Monday, 10 May 2010

My final Fantastic Doll before the Show

Well I did tell you all, Id be really naughty and bought 3 dolls before the show, so here he is, the 3rd of my wonderful new dolls to show off to you all!
Here is my very own Dumbledore made by the incredibly talented Jain of Giddy Kipper Dolls of course!
When Jain returned from Minitura she posted a picture of her stall on her blog and I thought I could spy him amongst the dolls.
When I emailed Jain she told me , yes she had made a Dumbeldore for the show and he had created masses of interest but lucky for me had not yet sold! She was going to take him to Kensington but I didn't want to loose out on him if I couldn't get there in time so treated myself early!
Now I always have had a picture in my head of how Dumbeldore would dress and I have never cared for the costume designers choice of hats for him in the films as I like a wizard to be a wizard and have a pointy hat, I'm funny like that! So although he had a small cap like hat Jain very kindly agreed to please this fussy woman and rehat him !
I think he looks fantastic , I love his robes and he has fantastic boots on too under his robes!
He comes complete with this fabulous owl podium with candles for when he is in the Grand Hall!
Here he is by his desk. I was waiting to show you a picture of him by his new desk and chair that is being made for me but it is not yet finished so for now he is at home as the room is!
I love him to bits thank you Jain. Both he and the other main characters will be the only ones true to the books in the house as all the other professors are my own characters as I would have them if I could create my own for a book!
Lots of plans for that room still. as I say , new desk and chair coming. And then the huge wall to wall bookcase with a secret! And of course all the many books for the shelves I have yet to make, though not my favourite pastime, I prefer making ones that are open .

In the last few days I have been busy making miniatures but none that can be shown yet! I have been making something little to pop in with the giveaway prize winners parcels for their houses/projects. All should be ready to go tomorrow to you all!

Also a most exciting swap with Ara for her Adams house and my Sweeney house. Our last swap was so wonderful so I emailed Ara to see if she wanted to do another. We both finished about the same time and were both over the moon with what we had made. Like little children we were emailing each other to say how happy we were and how well the creations had gone!! I found this one of the most rewarding miniatures Ive made to date as it is very exclusive to Ara and her project. Normally any wizardy, spooky items I make can be put in a range of houses but this is only suitable for Ara's house! It was one of those things that you find difficult to part with and Ara felt the same with hers to me too, so we are both really excited for the postman to come! Should take a week to 10 days I suppose, wonder who's comes first! I do hope it makes it there in one piece as some parts were quite delicate! So all top secret, no clues, you'll have to wait and see !! Swaps are such fun!

I am busy writing a list for Kensington today, though I'm sure once there it will go out of the window and my heart will choose what it likes!Hope what little is in is in my pocket matches that though! I have not got as much as Id like in my fair fund but what matters is I'm going to my first ever fair which to me is incredibly exciting, and have the added bonus of meeting so many people that I can only email or blog to, for the first time in person!! That's the biggest treat of all! Oh and Kat and I are very much looking forward to what the restaurant cake stand has to offer with our coffee too!
Will be taking my camera so will come back with lots of pictures I hope and also I hope some goodies too!


Bear cabin miniatures said...

Your Dumbledore looks fantastic, Kate. Jain's dolls are wonderful. Have a wonderful time at KDF, I wish we could be going too. It would be great if in the autumn or next spring, we could arrange a bloggers visit to KDF and as many of us as possable could meet up. Would need plenty of warning to save though! What do you think?
Julia xxx

Kerry said...

Lucky, lucky you, Kate!! I am sooooo jealous!! I wish I was going to Kensington!! It is on my list of places to go before I'm 50 (LOL). I'm sure you will have a fantastic time & will be all spent-up by the time you leave, but you will have had FUN!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Oh, & Dumbledore is AMAZING!! What great work :o)
Mini hugs, Kerry .x.

Lorraine Escapita said...

Congrats on the Dumbledore find! And good choice re-hatting him, the hat makes the wizard!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

How clever of you to spot Dumbledore in a photo and nab him, early! He's gorgeous ...

You must be so excited about the Fair -- I'm really glad you're going to take photos, so those of us who can't get there in person can enjoy it vicariously through your photos!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Julia, thankyou,, I love him too! Your idea is a fab idea! Ive already been pestering people to go to this one and eventually Kat gave in so Ill be meeting her and cant wait! And Michelle too!The Christmas one this year was going to be my first show giving me time to save up but when I found out Julie, Jain and Nikki were going I wanted to go to this one, especially to support Nikki with her first show! Great idea, Id love the atmosphere of the Christmas one but some people prefer the spring as they dont have much money near Christmas. Hope others think its cool too! xxx

Hi Kerry, he he , hes so cool isnt he! ahhh wish you could come!
I think ill be both broke and worn out as going by train and tube and havnt been to London for ages! Just hope the day goes to plan! Will take lots of pics! xx

Lorraine, Me too, a wizard isnt a wizard without that pointy hat! Hope Jain agrees with us! xxx

Dangerous Mezzo ( sorry dont know your name!) I clicked on the pick to enlarge it and was scouring the table to see what i could spy and there he was! I Dont miss a thing if its a great miniature like him! Ill be sure to take lots of photos, so beware everyone, Ill be clicking away! Im coming home with more to show I hope! xx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

The christmas one would be great and hopefully Nikki will catch the show bug and have another stall there at christmas. I really wish I could just say Blow the expense and join you all there this weekend, but its Dean's birthday and we went to Miniatura, so we have to stay at home and sulk! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics to make us even more jealous lol
:0) Julia xxx

Jean Day said...

I love him and the scene too, so perfect, he looks right at home. You are so lucky getting to go to the Kensington show!

Michelle's Mad World said...

He looks absolutely fabulous Kate, and I bet you are as pleased as punch to have spotted the little man! :o)) So very at home next to his desk. ;o)

The swap with Era sounds like a wonderful idea too! :O)

I have another 3 days of work before Friday and the suspense is killing me! lol lol I am writing my wants list as I look at certain Harry Potter films (although I want to get things for other projects too). I have decided that I must get things I need rather than 'nice to haves' (I can have a few items), if I say it loud and often enough it WILL go in my brain AND register! I have my Mum with me too, so I will instruct her to keep me on the straight and narrow with my mini buying! lol I'm taking my camera too, so hopefully some of us might manage a few photo's to show of KDF.

Will email you later. :o)
Michelle xxx

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena, por tu adquisicion es una maravilla!!!
Espero que disfrutes muchisimo en la feria y que has muchas fotos, para que las podamos ver.
besitos ascension

Janice said...

Hi, I have posted my lists tonight in hope that they will rein me in!
Your Dumbledore is fab, I think you were very wise to get in early.
I am hoping ths show will not be as crowded as the Xmas one as it runs over 3 days.
Too many people make me panic into rash buys I find. Like a group frenzy!

Sabiha Barkey said...

Your Dumbledore looks fantastic, Kate! I also love the fantastic minies all around him...hope some day to make my own Harry Potterisch scéne!


Debbie said...

Love your Dumbledore Kate. Jain is so clever. I wonder what treats she'll have at Kensington? Bet your getting excited about the weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time at Kensington. Glad to hear your taking the camera, we want loads of piccies...xxxx

Tallulah Belle said...

He is Fab Kate...I love Jains dolls. he looks right at home :-)

I've mentioned a blogger meet up at a fair a few times...I think I am just looking for another excuse to come home lol. It would be one expensive meet up for me :-)

I loved making Cleopatra for Ara for the same reason..a Floozy will fit many places but Cleo only belongs in Aras's house :-)

julie campbell said...

Absolutely love Jains fab dumbledore kate,I loved him with his original hat but have to say this one looks brilliant !
looking forward to meeting you and lola and everyone else visiting KDF at the weekend :0)
now back to dressing dolls,am running very late ......I leave for london tomorrow !
julie xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

Dear Kate

Thank you so very, very much for your donation.

I am so touched by the generosity of people here.

Thank you again xxx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Kate, I just remembered you asked which way to attatch the ceiling beams and I forgot too answer, I'm really sorry. Hywel tips the house on it's roof, (if it won't balance he builds up supports with some wood or books)then he puts a layer of pollyfilla on the ceiling, then a thin layer of glue on the beam and squishes it into the still wet pollyfilla. Then after about 1/2 hour, he goes back and builds up areas where he wants the ceiling to be lumpy. He then leaves it to dry overnight.
Julia xxx

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I do love your Dumbledore! Yes, he should have the pointy hat so I'm glad you insisted on that point!


Lola said...

Hello mummy!
I like dumbledore he looks great!
I cant wait to go on the tube tomorrow to London!
Lots of Love Lola

Ara said...

I love your Dumbledore!! Sometimes I think we need to splurge on those things that will just make a project sparkle!! I am excited about this swap too! 10 days is way too long to wait!!