP!!

Anyway after watching the film for the upteenth time today to make notes on what else was needed, I saw the Barber shop actually has wooden panelling under the Dado rail so decided to do that instead.

ALOT more work as I had to cut down small pieces of the iron on floorboards I use , cut around the windows etc and then out came the iron to iron them all on. Then I painted it all with a dirty brown acrylic wash so it didnt look perfect, but old and dingy looking.

Really pleased with the effect so far, this shows it with a different paper just put on the top to see the effect next to paper so it wont be this print, , but when the paper arrives to do the top it will look so much better. Its just tricky lining up all the walls to get the dado, panneling etc to 'but' up to each other. Would be better to have the rooms joined together but its so much easier to iron on the panels with the walls flat on the floor so its been a bit of guess work and keeping fingers crossed!

Finished the tiling, added the picture rail in the Pie shop and really pleased with that too. Adds that extra something to the room I think. Next will go the barrel on the wall, and Ive seen something rather unusal for Mrs Lovett to keep her meat in so will be ordering that too this week.

Wont get the paper for over a week so it will hold me back abit as cant glue the walls together until that is done but in the mean time Ill take Julie's advice and do my window acetates while the walls are still as they are.


Debbie said...

Looking good Kate.. xx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

All the hard work will be worth it, it's looking good already. Love your panelling, but I know what you mean about it being alot more work, still it looks great:0)
Julia xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I can see it has been a lot of work for you to do, but it's all the better for it! ;o)) You could have bought a floorboard square (about 30cms by 30cms) and cut that down, you wouldn't have had to cut all the strips singly then and saved a lot of energy and time. ;o)

Do as much as you can to any dollshouse kit ‘before’ you glue it together, overall it’s so much easier to work on an area or piece with it laying down flat.

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

what a lot of work! its that 'just' word isnt it LOL I do that all the time, things are never as simple as we first imagine eh? a week will pass quicker than you think, and at least you have something else to be getting on with. Look forward to seeing the next instalment x

Debie Lyons said...

It will be worth it in the end Kate. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Debie xxx

Creepy_Creations said...

WOW, very cool! Great work! It will just make you appreciate it even more when it is all finished!!


Tabitha Corsica said...

The paneling looks great...even though it was a lot of extra work. Hate it when suppliers/manufacturers decide to make such discontinuing the wallpaper you're using. Happens in real life too...


julie campbell said...

Its looking great kate ! ( I;m a poet and I didnt know it LOL)
Wood panelling always adds more character doesnt it.
Good luck with the windows, just dont be tempted to glue them in until you have the house assembled and all decorating done ! just put them to one side ( in order LOL)
Michelles right, anything at all that can be done while its flat will make life easier and save you a lot of faffing about !
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone! Still at it today, cutting and ironing! Never had the iron out this long before :-)
Im the most impatient of people thats my trouble so when I see Juli'es shop and how great it looks to be up , I get itchy for it all to be glued together and ready to furnish. But I know Ill regret it when I find a job that needs doing when still in pieces.
Im now in the dilemma of how to decorate the roof section of the house. Julie has pebble dashed hers and it looks amazing. I have no brick compound left and dont think I can get in the gaps with a stencil anyway so wondering if they would have had pebble dashing in Victorian times as this would be so much easier than trying to match up the brickwork with slips or other bricks? Maybe a grey pebbledash would fit in, have to think of that one, now back to the panelling! Thanks for your support!
Kate xx

Tallulah Belle said...

Looks great kate. Even if it was all of of work the end result is worth it.

I am really impatient too.... not a good thing in this game huh :-)

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Hey Kate,
I have an award for you at my blog.

Ara said...

sometimes those detail can be so time consuming but I know it will look worth it in the end! I am inspired by how closely you are sticking with the film! Need to go back through my Addams movies! hugs, ara

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Jayne, I finished the panelling today and now Im itching to get the paper on to see the final effect, I HATE having to wait for it!! Im terrible when I want something I want it NOW!!

Kassandra, thankyou for the award, much appreciated, love your blog too!

Ara, Im trying! I forgot so much, in the barber room is a put you up bed he sleeps on, and a mirror which is all broken. I told John he'll have to smash the glass of the mirror I bought as I dont want to get 7 years bad luck!
I really wanted to follow the Pie shop to the film but its really detailed, loads of tiny tiles and decided it was too tricky so Im meeting myself halfway and doing bits of the decor! Hope it works! Kate xx