Saturday, 2 October 2010

My Amazing Hatter Bottles

Still on the Alice Project, a while ago I asked the talented Victoria to make me some bottles for my Mad Hatter Dressing table for my room box.
I found a large dressing table that Id bought ages ago on Ebay with an ornate mirror ideal for the purpose.
It was plain brown so I have detailed it in gold and added some heart embellishments. Not finished yet, so that is to come, but I wanted to show off the bottles.

In the movie the table is stacked with various styles , shapes and sizes of bottles, presumably where the Red Queen sits to be titavated and coiffed! You can just see the dressing table in the left of this movie still.

I will add some other bits like lipsticks, varnish, her mad eyeshadow colours and hair accessories and stack the drawers of the table with laces and other materials.

Victoria made some really spectacular designs of bottles I think you'll agree! I love the very tall ones with hearts the best but they are all fantastic! I also said that I really wanted a powder puff and lo and behold the next day Victoria had made me on of those too which is very cool, complete with red velvet puff!

A Massive thankyou as I love them all, and cant wait to fill the table with them and show them all off in their new home. The bottlea are beautifully made as they always are, and so different!

Hoping to finish it soon, now the Migraines gone I can begin to look at tiny things again!
Thankyou for allyour get well wishes, to be honest until I have the surgery and sort out all my hormones I get them most months but seem to be getting worse and affecting my minis, .....and that really will not do!!

Also just to say Lola has been busy today putting a new post up but her blog dosnt appear to be showing its update in dashboard so please pop over to see her and her new Brambley purchases on
She'd love to see you after such a long time!


Tabitha Corsica said...

Beautiful! Victoria is, far and away, the most prolific bottle maker I have ever seen. And each one is different and all very cool.

Your Alice project is going to be spectacular, Kate!

Debbie said...

Beautiful Bottles Kate. Really looking forward to seeing your Alice Project.

Caseymini said...

Kate, the bottles are amazing and your scene is going to be wonderful. I am going to have to go rent Alice. I haven't seen it yet.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Thank you Kate!!! I am glad you showed a screenshot so I could really look at the vanity. I too can't wait to see your Alice project all put together.

Thank you Susan and Debbie ♥

Victoria ♥

Glenda said...

Victoria's bottles are brilliant!!
Love your scene! :)

Eva said...

It so beautiful Kate! You scene will look great with them!

Lola said...

Bravo the bottles are lovely!Each one has something lovely.Cant wait to see the rest!

Tallulah Belle said...

Hmm for some reason I can only see pics and the text is barely readable. it was the same on Lolas blog strangely enough.

They look amazing though...each one is so different.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Jayne where has my text gone ahhhhh!! Yesterday lola and I changed our backgrounds to halloween ones but theyve been fine all day and just gone like this now? Maybe its blogger playing up, Ill check in again tomorrow and if not we'll have to look into it thanks for letting me know ! Kate xxx

Kat the hat lady! said...

Love those bottles so cool!

Tallulah Belle said...

I don't know what is with it kate...the text is there but almost the same color as the background so I cant see it lol

Michelle's Mad World said...

Last but not least!

I love the bottles and this must be one of my favourite projects of yours!:o)) I can't wait to see the 'whole' thing! :o)

I hope you get yourself sorted out, it can't be any fun. :o((

Michelle xxx