Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Phew what a Day, but we have lights !!

So all did not go to plan today but its all turned out ok thanks goodness!!

I papered last night, really shouldnt have as it was dark and shouldnt really work in false lighting as you see the faults come morning, but it was ok when I got up, no mistakes!

I decided to add some little strips of the black and white check paper to the ledges on the display panel to give some contrast to the black paintwork.

All went well, I decided to spray a gloss sealer on all the paintwork as it was chipping!

Then I marked the original holes for the lighting and added the new lights. Id bought 4 spotlights in the end, took off the plugs and fed the wires through the holes and then as it was too too tricky to nail the lights as they should be, I attempted superglueing, which was a challenge as the base was metal , glueing onto gloss wallpaper wasnt easy! But it eventually held fast and they are great as they pivot so you can position directly onto the hat areas!

Forgot to take a pic of the lights done , der! , all too eager to get that display panel back in to see if it worked!! Here are the stlye of lights used.

First I put in the chandelier which surprisingly I found straight away, first box I went to this morning! I fed this through one of the arches and then began the tricky part!

Getting the display panel out was nightmare. Getting it in, OMG!!! REAL BIG nightmare!

I wiggled as gently as I could but as Ive put added layers of wallpaper, paint etc it just didnt want to go. I had to give a big shove and in it went...........but it took a big chunk out of the left hand side of my wallpaper :-) Also some of the ceiling paper has scuffed but this Ill just stick down and paint some white acrylic over! It could have been alot worse, if it had taken the floor out it would have been a big disaster, but I just stuck it down and the dressing table is going there anyway so it will be hidden

. ( Truth be told I was all for stripping it and starting again as Im too much of a perfectionist but John told me not to as it wouldnt be seen.....but as I said to him Ill know its there lol!)

Then the moment of truth, I plugged in the lights and they all worked and look fab, directing the spots infront of the archway displays for hats, and the main pretty chandelier lights up the room a treat!

I took these pics and dont know how to take them to really show them up in the dark, my camera automatically adjusts so you cant see the lighting well! Also I had only just sprayed up the skirting and cornice parts so they arnt fitted yet, as still have to let them dry and then gloss them too. They will fit in on the left and right side walls top and bottom to match the mouldings on the display panel! But the pictures give you an idea of the look of the box!

So tomorrow Ill fit the mouldings and start to add what I have so far for the room. I still have lots of furniture to upholster and things to make but Ill show all the pics as I do it!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Your room looks Beautiful Kate, the chandelier looks awesome! I love the color and can't wait to see it loaded. I am so glad you are getting a chance to work on your projects and let us have a peek.

Victoria xxx

Josje said...

It is looking good! I like the depth the light gives in the arches.

The Old Maid said...

Love the lightning, stripes and check papers! Cool contrast Kate, can't wait to see more:)

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Great job Kate! all your hats will look amazing with those directional spotlights, all the lighting looks fantastic!!, looking forward to seeing the end result. I must get around to finishing something of mine really instead of waiting for my mini-fix's from others LOL

Marisa Stein said...

I love it, I simply love it!!

Margriet said...

It is beautiful the contrast!!! Ad the lights make it even more wonderful!

Michelle's Mad World said...

Simply outstanding and WHO said you can't do lighting!?!!?

I love the little spot lights and know where to get them, but not any good for my projects BUT soooo perfect for yours!

I love all the decor just wonderful. :o))

Michelle xxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone, the red skirting and cornicing is in, and Ive started to fill!!! Will show in phases as I still have lots to finish before its ready to show as a whole but Im so pleased to have something even remotely near finished, its a big step for me!! xxx

Bridget said...

I absolutely love how this one!! The black and white looks fantastic together... and the lighting is just perfect.

Sabiha Barkey said...

It absolutely looks wonderful!!!


Anonymous said...

Kate...everything just looks awesome!!!