Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And the Winner is........................

..........Jayne of http://tallulahbelleoriginals.blogspot.com/ with the gorgeous name of 'Tillie'
Thankyou everyone for the fantastic names. It was spooky though as in the back of my head when I first saw her when Jain sent the email i thought of Tillie and when Jayne offered it up I thought yep she is defiantly a Tillie!
But Id promised Lola she could choose and she went through all the names, told me she thought it should just be one word, wittled down the one word names and looked at me and we both said 'Tillie!!!!'

It is perfect for her and her nature she will soon be up in the Attic room dusting away with her dutpan and brush Jain kindly gave her.
I also have a huge thankyou to Jain for the MOST wonderful of birthday gifts. In my parcel was a tiny box from Jain not to be opened until my birthday. Ooooh I wished and wished for what I really hoped would be in the present and when I opened it this morning my wish came true!!

Jain had made one of these beautiful shell babies for Nikki and I had drolled over it and Jain made me one too. She is so precious and will be the first doll on my display shelf thankyou Jain, you are too kind!

Thankyou everyone for your kind birthday wishes. Ive had a wonderful day, too spoilt as usual, loads of pressies to show off to you in the next week! We went out for dinner, and I embarrased myself by berating the poor waitress for overcharging us for our dinner! You pay as you order and as I came out of the Ladies I saw the price on the till and told her kindly she had overcharged by £25. John and her reassured me it was correct but I kept on that no she had made a mistake and could she check her figures!! After more of her argument that I was incorrect John and her had to reveal the secret that John had ordered a bottle of fine Champagne that was supposed to be a surprise to come to our table, hence the bigger bill!!!!!! OOpps didnt I feel a wally, and quickly and quietly slithered into my seat and shut up!! The waiter then turned up with the ice bucket saying 'Not much of a surprise now but here it is!!!!!!!!' I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me!!

So after TOO much champagne and lots of choccies Im all set to fall asleep!! Will have a nice fourty winks then we are off to see 'Leap Year' a nice romantic film this evening. All in all a fab day

Jayne, email your postal details to me at kt.whittaker@ntlworld.com and Ill be sending your projects book in the post to you. Well done , thankyou everyone. So many great names, will have to buy another elf Jain to use some of those names :-)



Bear cabin miniatures said...

Happy birthday Kate, glad you have had a lovely day and as for your little embarassing moment, we are all allowed one of them on our birthdays!! Congrats to your winner, Tillie is perfect :0)
Have a lovely evening, Julia xx

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Egadds, did I miss your birthday!?!? It sounds like you had a wonderful one!!

ROTFL about your confronting the waitress about overcharging. This is something I would do!!!

Oh, Kate, Lola is so CUTE and the seashell baby is so precious!

Happy Birthday, Kate!!!


julie campbell said...

Happy Birthday Kate,
so glad you had a lovely day ( if a bit embarrassing LOL)
Tillie is the perfect name, congratulations to Jayne !
your snailbaby is just so adorable :0)
julie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Tillie is a wonderful name! Well done Jayne! ;o))

The little snail baby is gorgeous too! I'm so glad that you had a lovely birthday! :o)

Hmmm I don't expect you'll wanting to go back to that restaurant in a hurry though lol ;oP

Michelle xxx

Christel Jensen said...

Oh well I never win anything..Lol;)
Tillie is a supercute name. I am glad you are happy my dear:)
You have the cutest daughter by the way.

Nicky CC said...

So glad you had a wonderful Birthday Kate! the baby in the shell is just gorgeous! (have you a name yet for that little one lol)
Hope you enjoyed your film, by the sounds of it you will need to take things easy tomorrow to recover, which is what birthdays are all about! :)

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Kate.
Congratulations to Jayne on winning your Birthday Give away.
Your Birthday pressie from Jain is adorable, such a sweet snail baby..xx

Ara said...

Congrats to Jayne for winning and Congrats to Tillie on her new name!! I agree its very fitting! And I am so glad you had a great birthday! Can't wait to see what presents you got! The waitress thing sounds like something I would do too! lol! hugs, ara