Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What Wonderful Kind Friends Part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This mornings post man bought a part 3 to my blog posts!!

Firstly a HUGE Box addressed to Lola, should have seen her face again, she hadnt even finished getting ready for school , hair all uncombed but she just HAD to open it! The lovely Janice from had sent Lola a whole range of goodies to help her on her way to getting all her list together for her Brambly House. Full of mini furniture and lots more she was over the moon and will be posting it all on her blog later after school !
Janice thankyou so much for your kindness and for my treasures too. In the box was a tub for me so I wouldnt feel left out full of beautiful little witches perfume/ potion bottles , just perfect for me as its one thing I hate to make, I just get glued up every time so thanks Janice they are perfect. Not only that but also some precious little mandrakes for the conservatory too. SO thoughtful!
Another box arrived with my new Hats I ordered from Kat from her new creations on Etsy. I couldnt resist the new weaved hats and bought the shell sea witch hat, and a similar one with feathers, and one with roses. They are all simply beautiful thankyou Kat, and also Kat had popped in a gift for me of little witches slippers, in leather with little fringes and buckles, OOoh love them! None of my witches have shoes so a great new addition. A bag of fruit and a hat for Lola too, thanks Kat your a star!

Today I'm making something for Lola and also up in the loft trying to get things to sell to save for some mini purchases Im desperate to add to my collection. The loft is heaving with things and although I hate listing on ebay needs must , so off to work!!
Thanks again girls!!


Debbie said...

Great gifts and purchases Kate..Love those Hats and lovely perfume bottles. xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful gifts, love the faces on the mandrakes.
Sorry i have missed all your previous posts recently. Ive been so busy and have struggled to comment everywhere.
Beautiful gifts in the previous posts too and the gifts for Lola. The apple pram is beautiful and i love it.
Nikki xxx

Flor said...

¡Que bonitos regalos! ¡Felicidades!

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Wow so many parcels I might live at your house ha ha ha! Glad you liked your extras I couldn't resist sending you some shoes ha ha! I hope you like them I need to practice a bit more but they are not bad ha ha!

Michelle's Mad World said...

I love the Mandrakes from Janice! Clever old Janice, just wonderful little faces!

I bet you and Lola must think it's early birthdays at the moment lol!

Very kind and thoughtful of Janice too!

Michelle xxxxx

Janice said...

The mandrakes may need a little TLC after their journey. I am glad that both of you had such a happy start to the day.

The best sort of post!

Ara said...

Such lovely gifts!!! And how fun for Lola... I am sure she had a wonderful day at school after that! Love your hats and the new shoes too!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

She is so cute opening these little gifts! I know she was so excited!