Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Birthday Name Giveaway Game!

As promised here are details of my Birthday Giveaway!
Recently on Jain Squires Blog , had the most wonderful House elf and I contacted her but unfortunatly someone had beaten me to it and he was spoken for. Jain very kindly agreed to make another and within no time at all, ( Jain is incredibly speedy considering how wonderful her creations are, and how much detail !!) Jain emailed pictures me, of not one , but 4 House elves to choose from!
It was a difficult decision but I kept getting drawn to one in particular. I surprised not only Jain but also myself when I chose the little lady elf! I had always wanted a Dobby lookalike but there was just something about her adorable face. She looks like she would be a little scatty, and very timid and I just fell in love with her!

I have a tiny attic room in the top of the Potter house which has trunks, antiques, piles of washing, old hats and chairs etc and I could just see her up there cleaning away all the dust. She looks to be a very tidy elf who likes things 'just so' to the fun part. She has no name. If Jain had named her all well and good but she hadnt so the name is up to you guys please!

Im not brilliant with names and would love any suggestions that match her personality as I see it. She arrives tomorrow but must stay boxed til the big day so Im told, but here are photos Jain sent to me so you can see her and how fabulous she is !

The winner will be chosen by Lola on my birthday, next Tuesday 16th February. In the evening, going out for the day!!

And the prize will be a new copy of this wonderful special Limited Edition 'Dollshouse Projects'

This mag came out for a limited time in WhSmith shop only over Christmas and I grabbed a few copies as they never reprint them and it is stacked with loads of amazing projects.

Here are a few and you will notice a name you know!!

Make a Tudor Fireplace
Build a 1950's lean to
Make Jigs
Create a preperation Table
Georgian furnishings for a bedroom setting
Make a spinning Wheel
Make Victorian Costumes
Apply Exterior Finishes
Build a Tudor Market Place
Make a four poster Bed

An Art Deco Fireplace and Mirror
Make a 1930's Dollshouse , all the plans

Aging Techniques

Make a bathroom Roombox.......and loads more, including knitting, patterns
AND the best bit I think

Create a Mouse House by Julie Campell of

This mag is more like a book it is so full of great articles .

Now I know international bloggers probably will love this but in the UK alot of you may have grabbed a copy already so if the winner is in the UK and has it, then your prize will be

The brand New DVD by Charlotte Stokoe and Darlene Stevens , One to Twelve Scale, A Documentary about the curiously charming World of the dolls house makers.
Alot of this is Filmed on Location at Kensington Dolls Fair 2008 . I would think this is region 2 only so this is if the winner is UK and has the mag already.

And if you have both, then Ill have to think of something equally great!

Have fun , please post your names suggestions and see you on my birthday if not before!!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh i love her so much, she is so beautiful with the cutest of faces and want her too!
I see her with the name Missy. I dont know why but she looks so sweeet and Missy is a sweet name i suppose.
I didn't get that mag because i kept forgetting to.
Good luck to everyone too!
Nikki xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

She's adorable Kate!!! What a face! ;o)) Hmmm she does look a bit scatty.

I'll have a bash at your competition.....Dippy Daisy is a name I will put forward! ;o)

Michelle xxxx

Anonymous said...

She is adorable...and I think she looks like a Bekka :)

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Awwwww! Her face reminds me of curious little mouse!
She seems like a Rowena to me :)

MiniKat said...

She's adorable. I think she looks like Miss Emily Elderberry. :-)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Oh... she is gorgoeus :0) She reminds me of an Agatha... Naggy Aggy for short because she is always busy, bothering around behind you, tidying up and chatting non-stop!!!
Julia xx

Eva said...

Welll. I am not so good with English names...I am Spanish and I am not a English native speaker...
But I will try...
I love it. Looks like a small shy mouse so... Miss Mousey is my name.
Of course lovingly ;)
i am not sure if is adequate or not but It was my first though...

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Kate
Oh another fun contest. She is so cute:)
I think her name is..Drumroll: Maggie-sweet Spotless. Lol;)

julie campbell said...

Oh she is so beautiful ! in a house elf kind of way LOL I would name her Doris Dobbins, for no reason other than it popped into my head when I looked at her little face :0)
julie xxx

The Mini - Maker said...

Ms. Matilda Pepperidge. :)

What a lovely little one!
~Savannah Kelb

Ara said...

She's wonderful and you're right she looks so sweet! So I am throwing 'Sweetems' into the ring for a name.... something my mom used to call us girls (and still sometimes does!) What a fun surprise for your birthday!! hugs, ara

Julie Kendall said...

MMMMMMM im torn between two names....but will have to pick, soooo.. Winnie Maybell...

Tallulah Belle said...

Oh she is wonderful...lucky you and well done Jain.

The first name that popped into my head was Tillie.

rosanna said...

I love Marta, this name reminds me of home backed apple pies and all the Martas I know are sweet, talented and humorous girls.Happy birthday Rosanna

Debie Lyons said...

She does have the most lovely face. Hmmmmm now a name Hobbie LOL
Debie xxx

Debbie said...

Beautiful little House Elf Kate. What a lovely expression on her face.
Ethel Everyready,
Gladys or Gerty Gadabout,
Dilys Dasher,
Bertha Busy,
the house elfs names in Harry Potter were:- Dobby, Winky, Kreacher and Hokey..

Caseymini said...

I am adding Petunia Petaluna as my entry. She is realllly cute. Love the ears.

Jill said...

She is so sweet! I like the name Maizie for her. She's so cute!

Josje said...

What a fun game! She looks so sweet, those eyes and rosy cheeks! I thought of a name last night in bed. I think Poppy Petal would suit her, also fondly known as 'Pet'.

Karin F. said...

how about:

Elvyne = good elf.
Schatzie = German for little sweetheart

Marja said...

love this competition..
hummmmmmm...let me think here..
she is wonderful...
she looks like a sunshine ..
I would call her: daisy flowers
Hugs Marja