Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More Beautiful Goodies and My Tiling Morning!

This morning I recieved some more of Nicky Coopers beautiful work. I told you it was addictive! Nicky put on some of her fabulous birds on ebay and I just couldnt resist, after all, you have to agree, they are just perfect for Snow's garden!

The woodpecker is amazing , and the pair of Love birds are for another house, but they looked so cosy together, just had to have them! Nicky so kindly made me these steps with bluebirds as a birthday pressie, thankyou Nikki, so kind of you! I adore the bluebirds and I 'borrowed' one off the steps and put him on the little birdhouse that Nikki popped in my last parcel and think he looks perfect there!
Lola was hanging over my shoulder to see if I won the birds and spotted something for herself, and here he is ' Bertie the Bear'! Isnt he precious. Nicky added another little white bear in the parcel for Lola and he is already on her shelf in her dollshouse!

Thankyou for all my great minis Nicky, I will be back for more , you can count on it!

This morning is a quiet one. John is helping out on Lola's school trip to Wisley gardens ( in the pouring rain, rather him than me!!) so I figured I should get some miniature work done.
Trouble is alot of the projects are waiting on work in the conservatory and boy its cold in there with no heating so I set to work on some tiling for the Sweeney house so I can stay in the warm!
In the film, as you can just see in this pic of Mrs Lovett, the kitchen back wall is part tiled with these glorious flowered tiles and I found a black and white version in my Movie Guide book, took a pic, loaded it onto the PC and then resized it and printed out a couple of dozen or so onto dirty white card.

Next I had to colour them in, so out came Lola''s pencils and I gave them their gold and green colouring as best I could then glossed them over with 2 coats of gloss to shine them abit and stiffen them up.

These will go on the back wall above the picture rail that i am waiting on, then I can put in the bread oven and put the wall on the house. I hadnt got round to glueing the walls together as you know it kept going wrong so could take off the back wall easily to make the tiling easier to do. Lucky eh!

Will take a pic when the picture rail gets here, and have finished the rusting effect Im now doing on the bread oven. I was looking at old pics and decided the black flue was too severe so have used browns and yellows to add some rusting to the flue part and it looks much better. Also found a bread oven door on a website Michelle gave me so may buy that and add it to the oven.

When this is all done THEN I will get round to glueing it all together and I will at last have a house for the dolls to go back into.

It is now staying indoors. Where it was in the outside workshop , the damp has has bubbled and dampened all the wallpaper. Good job it was this house as the effect goes, with the run down, disrepair of the rooms so I can get away with it!!

Off to colour more tiles!


Ara said...

The birds will be perfect!! I especially love the ones on the ladder.... they look like they are listening to one of snow whites songs! Tiling looks tedious! but I am impressed by your attention to detail! Can't wait to see it done! hugs, ara

Kim said...

I LOVE the ladder with the bluebirds- so sweet, and perfect for Snow's house! Is that where you will use them? Also love the tiles- brilliant idea and they look perfect! My favorite day to work on crafts or minis is a rainy day....that is if it's cold. If it's warmer, I'd rather be in the rain in the garden! Have a fab day Kate!!!

Michelle's Mad World said...

The birds are wonderful and so is that little bear!! I love tiny bears! :o))

The tiles you made are just great! I can't wait to see the oven you have rusted up!

Michelle xxxx

Debbie said...

Lovely Goodies and Gifts Kate. Your tiles look great, can't wait to see them in place. xxx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

The little birds are great, I love Nicky's little creations. I know what you mean about being cold, I have taken over the dining room again.. because the garage cross craft room is just too cold to work in. Your tiles are fab, can't wait to see them in situ :0)
Julia xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Kate,

I have an award for you on my blog. I know you already have one similar etc., but I feel you are so worthy of the award AGAIN! :o))

Michelle xxxx

Pandora said...

The little teddy is just adorable :-)