Wednesday, 5 May 2010

And the Celebration Giveaway Winners are............................

Drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to not 2, but 3 blogging friends on our 200th celebration giveaway!

Firstly I put in all our 204, it is now, followers names into a random name picker website . I could not face writing out the names onto pieces of paper as Lola wanted me too for picking from a hat!!!

So the Lucky winner is Christel Jensen of
Christel please send me your postal address for me to send on your miniature projects book and Dolls House World magazine and I do hope you have fun reading them and find lots of useful information for your many wonderful projects. Christel makes the most beautiful of Miniatures and I hope the articles in both magazines give her some new ideas to try out that we can all see!

And the winner or should I say winners of the Name Choosing prize and the great Alice books are

Jody from for the fantastic and so suited name of Gertrude or Gertie for short!! We all just loved it and think it suits her down to a tea!!!!

Reading through the posts with the great suggestions I also loved the suggestion by Jamie of for the last name of Hagood as she is a good witch after all. So as I also think she has a touch of the wee Scot in her I'm going to call her Gertie Mc Hagood!!

Hope you all like it, she has a very big smile on her face so I know she does!!

So please both of you send me your postal addresses and I will put your prizes in the post to you. Hoping the volcano ash doesn't delay them too much to getting to you all!

Jody, I know you and Joanna will love the book, it has some lovely pictures in it! Jamie, I know Kaylie will love the book, I went out today and bought another for you as just couldn't have the one name without the other, it suited her so well!
Thank you all for taking part, I'm sure there will be another if I'm lucky enough to soon add more Dolls to my collection!

Now as to why Gertie McHagood has a link to Alice in Wonderland in the first place!!

When I bought Gertie, Julie sent me an email to say that in my parcel was a little stowaway! Totally bemused I opened the tiny package of tissue paper and was completely taken aback to find Julie had given me the most beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Here she is, my very own miniature Alice! She is in between 1 12th and 1 24th scale so she really is a full size Alice that has drunk some of the shrinking potion!
Julie put in a delightful note from Alice herself telling me that she had sat at home on return from Minitura feeling sad and lonely and when she saw my blog posting on having a tea party, she demanded that Julie send her off to me in time for it!!
Well, Not only is she in time, Alice will be helping me plan and create the tea party table setting so watch this space for all that to come!
In the mean time today I made a stack of books and placed on it a stool( this will be for the Dormouse eventually!) for Alice to sit on for you all to see! Isn't she precious. I was quite emotional at such a kind and generous gift so thank you so so much Julie! Alice has very good home and cant wait for more of the tea party to come to life! I'm sure she'll send you all an invite when the time is right!!

That was fun!!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Oh, Kate! Thank you so much--so glad you liked Gertie! That's the name that came to my mind immediately! I'll e-mail you my address and yes, Joanna will love the little books! I keep making just a few more things for my blog giveaway and then life keeps getting in the way of progress on that and all other fronts just now! So excited!


Christel Jensen said...

YESSSSS:) How fun is this:) I am so happy about it Kate. Thank you so much. Lots of hugs from me:)

Debie Lyons said...

Congrats to all and fab names xxx

Debbie said...

Congratulations to all your winners Kate.
What a wonderful surprise from Julie, looking forward to seeing your Mad Hatters Tea

Kerry said...

Congratulations to the winners!! Thank you for such a wonderful competition, Kate :o) Can't wait for the next one!! Have a great weekend. xxx.

Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, I love her name, it is perfect!! I guess I was little better at thinking of names then I thought!lol Thank you so much, I'm sure Kaylie will love the book! The little Alice is just adorable! Can't wait to see what you do with her!!
Thanks again,

julie campbell said...

Oh I love it, the perfect name kate !! I didnt think it fair to enter the competition LOL but I was watching the names popping up with interest and there were a couple that fit the bill perfectly, this was one of them :0)
Love her surname too, its really funny as I imagined her with a Scottish accent !!!
Alice looks so happy wsaiting for the tea party :0)
julie xxx

dora said...

Felicidades a las ganadoras.