Monday, 15 February 2010

My Beautiful Birds and I am a winner!!

One day to go til my birthday and we choose my little house elf's new name, but before that I simply had to show off a pressie to myself that came Saturday and I just adore!

These beautifully made birds are made by Nicky Cooper and I could not be more delighted with them.

I found Nicky's work and thought how well the kingfishers would fit in the Snow White garden and then discovered the fab butterchurn for inside!

Nicky sells the most wonderful selection of birds as well as other animals and people too of course!

I am now officially hooked and will be back for more and more to add inside and out in the Snow Houise, they are just perfect for it.

Nicky was so kind and included a pretty little birdhouse in with my other birds, thankyou Nicky, it will look lovely on the edge of the house.

Im hoping for some rabbits, and maybe even the odd deer here and there too :-) Getting ahead of myself as usual with so much to do.

I had the best of surprises yesterday too!

Not the best of Valentines Days having a lousy cold and cough ( although I got some beautiful gifts from John :-) to cheer me up ) so when I turned on the PC to check my emails last night how pleased was I to discover I'd won the most exquisite 1 144th scale dollhouse made by the talented Lori of

I have drooled over Lori's houses many a time . I adore the Beacon Hill especially that she is making at the moment as I have the 1 12th scale house as my haunted house and wonder if Lori has ever done a 1 144th scale spooky one as that will be on my wish list!!

When I entered her 100th follower giveaway draw I never expected to win. I never win anything ever!

Lori has made up this beautiful house but it will be painted and decorated in my choice of colours and even landscaped! I am over the moon to win and cannot wait for my little dream house to arrive. Incase you are wondering what I will choose, as I have a love for the darker side usually, then no this one will be a real girly house in shades of pinks and creams for one of my prettier dollshouses! Thankyou Lori! Just shows I should enter things more often, maybe I should have entered the Euro Lottery last week if Im in a lucky mood, I could have been the lucky 56 million UK winner! I WISH!!!!!

Thankyou to you both for making my day!

Back tomorrow Night


Debbie said...

Congratulations on winning the little House. I saw on Lori's blog that you'd won. Just in time for your Birthday. Love the Birds by Nicky can't wait to see them in place. Bet your looking forward to opening those Birthday Presents tomorrow..xxxx

Kathi said...

Congratulations on winning Lori's gift! Her tiny houses are amazing!
I know you will love yours!

I have two of Nicky's little seagulls. They are so cute! Perfect for my beach house! I like the ones you bought too. I agree, Nicky's birds can be addicting! I want to add to my "collection" too!

kimsminiatures said...

Love the birds Kate! Congratulations on your little house win. I know Lori well and her little houses are wonderful. Happy early birthday! Hugs~ Kim

Nicky CC said...

lol I didnt Pay Debbie and Kathi to say that you know!! I am so glad you like them Kate - working on your wee others now :) The house by Lori is beautiful!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!!!!!

Michelle's Mad World said...

Oooooh what a wonderful prize from Lori! Her tiny little houses are simply superb! I love them! I have a 1/144th scale house to make and the ones she makes are soooo detailed, I have no idea how she does it! I bet you can't wait for yours! ;o))

The birds are lovely too and will go so well in Snow White's garden and house! ;o))

Sorry to hear about your cough, I hope you feel better soon. :o(
I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow too! I have my family here, so I'm late with posts....if I catch them at all! ;o(

Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

The birds are wonderful! Looking forward to seeing them set up :)

I am starting on your little house tomorrow, as soon as we get the colors sorted out. Congratulations again :)

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Creepy_Creations said...

Love the birds, very cool! Congratulations on the house! How fun!!

Happy Birthday!!


julie campbell said...

Lovely birds, they will be perfect for snow whites cottage :0)
I adore loris house , what a wonderful prize and how lucky you must feel !
Hope youre feeling much better for your birthday,
julie xxx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Wow cool Kate :-)

Jean Day said...

You are so fortunate winning Lori's wonderful micro house!! Love Nicky's birds, they are so lovely. I hope you have a great Birthday, you have great gifts already.

Liberty Biberty said...

Congratulations on winning Lori's tiny house, her work amazes me!