Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What Wonderful Kind Friends Part 2!

A Couple of days ago the postman came again! John is like 'What have you been buying now!' and I'm sure doesn't believe its just my pals spoiling us all the time and I haven't actually bought anything! !!

Well this time is was 2 parcels, one for Lola and one for me!! Lola was absolutely chuffed to bits and her little face lit up when she opened u her goodies but you can read about that later on her own blog!
The parcels were from the lovely Michelle http://wwwmichellesmadworld.blogspot.com/ and her super Mum Jill and were packed with lots of exciting minis for us both!

My parcel had the most fancy, witches hats, ideal for my 'Witchy Hollow ' hat shop project. I have loads of Kat's hats as you know, they are incredibly addictive and I bought myself another set last night, my finger just zooms to that buy it now button when Kat starts on a new style of Hat!! So to complement them beautifully are these new hats made by Michelle and her mum Jill. Arnt they wonderful!

Michelle also gave me 2 little boxes and made me 2 fancy books for the Potter house! She knows how much I love books and anything wizardy or spooky! One has a jewelled spider on it and the other a spooky face coming out of the cover! I LOVE them!!

So huge thank you and hug from me to you both for all your time and kind thoughtfulness!

Blogging is such fun and we have made such kind, talented and generous friends and everyone is always willing to put themselves out for you which in this day and age is such a rarity. Its why we love this hobby so much too!
THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the Swap with Ara. Yes i can make things when I want to but for 3 reasons i tend not to as much as I should!
One, I have little time with 3 little ones and 2 teenagers to run around after!
Secondly, Im lazy, one of my many faults!! and Thirdly, as i've said before it gives me so much pleasure to include my friends work and talent in my projects and not just things Ive made myself! Its abit like cooking a Sunday roast! I can cook a lovely one and everyone else eats it up and loves it to bits but I dont enjoy my own meal and would much rather get taken out for dinner! lol!!!

Also just to say apparantly some peoples dashboard arnt updating my blog posts as they go on, so you may have missed recent posts as they arnt all showing up.


Bear cabin miniatures said...

Wow, they are all lovely, Kate, I adore the crinkly hats. Isn't blogland great :0)
Julia xxxx

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful gifts you lucky Lady! :) Can't wait to see what Lola's got!:)

Debbie said...

Some lovely presents Kate. From the Kingfishers to the Hats, didn't you do well..xxx

I'm also one of the ones that your blog wasn't showing any updates on the blogs I follow list. Will have to keep my eye on it..xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm glad you like the little bits and pieces I sent! You might want to age the books up a bit, I may have missed that bit off! ;o)

Your posts weren't showing on my blog sidebar either, so I had to take you off and put you back on.

Michelle xxxxx

Creepy_Creations said...

Love all the goodies! So many wonderful things, can't wait to see what you do with it all! I love how you compared making your own minis w/ making Sunday roast. That is so funny!! It is fun to collect what others make, it just seems more special that way and you do get to meet a lot of great and talented people!


Ara said...

Beautiful minis!! Can't wait to see them in place!!!

I know what you mean about having your friends things in your projects! I treasure every single thing you guys have made for me!

kimsminiatures said...

So lucky!!! Wonderful gifts Kate. I agree miniature people are the best. Big hugs! Kim

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Michelle your hats are fantastic, now less of the hat making or your'll put me out of business ha ha ha ha! Seriously a fellow hat maker how brilliant.Love the books I love the one with the spider how cool. We are such a clever lot arn't we tee hee.
Kate sunday roast yummy haven't had one of those for ages so I am going to have one this weekend ha ha!